Mpow H10 Vs H12: What is the Difference?

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This is a detailed comparison between the Mpow H10 and H12. Both these headsets giving the way better features and sound quality for this price range. Every feature and sound is very nice in these headsets. You can get a decision which is better to buy easily by this detailed review.

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Mpow H10Mpow H12
Decent sound quality.
Great battery life.
Comfortable fit.
Decent noise-canceling
Don’t feel cheap.
Tactile playback buttons. Shockingly good sound.
Active noise cancelation.
30 hours of battery life.
Plastic build quality.
Too large for smaller heads.
Leaky at high volumes.
Boring design.
Charges with Micro-USB.


Headphones Form FactorOver EarOver Ear
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output Modestereo
In-Cord Volume Control
Diaphragm2 in2 in
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-InWith Microphone
Connector Type
Audio Controls
Width3 in3.15 in
Depth5 in5.24 in
Height6 in6.77 in
Weight9.9 oz9.12 oz
Run Time30 hour(s)30 hour(s)
FeaturesMpow H10 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Stereo Bass Headset Noise Cancelling Mic.

Active noise cancelling technology effectively reduces distracting low frequency background noises like airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear, enjoying the pure audio source at the press of a button.

Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours playing time in Bluetooth mode, 9 hours play time in ANC & Bluetooth Mode, and up to 15 hours play time in ANC& Wired Mode. Also includes an audio cable for use in wired mode via the 3.5mm AUX port without draining your battery.

Enjoy an improved and fully customizable fit with swiveling ear cups, adjustable& foldable headband and super soft earpads.
Newly Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Tech Reduce Ambient Noises By Up to 90%: Mpow hybrid active noise cancelling headphones combines feed forward and feedback ANC by placing a microphone inside and outside the ear cup, which enables to cancel out a wider range of low and mid-frequency noises such as cars and airplane engines. Immerse yourself in the world of music, even in a busy street/office/café/bus/train/car etc. Note: the human voice can not be eliminated.

Hi-fi Sound & Deep Bass: Mpow H12 active noise cancelling headphones equipped with 40mm large-aperture drivers to deliver hi-fi stereo sound and powerful deep bass for you. And Latest Bluetooth Tech provides unbreakable connection and stream rich, dynamic audio.

All-day Listening & Independent ANC Switch: A single charge for 2-3 hours gives you up to 30 hours of music/talking time. Non-music ANC mode enables you to enjoy your personal time. Note: turn off ANC when not in use to saving power.

Unmatched Wearing Comfort & Foldable design: adjustable headband and 90° rotatable ear cups, soft memory-protein ear pads of Mpow over-ear bluetooth headphones can fit the shape of your head. Folding space-saving design with a carrying bag makes it a great travel companion. Note: Please note Mpow H12 is designed a little oversized for fit in most people’s head and long-time wear comfort.

CVC 6. 0 Microphone & Hands-Free Call: built-in CVC 6. 0 noise Cancelling microphone lets you take/make hassle-free calls and access your voice assistant. Compatible with Android/iOS smartphones and tablets; MP3, MP4; iPod; PC; TV and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The most ideal noise cancelling headphones for home office, online class.

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Detail Review:


Mpow H10

This headset is just amazing with good noise-cancelling technology, especially at this price. I really like this headset because as a whole package, it’s just awesome. You can never have this type of package other than this headset.

Mpow H12

This one is an advanced version of Mpow H10 and it’s way better than the H10 and H5. The sound quality and noise-cancelling technology and everything are just nice for this price range.

mpow h10 2 (1)


Mpow H10

It feels like a nice sturdy bit of some light plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap. As far as to build quality, everything is plastic. There is just a little bit of metal, there’s just a little bit of metal upon the earcup but everything is plastic and that clicking, it’s actually two little bumps inside the metal, and they just kind of click inside. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

I kind of like the design, it’s a very minimalistic design. The branding is not overly done, it’s not the only headband I kind of like it. It’s very simple and nothing silly anywhere else.

Mpow H12

On the actual ear pads, you can see that they’ve got the empower logo just there on the top and then you also have a plastic build ear pad just there with no other design or logos on there.

Inside the headband, you can see which one is the right side and which one is the left side. On the interior of the headband, you actually see there’s a nice little padded headband there as well.

There are two ways you can fold this, so you can just twist the ear pads to the sides and have it flat or if you wanted to click them inside, you can just click one in there and click the other one like that and then you can put this into the carry pouch.


Mpow H10

They do swivel in and out and they fold up. So, it’s for easy traveling and storage and you can use the pouch if you want to or if you got a case from some other headphones, you can use that too.

I don’t think, the earcups are memory foam but they’re not stiff at all and they did feel comfortable for the brief time. This one is far more comfortable than H5. There’s a big difference in the feel of the ear cups, these just feel better.

Mpow H12

They come with the very common traditional soft memory foam earpads which is very comfortable to have on your ears. It’s actually very lightweight when you hold it. It’s pretty easy to take with you, it’s compact and it can be folded inwards as well. 

