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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse Vs Arc Mouse: Which One is Good To Buy?

The Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse and Surface Arc Mouse is compared here. Both are different in the design and for a gripping style which is the main function in the mouse. To decide, which one will be more beneficial to buy, check out the detailed review of both of them.

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Microsoft Surface Mobile MouseMicrosoft Surface Arc Mouse
Modern design.
Clicky buttons.
Simple setup.
It is beautiful.
It is light, small and easy to carry. It is comfortable to use even for long work hours.
It offers a plug-and-play experience.
Low-profile design can be uncomfortable.
No rechargeable battery system.
You can middle-click only if you install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
You cannot right-click and left-click at the same time.
The haptic scroll strip is gone, and we miss it.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
InterfaceBluetooth 4.2, 2.4GHzBluetooth 4.0/4.1
Movement Detection TechnologyOpticalOptical
Hand OrientationBoth hands
Performance1200 fps, up to 30 inches per second
OS RequiredWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Device must support Bluetooth® 4.0 or higherCustomizable on Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1
Run Up Time12 monthsUp to 6 months
Width2.4 in2.2 in
Depth4.2 in5.2 in
Height1 in0.56 in
Weight2.75 oz2.91 oz
FeaturesX-Y resolution adjusting.

Wheel button function reassignment.

Left click and right click swap.

Wheel customization.

Battery level reporting.
Optimized structural design.

Better snap.

Full scroll plane.

Surface Arc Mouse is an ideal, ultra-portable companion for devices like Surface Laptop.

Detail Review:


Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

The design of the mouse is in such a way that it can be easily portable and comfortable to use. The design is very similar to the original Surface mouse but there are some internal things that makes this bit unique. It will be great for travel and carry or with you. 

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

The Surface Arc Mouse is a well-crafted product that reliably works as intended and if you push the high price point to the side and try the Surface Arc Mouse for a short while, you’ll find that this mouse really is a respectable product.

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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

It comes in three colors, burgundy, blue, and silver. These came out at around the same time as the Surface Go, so they come in matching colors which are pretty nice. It’s a nice soft plastic, it has a metal scroll wheel, the blue light sensor, a Bluetooth button, and a magnetic battery door.

It’s really nice, it fits in just about anything. It doesn’t take up much additional space. So, if you’re looking for something that you can take with you to school or work, then I really think this is a good mouse because it’s gonna fit basically anywhere. If you’re looking for something that’s you want to use for longer periods of time or you want to use for a desktop, then I would probably recommend going with something a little larger and more comfortable but I really think this is a good product.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

The Surface Arc Mouse has a really nice build. It’s extremely sleek, very minimal, and quite creative. You can get this mouse in a few different colors. Because of the sleek and minimal snapping architecture, it’s easy to turn on and off and easy to bring anywhere. It’s especially easy to pack away into your backpack, if you think you can’t fit anything else in your backpack this mouse will easily make it in. It’s smaller than most modern-day smartphones, so you can even put it in your pocket.

microsoft surface arc mouse


Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

The connection process is pretty simple and straightforward. You basically just go into the Bluetooth settings and click on the mouse and you’re good to go. The cursor movement is really nice and accurate, the scrolling is also really smooth. If you want to use it on the fabric surface as if you’re sitting on a couch or something, it also works really well. The clicking on this Mouse is really nice and it’s more of a soft click, so it just feels really nice to use as opposed to something like a Logitech mouse.

Another good thing about this mouse is that it’s Bluetooth. So, if you’re using a Surface device, it only has one USB port, so you’re definitely going to use a Bluetooth mouse because you don’t want to be using your only USB port for a mouse receiver.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Performance is beyond satisfactory. I believe, it runs on a Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.1 interface and pairing is an extremely quick process on Windows 10.

Now, the big thing about this mouse other than the bendable tail that allows it to snap is the top surface of the mouse. It’s a touchpad instead of the traditional two-button layout that you’ll see on most classic mice, of course, you can left-click and right-click. The entire touchpad is a pressure-sensitive full scroll plane, so you can scroll both vertically and horizontally, it’s pretty convenient. This mouse is an extremely respectable product.

It’s got a really nice minimal build comes in a few basic colors and is super reliable but there are three things that you have to keep in mind when getting this mouse. first of all, this is not a gaming mouse in fact no Bluetooth mouse is a good gaming mouse, especially if you’re a competitive gamer playing shooters. Don’t get this mouse with the intent to dominate the world in games like Overwatch or Fortnight. You cannot left-click and right-click at the same time which goes back to my point about this not being a gaming mouse. If you’re playing fortnight, you can’t right-click to peek into your scopes and then left-click to shoot.

Finally, this mouse cannot middle-click, it can scroll vertically and horizontally across an amazing full scroll plane and left and right click but there is no middle click button. This mouse only has two buttons which are on the left and right areas of the scroll plane. Digital 3D modelers cannot use this mouse. If you’re using a program that requires a mouse with a middle-click button which is generally just 3D modeling or vector art programs, then this Mouse isn’t for you because those kinds of programs need the middle click button for things like panning the camera or rotating planes.

College students programmers or general consumers using their computers for basic things are the people who will love this Mouse the most. The mouse is meant to be very minimal, very simple, and very sleek. This is a very reliable Mouse, it’s built really well and I have never had major issues with this Mouse.

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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

The battery life of this Mobile mouse is just amazing. It will give you around one-year battery life. Also, it has batteries inside it instead of charging this mouse. So, you don’t need to charge the mouse continuously. 

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

It runs on two AAA batteries and claims to have a battery life of six months. However, you may have this for well over a year. So, I think it’s safe to say that battery life is exceptional.

microsoft Surface_Arc_Mouse 2 (1)


Both of these mice from Microsoft is good and works well for surface devices. Both of these mice are light and good in portability. To choose one of those between them, the Mobile Mouse is cheaper comparatively and also it works well and also it’s light but you may feel uncomfortable by the constant use of the Mobile Mouse because of its flatness. Opposed to that, you will be happy with the Arc Mouse which is a little bit pricey at around $70.

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