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Logitech M310 vs M325: Which One is Better?

This is the comparison of the Logitech M310 and Logitech M325 mouse. Both the mouse has almost similar design and features but there are some little things which may change your thoughts and decision.

logitech m310 (1)logitech M325 (1)
Logitech M310Logitech M325
Good budget price for a wireless mouse.
The wireless connectivity is pretty good.
Unique visual designs.
Micro-gear scrolling is good.
It lasts up to 18 months on a single AA battery.
It has normal three buttons only. Uses a dated optical sensor.
No direct storage for the receiver.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Interface2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Movement Detection TechnologyLaserOptical
Movement Resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi
Buttons Qty33
OS RequiredApple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7Apple MacOS X 10.5 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7
Run Up Time18 months18 months
Width2.8 in2.2 in
Depth4.3 in3.9 in
Height1.7 in1.5 in
Weight4.76 oz3.1 oz
FeaturesHand-friendly design.

Plug-and-forget nano-receiver.

Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

Smooth, responsive tracking.

Logitech reliability.
Micro-precise scrolling.

Comfortable contoured design.

Logitech Unifying Nano-receiver.

Perfect for laptops and netbooks.

Logitech reliability.

Detail Review


Logitech M310

This mouse is simply a wireless mouse with basic features. It doesn’t have any extra buttons or fancy features and you can’t expect that all in its price range. This mouse will be good for office use, laptops, etc,.

Logitech M325

This one in particular is one of the more sorts of basic offerings. This is really used for a laptop, you can probably tell by the size and it’s probably not going to be your main Mouse but definitely something you can take with you on the go when you prefer to work with a mouse rather than a trackpad.

logitech m310 mouse (1)


Logitech M310

It is made of hard plastic and has a round shape to it. It weighs fairly light and 99 grams and is generally small. It is pretty comfortable and overall has a good build. I could use this for long periods of time without any struggle.

It has a symmetrical design meaning that you can use it very comfortably with your right or left hand like an ambidextrous mouse.

Logitech M325

It’s a very elegant and sleek design I suppose. You got some rubber on the sides for extra grip which is nice and it doesn’t make your hands sweaty or your fingers in particular which I also think it’s nice.

If I compare it to my hand, it’s quite a small device. So, it’s not one of the mice that you have your full hand on. It’s been much like you would use an Apple Mouse if you’re familiar with those. It actually means that it does definitely not sort of your highly functional all-day mouse but definitely something that works with your laptop really well.

logitech m325 mouse (1)


Logitech M310

The nano receiver uses a 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection. It can go up to 33 feet of wireless connection. The mouse has an invisible optic which means you can use it on any surface and don’t use a red light. It has an on and off switch and also has a sleep mode which turns off automatically if you forget to turn it off on your own. It activates out there a certain amount of time of inactive use.

When you take the bottom off, you can find a nano connector and a battery. The nano receiver is so small and uses a USB port and has a 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection which is supposedly very fast. It is overall very responsive and has little to no lag at all.

Logitech M325

On the outside of the mouse, it only has two features. You have the normal right and left click buttons. The scroll wheel has a little noise when scrolling and has a slight click inside. So, it doesn’t have the free-flow scrolling that some of the more expensive mice Logitech has. You can also see the two arrows on the sides of the scroll wheel that’s obviously for back and forward when you’re browsing the web and that’s really all the functionality that is on the outside.

On the bottom, you have the sensor to track where you’re going. There’s the on/off button which obviously used to save battery life and you have the sliding pads all around but there’s more to it. You can see the battery door on the bottom. The battery is included, so nice plug-and-play which is nice and over there you see a little dongle. It’s very nice that it stores in the mouse actually because that means you can always have it with the mouse. This is obviously the part that plugs into your computer most likely your laptop and as soon as you plug it in, you’re ready to go. You could download some drivers from Logitech if you want to. If you need to do something with settings and so on but in general, you plug it in and all should be well.

This is compatible with all major operating systems and versions if it’s not too out of date. It doesn’t require any battery, just requires a USB port so that is something that you’re sacrificing if you’re using the dongle. Other than that, it’s not a very spectacular product I suppose but it’s highly functional. It’s not too expensive and obviously from Logitech, so it’s gonna be a good product that’s gonna probably last you for quite a while.

The pads here on the bottom will collect quite a bit of dust and dirt from your desk that’s pretty inevitable. So, make sure you clean this every once in a while.    

I like that there is an on/off switch to preserve battery life and I actually like how small and light it is, so it serves its function very well. I don’t think, it’s an all-day Mouse, this is definitely something you take with you if you have a mobile office for example or if you decide to work on a mobile location for a few hours and you don’t want to use the trackpad on your laptop then this is a very good and lightweight solution.

logitech-M310-Mouse (1)


Logitech M310

It uses a one AAA alkaline battery and is expected to have a battery life of up to 12 to 18 months. It depends on how much you use the mouse and for what purposes you use it.

Logitech M325

The M325 Precision Mouse offers 18 months of battery life. It really depends a bit on how much you use it. It does come with the battery included and that’s nice.

logitech-M325 (1)


Overall, the M310 is a pretty cheap budget Mouse for under $20 that’s a great buy and you can find it cheaper in any different color. In M325, there’s nothing too spectacular but highly functional. In my opinion, both are good enough for the price and works well. The design and the features are similar in both the mouse. If you want a little bigger mouse, you should choose the M310, or if you want a smaller mouse or as a travel mouse, then the M325 will be great to buy. 

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