Logitech G935 Vs Steelseries Arctis 7: Which is Better Gaming Headset?

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This is the comparison between the headsets of Logitech G935 and the Arctis 7. Both are the strong competitor for the headset. Both the headset is the modern wireless headset. Check out which one is better and has more positive points.


Logitech G935

This is about the Logitech G935 wireless surround sound gaming headset and this may look familiar to you because it’s essentially the G933. It is someway as same as the G933 but it has one redeeming quality that might be able to save it.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 from a feature standpoint is one of the best wireless headsets around that this priced inline with competition from Logitech and Razer. As expected the entire Arctis heatsets is diverse from standard analog, pairs to Bluetooth to USB RGB headsets.

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Logitech G935

It has the exact same look as that G 933 and visually nothing has changed. Still, the RGB lighting integration, the plethora of buttons on the back of the ear-cup, removable covers on the ear cups, all things has some complaints. The RGB light strip, It really doesn’t had a purpose. You can’t see it and if you’re screaming your viewers can’t see it. The ear cups are removable.

The ear cups are removable. One of them houses the battery which is removable which I think is pretty pointless unless they would have provided a second battery side the box for you otherwise why have a swap it out. Then, the other ear cups where the wireless dongle is stored and that makes sense but I just don’t see the point for removable shields, it’s like they’re making custom design ones for you to customize your headset. However these gloss accents on the yoke of the headband with just pretty silly considering if you touch these constantly and take them on and off your head and no doubt you gonna cover these with fingerprints.

Steelseries Arctis 7

It’s a really nice surprise to not see RGB on this wireless pair to preserve battery life. The overall structure is fine with plastic ear cups with pleasant rubber coating. The top headband is metal unlike the plastic construction on all other Arctis pairs. The swivel joints are a little bit too loose for my taste but notice there is no creaking so that’s awesome. The self adjusting fabric is swappable and stretches a little bit and it’s a cool customization element, definitely more unique than RGB lighting.

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Logitech G935

Their cups are in rhombus shape, so more square than most headsets that are circular or oval but it didn’t bother me. As for comfort, they do extend to fit a pretty large head although just by themselves, they’re pretty big and bulky. The negative point about the design is the slightest twists of the headband. They make a sound you don’t want your headset to make.

One of the things that’s kind of strange about this is how the ear cups protrude outward toward the back and the ear cups with the headband, it’s more so holding it by the front. So, the center of balance and the weight distribution is way off. When you put them on normally, it takes out just a few seconds for them to slide right off the back of your head.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The ear-cup cushions are nice to the touch with a soft Center but I find them not thick enough to compensate for the convex plastic housing of the driver that you can feel with your ears. So, the Arctis 7 is slightly heavier than the non-wireless Arctis 5 and Arctis 3.

Unfortunately, SteelSeries have not done any structural changes to accommodate for better comfort. I find the all-in-one fits all type of headband that stretches based on your head size not ideal because with a medium-sized head, it will already touch the bottom of that metal headband which has very little padding. This will be an issue for people with larger heads because we do have width adjustment which is fine but not much height adjustment and therefore, even though the clamping force is nicely balanced but the headset is being sort of supported by the ear cups on each side. You cannot extend the headband leaving the headset around your neck is uncomfortably tight, it’s just better to take them off when not in use.

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Mic and Performance

Logitech G935

The mic is just tucked away in the left ear cup and when you pull it down, you can subtly adjust the angle with their attractable goose-neck. Every time you lift it right in line with about your nose, you’ll feel a little bump in the mic and then it’s gonna be muted. So, you can quickly just adjust it and push it out to meet your mic you’re about to have a meltdown. It’s gonna be a little audible beep letting you know that it’s muted and a little red light and the mic is also gonna illuminate to let you know that it’s muted which in return also really makes that dedicated mic mute button on the back of the ear cup pointless.

The performance of the mic is just like the G 933. It’s that typical, tinny, distorted mic performance probably tons of times from crappy headsets with the crappy mics. The level is fully lacking. I’m not impressed with it at all, I’m not happy with it and just like the G 933 it’s just typical old style. It’s probably the same exact mic, the same exact capsule that was in the G 933.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The microphone is retractable that has less than usual flexibility, so it stays in one position every time you pull it out. It is always on unless muted with a switch at the back that you can easily find and the red LED is easy to notice when it’s muted.

It’s clear and it’s detailed. It’s got some nasally elements to it in terms of Brac on compression. In terms of comparing this microphone to other mics, it’s clear and it’s not as nasally as the Void Pro Wireless.


Sound Performance

Logitech G935

The one redeeming quality is the audio, the most important thing about a headset. There are new 50 millimeter drivers that did impress me. Their surround sound is really good. It brings a sense of wideness to the soundstage which most closed-back headsets typically lack and honestly, this is probably the best sounding emulated surround sound that I’ve heard.

While adjusting the EQ, this is only gonna let you get more out of your sounds. So, you can decide whether you like more kick to the bass when explosions go off or you want emphasis on vocals and the highs when you’re gaming. Also, it obviously giving you more of an edge in terms of directional audio which is important in most games. I’m always the first person to knock emulated surround sound but this is good.

Steelseries Arctis 7

There are some EQ adjustments are always nice for a competitive game play. The dynamic range compression is unnecessary and just sounds horrible. If you want to hear everything on a uniform decibel level, just use the volume wheel to adjust your volume and as far as the surround sound experience with DTS X, as usual it’s quite bad. It expands the sound-stage but you lose directional cues that they’re otherwise audible and stereo and many important audio elements are now muffled. So, the only advantage with surround sound on is a slightly larger immersion of audio environment as with stereo, things are a bit closer to you and closed off in this headset.