No matter what head size is you do have, this should fit comfortably. There’s a bending of the ear pads, they do make a little clicking noise. One thing I would really like is for the headband to be adjusted a little bit smaller. When I do put them on, there’s a tiny bit of a gap from the top headband through my head. So, I could lower it but then it presses against my ears, so depending on the size of your head then this is something to just to be aware of. For most people, this should be okay but depending on if you have a very small head then you may struggle to get this to fit securely and it might start falling backward and forwards.

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Mpow H10

In the box, you will get a headset itself and a micro USB charging cable, now that’s something you just gotta expect from budget headphones. These things do not cost that much. Then, you got a 3.5 cable.

You do see some noise-canceling mic right there on the ear cups. You got your charging port and your 3.5 then you got your controls for volume up and down and tracks. You got the tracks printed on the outside and then kind of stamped in there, you have the volume controls and the power. So, it shows you that they are double functions. Then, you got your ANC switch.

Mpow H12

In the box, you have your micro USB charging cable, headphone adapter as well if you want to use this through the wire instead of the wireless and you also have a user guide as well.

They are 500 milliamp hours but it gives you a massive 30 hours of playtime. If you do have the active noise cancellation button on when you’re playing it, you will get 15 hours of playtime but it’s recommended not to use that for more than an hour or two otherwise your ears will start hurting but if you really do need to use it then that’s the way to go.

They are connected by a Bluetooth and you do get about 10 meters of range on them as well and if you do charge them fully they will take about 2 to 3 hours if you’ve drained the battery and once you’ve got a full battery in there, it will give you that massive 30 hours of playtime to listen to your music.

You have the standard buttons there on the right-hand side. You’ve got the play and pause, the next and previous track buttons as well. They also double up as volume controls as well and also to answer calls and end calls. On the left-hand side, you actually have the ANC button. So, if you switch this on, you’ll see a green light there and this will confirm that it’s on and if you switch it down, it’s off.

Along the bottom, there’s a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack there on the left-hand side, and on the right-hand side, you have the micro USB charging port there as well.

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Mpow H10

there’s a mic on the earcup. The mic on this headphone also works well for phone calls. I also listened to the call on the other end and it sounded fantastic. Then I switch, the calls came through very well or on the receiving end of the phone call. So, phone calls actually really great and you can watch your Netflix and YouTube with these on.

Mpow H12

There’s also mic in the headphone’s earcup. The mic is also working well. I tested this out on calls and I really like it. The mic sound is really good and for the call, it is just good. 


Mpow H10

I actually tested this headset with YouTube and Netflix and there was absolutely no latency. Everything came in crystal-clear as you would expect from a good set of headphones.

If the ANC on, I don’t really feel cabin pressure right now but all the deep noises aren’t gone. When you listen to music the ANC trash the sound quality. I know for sure if you just want to cancel out noise and not listen to music, these will get it done.

It’s actually pretty good, it’s not muddy. Anyways, the music is not muddy, it’s actually pretty well balanced. We could use a little bit more height on those highs and mids but the music is pretty well balanced and got some pretty decent bass. As far as overall volume, maybe a notch or too louder if I could just nitpick on some stuff but it’s plenty.

This is just ha amazing noise-cancelling, especially at this cheap price. As far as noise canceling, this is the absolute best noise-cancelling I’ve heard at this price point. This actually competes with some headphones I’ve seen in the 150 dollar price range. It’s really effective but it does alter the sound signature in a very positive.

When you’re listening to these without the noise cancelling on, this sounds pretty well-balanced but we could use just a little more height on those mids and highs and the lows are good. When you turn on the noise canceling, everything gets a nice. You get more bass, more clarity, more high as you get more mids and you get more volume, and you kind of just want to stay inside headphones. The H5 and H10 have the same sound signature. They have a little bit more clarity. They sound a little bit brighter and I just happen to like a brighter sound signature.

Mpow H12

I used this headset with noise cancellation. I’ve turned the active noise cancellation on and it just made such a big difference. I can drown out all of the noises in the plane the actual plane noise as well and that kind of stuff and I actually enjoyed watching movies with these headphones.

Even without the active noise cancellation on, I can barely hear myself speak. If turn the noise cancellation on and listen to music then I don’t hear my own voice and it feels like the world around me has just one silence. The bass has just gone up exponentially. So, it’s very powerful and it’s just amazing. When I turn the music off and the ANC is still on, it does feel a little bit weird on your ears you just have to get used to that but I will just turn it off. So, after that, I can hear the ambient noises.

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There is not that much difference in the H10 and H12. You will just get some less difference in H12 from the H10. So, you can choose H10 instead of H12, and thereby you can save $10. Also, For $40, the H10 is just amazing with that noise-cancelling technology. If you want H12, you will only get some aesthetically new feature and a little bit difference in noise-cancellation.