Logitech G935 Vs G Pro X: Which Gaming Headset You Should Buy?

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This is the comparison between the same company headphones the Logitech G935 and Logitech G Pro x. There is some different and upgraded features in between this products but it works out or not? Just check out which one will be better for you.


Logitech G935

This is about the Logitech G935 the updated version of Logitech G933. This has some good points than the Logitech G933.

Logitech G Pro X

I’m really happy to see a new Pro line of products because the pro series is all about design but collaboration. This is the first product from Logitech that incorporates something from blue because Logitech acquired Blue Microphones and I’m really happy to to see something being incorporated to improve the microphone. I feel like this might become the new benchmark to beat for a gaming headset for this price range.

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Design & Build Quality

Logitech G935

These are wireless and they do have that 7.1. They have a 3.5 millimeter jack cord and you can plug it up to your ps4, your Xbox or your Nintendo switch, so you get some versatility here. Also, you will get a USB charger, so you can plug it in and use it while you’re charging the headphones and the headphones themselves. These have a hidden compartment to put your USB C receiver into on the left ear cup which is nice. So, when you’re storing them or you’re traveling, you can just put it into the ear-cup and you won’t lose the charger.

Also, on the ear-cups you’ve got some RGB lighting. Now, this in my opinion just isn’t worth it. You’re not gonna see it while you’re gaming, I mean it looks cool when it’s on your desk but it only lasts for six hours with the RGB on and twelve with it off. So there’s no reason to run the RGB, you’re just cutting your battery life in half.

The wireless capabilities are really nice. These cover up to 15 meters, so you can walk around. It’s really cool that this is wireless, the wireless receiver just goes into your PC and it just works. I’ve had no interruptions with the wireless and completely happy with that aspect of these headsets.

It actually feels kind of nice, there’s not much sound coming from it when you twist it. The padding on top is really nice, it’s super spongy. This part is the most comfortable part of the whole headphone and these aren’t too bad for weight. it’s got a stainless steel headband covered in plastic, I think that leads to it not being as creaky as preceding model.

Logitech G Pro X

The Logitech Pro X which includes the USB dongle that has the built-in Blu voice functionality. I was expecting hardware integration with Blue Microphones into the Logitech headset instead of it being software only. In terms of design they do remind me of the Hyper X cloud series similar type of headband with stitching on the side, the stamping of the pro into the leatherette.

The size extensions are quite similar with the aluminum sort of hinges that feel quite premium but there is no rotation, the united degree rotation like we’ve seen on the previous G pro headset. I do like the coiled cable in each ear cup that adds this retro design and the overall frame is pretty subdued with matte black plastic which again is found on a Hyper X series. If you remove the microphone you can easily wear these outdoors, they’re not ridiculous like the GSP 670 or like the Sennheiser series.

Overall, I feel like they’ve improved on the build quality. You can stretch this thing, the size extensions to their maximum and the headset still feels quite solid.

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Logitech G935

This ear cups made up of leather that is more comfortable. The padding on it feels exceptional. One thing also the negative point is that the stitching hurts, it’s not that comfortable, it kind of presses into your ear and I don’t think this will be comfortable more for overtime use. I actually think that Logitech chose the wrong size for the ear cups. They made it big up top and small at the bottom, I don’t like the feel of it I would rather it be small the top and big at the bottom and it’s just a personal preference but I feel like that works a lot.

Logitech G Pro X

The left and right distinction is inside the ear cup, so don’t bother looking on the action frame. We have a separate velour earpads set which is nice, they don’t accumulate as much heat but based wrapping is much better with the leather ear cups. As usual, Logitech includes plenty of accessories like a splitter cable, your mobile cable, a PC cable that has a volume wheel and we also have the USB dongle on the pro-x headset.

The new pair is just a lot more comfortable and has much better clamping force. It’s not too tight but it’s there so that you can create a nice seal around the ears given the software ear cushions. The ear cups are wide in this Pro X which means it may not comfortable as like the GPS 300 which has less contact between the side area of the head and ear-cups.