The stereo mode is actually quite nice with lots of detail on the high end. The mid-range is great and the bass is weak which I actually prefer for a competitor game-play and the wireless signal is actually quite impressive not only in the range Department, I got about six meters with a few walls in between without losing signal.

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Music Performance

Logitech G935

If you’re listening to music with this headphone, it keep everything stock, no EQ, no surround sound because music wasn’t made to be listened to via these emulated surround sound or software. So, everything just gets really shallow it sounds and also for bass and the software, do not touch that bass dial because it just makes it sound extremely muddy in music. So, for gaming, it’s great and for music, the complete opposite of great.

Steelseries Arctis 7

In terms of clarity and not hearing any distortions or any background noise, it’s completely fine. It has very good signal in the wireless department. It’s actually quite nice if you like to listen to music podcast.

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Logitech G935

The RGB, one effect is the audio visualizer and it’s not brand new or anything. You can have your audio kind of pulsing and the visualizer effect in the back of your ear cups. It works for audio being played.

In screen sample effect, you can set four targeted areas on your screen from the software to kind of like grab color from that, it’s all gonna be kind of mashed together and the more common color is gonna be portrayed on the ear cups. You get those like orange and reddish tones, if you’re playing in a grassy area, it’ll be more green, better suited for other peripherals but it can’t look cool.

Then you have typical fixed breathing and cycling effect and it’s like you can do with other software, you can sync all the lighting with your other Logitech referrals. In real checkout, you can change up with the three buttons on the back of the ear-cup. They can be audio related from literally changing things like the bass, a treble, cycling your EQ, switching inputs, it can also be assigned to the macros you create and then any system function from media control a mouse click or a keystroke, cut, copy, paste, anything could be assigned to these buttons.

The next tab is acoustics where you can change the volume, the mic output, and able that surround sound. You have the seven channels which you can adjust individually for the volumes of each plus the bass and you have your actual EQ tab with that few preset ones there for you and then customize the levels and the frequencies to your liking.

Steelseries Arctis 7

There are many controls on the headset starting with the power button then a dial for chat mix that lets you balance your voice comms or in-game volume with a tactile middle bump. The battery indicator is the blinking color of the power button or the 4-bar battery icon in the software and I think it’s just a simple percentage of the battery number would have been better. On the other side, there is mic mute, a smooth volume dial from zero to a hundred, a USB mini-b eight pin cable and a 3.5 millimeter input for audio sharing and the micro USB for charging.

This micro USB port is only for charging and firmware updates, it does not work without the wireless receiver but you can plug in the USB mini-b Aitken cable that ends with a 4-pole 3.5 millimeter jack. So, the headset can be used with mobile devices or a controller without the need to power it on. Now, the wireless receiver is a bit different than usual, it’s a compact hub with the white LED at the front. If solid, the connection is fine and if blinking, the headset is either sleeping or disconnected.

There’s a pair button on the side and on the back, there’s the line in and out which is pretty cool because you can route your speaker’s into the hub and have it automatically switch between the headset if it’s on or the speaker’s if the headset is off. For the line in, you can connect whatever source that has a 3.5 millimeter output into the hub that will then wirelessly transmit audio into your headsets.

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Logitech G935

In battery life, every hour you lose about 10 percent of battery life then that remaining 25 percent went through in like 45 minutes. So, with the lighting on, you can get around 8 to 10 hours on average and with the lighting turned off what you should be doing or you can gain extra more 2 to 3 hours. So, it’s depending on you know your gaming sessions and how long a game per day.

Probably, you could stretch these out for two days. This battery life isn’t too bad but that battery life is mostly on par with other wireless headsets out there. If you also include a 3.5 millimeter cable, so you can use these without the battery if it’s dead but you then lose like the software and the surround sound control.

Steelseries Arctis 7

For battery life, it’s nothing about standing still series claims 24 hours of listening time. You can only get approximately 20 hours of continuous use before the red blinking LED start to go off and the convenience of micro-USB for charging is good because many mobile devices utilize micro USB so charging this thing should not be an issue. I still wish that we have the percentage of battery left in a software, so that you could be a little bit more clear on how much is left. The headset does shut off by itself to preserve battery life when not in use but unfortunately you have to power it on manually every morning after the computer has been shut down.

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Logitech G935

There are many negative viewpoints of this headset but it does have that one redeeming quality with great sound like that’s a very important aspect of this headset. However, I don’t think that this has that much worth for its price. Again, you look at the G 933 which came out and that was a very popular top selling gaming headset. So, you may love this headset if you care about the sound quality.

Personally, I really wish they would just cut the gimmicks and get rid of the RGB lighting and make it more simple, modern looking headset like they did with the G Pro and the G 433 but with the updated technology and drivers and also sound quality it’s good but it’s too bulky.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 is fully loaded from a feature standpoint as far as wireless headsets go. This is not the best mic in gaming but it’s pretty fantastic with awesome stereo drivers but I wish the headband structure was taller for extra comfort. I wish the dials in the back were not as loose because if you put the headset on off, you will be constantly switched something either the volume or the chat mix. Now, the main thing here is that Wireless convenience which is incredible but if you are building this whole wireless set of gaming peripherals then perhaps consider the Arctis 7.


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