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Mic and Performance

Logitech G935

This has a microphone on the left ear cup as well which you can flip out and flip in and it also bends to your mouth. It’s kind of some cool touches with the microphone.

The one saving grace of this gaming headset is the microphone. The clarity that you get with this is just astonishing. This is the best mic I’ve ever used on discord.

Logitech G Pro X

The microphone is really important part for Logitech and it’s integration with Blu voice but I do want to remind you that this is only available on the Pro X headset because of the USB dongle and not on the pro headset which doesn’t have it.

One cool thing I found is that you can create your EQ profile and share it. So, you can download your friends profiles and what you’re listening to or potentially a player that you follow which I found really cool in the acoustic tab.

We also have noise removal for the microphone and surround sound but the surround sound here even with like different settings surprisingly poor not as good as G933. They’ve done such a good job here, outlining all different parameters and you can also play around with different presets either the pro broadcaster presets from different players or different blue voice presets which is really good.

So, there is nice bass, good broadcast quality, nice compression. The really cool thing they’ve done here is let you record the little mic test and then play around with different parameters in EQ settings so you can hear how the microphone will sound and only then apply the preset or save that as a preset which I found really cool.

I was hoping to see more hardware implementation with blue microphones instead of it being really software focused and it’s kind of weird because I always felt that proline was always meant to be simplified. But, here they went like above and beyond in terms of customizing your voice to make you sound Pro and it’s more like audio editing software instead of being a feature and we have multiple presets built-in and you can go in and spend some time or like customizing to see what each slider does and how it affects your voice but it’s almost like going against or the pro line.

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Sound & Music Performance

Logitech G935

It just sounds like I have a regular pair of headphones on. In settings the use of wide sound and equalizer is just terrible, it just completely destroys the clarity. I don’t know the software doesn’t really match up with the headphones, I don’t know if the actual technology of the headphones is enough to par.It’s marketed that there’s 50 millimeter drivers but I don’t think this will fulfill the sound quality for this price range.

For the surround sound and for gaming, these are just average to below average, especially for the price that you’re paying they’re below average.

Music does sound decent, it’s clear. There’s clarity with these headphones but again if you touch that equalizer, it will not be that much great.

Logitech G Pro X

The drivers are the same 50 millimeter G Pro drivers but they’ve been tuned differently. It’s more detailed, there’s a lot more clarity but everything is a bit closer. As for sound gaming performance whatever they were doing with the G Pro drivers they should be doing more of it, I really happy with the entire performance. This is something that Logitech has been like really drilling down, they don’t color the entire range and try to make sure that drivers do not distort on the lower end, so that the bass you hear is actually the bass you should hear and not something that is being boosted and I do appreciate that they sound much better.

There is better definition throughout the entire range, deeper bass and there are less open sound-stage, so things do sound more detailed when they are closer. The Pro X is very closed but have really nice control treble, smooth not harsh, no distortions.

In this, you can actually add a bit of bass in the EQ settings via the dongle. Overall, I feel like they’ve done a really good job with tuning these drivers to make them sound still really fun but not flat or harsh on a high end and the bass is still present and you can play around with the EQ settings without totally destroying the entire spectrum.



Logitech G935

This battery will lasts for twelve hours without RGB and for six hours with RGB. These twelve hours and six hours is just not acceptable for nowadays battery life standards.

On the right ear cup, you actually find a battery door. So, you can actually change out the battery if your battery ever dies, you can change out that rechargeable battery

Logitech G Pro X

The battery life will lasts approximately 2 days or maybe longer than that. It depends on how much you use the headset and your gaming sessions. But, If the headset is fully charged, it can lasts up to 50 to 60 hours.



Logitech G935

This headset has the best mic and its performance is really great and clear, the one thing I really like about this headset. I wish that the sound and the surround sound really delivered all those promises of the 7.1 DTS super surround sound marketing. The battery life is also not very much impressive.

Logitech G Pro X

The microphone is pretty good and also with the blue voice technology. The comfort of the ear-cups and build is good. In terms of its being competitive the pro by itself in this price is pretty decent.

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