Mpow H10 Vs H5: Comparison and Detailed Review

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This is the comparison between the Mpow H5 and H10 over-ear headphones. Both these have noise cancellation and both have come to the same price. Before taking a clear decision, take a look at a detailed review.

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Mpow H10Mpow H5
Decent sound quality.
Great battery life.
Comfortable fit.
Decent noise-canceling
good sound quality.
noise cancelation.
Plastic build quality.
Too large for smaller heads.
Leaky at high volumes.
Not comfortable for people with large ears.
noise cancellation on the weak side.


Headphones Form FactorOver EarOver Ear
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output Modestereo
In-Cord Volume Control
Diaphragm2 in
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-InBuilt-In
Connector Type
Audio Controls
Width3 in
Depth5 in
Height6 in
Weight9.9 oz8.14 oz
Run Time30 hour(s)30 hour(s)
FeaturesMpow H10 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Stereo Bass Headset Noise Cancelling Mic.

Active noise cancelling technology effectively reduces distracting low frequency background noises like airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear, enjoying the pure audio source at the press of a button.

Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours playing time in Bluetooth mode, 9 hours play time in ANC & Bluetooth Mode, and up to 15 hours play time in ANC& Wired Mode. Also includes an audio cable for use in wired mode via the 3.5mm AUX port without draining your battery.

Enjoy an improved and fully customizable fit with swiveling ear cups, adjustable& foldable headband and super soft earpads.
Active Noise Cancelling Technology — Mpow H5 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones can effectively reduces the noise of city traffic, plane cabin or hubbub. It enables you to enjoy immersive auditory experience even in noisy environments.

Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions — Professional protein earpads, 90° swiveling earcups and adjustable headband deliver better durability and comfort. Mpow Active noise cancelling headphones with the lightweight design is comfortable for all-day wearing.

30Hours Ultra Long Battery — Mpow Noise Cancelling Headphones adopt Built-in battery provides up to 30 hours of music (360 songs) /call or you can connect the Bluetooth headphones with the included audio cable when the battery’s low.

Feel Superior Bass in Beat — Mpow H5 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones use dual 40mm drivers and advanced CSR Bluetooth chip to brings balanced midbass and bright treble for you. A built-in CVC6.0 microphone guarantees hands-free calls in clear voice.

Improve Durability — 1. We had updated the material of headband which has successfully passed the 10000+ bending test. 2. We have improved the clamping force of the H5 noise cancelling headphones for better comfort. 3. Suitable for most sizes of heads.

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Detail Review:


Mpow H10

These headphones feature an upgraded active noise-cancelling that actually has dual microphones. So, it should be a little bit more powerful and in addition to that, they have about 30 hours of battery life and a foldable design that makes them perfect for traveling. All that for around 40 dollars and that’s something amazing package.

Mpow H5

This headset comes under $40 and gives some amazing features and sound quality. The design and comfort are also good for this price range. Overall, if you want a basic headphone with good sound quality and also like these features then this one is great.

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Mpow H10

The color is a kind of reflective gray material. It’s hard plastic, you have the Mpow logos on both earmuffs. The plastic all seems very sturdy, the joints seem to be well made. The adjustments on the side are nice and smooth and the connectors and buttons seem to be well made as well.

Mpow H5

Although I don’t like that glossy black finish, I still think they look good. The design is a little bit new and looks stylish and good. So, you will like the design but may not a glossy finish. As far as to build quality, this is all made up of plastic and for this price range, we can only expect this much. I can say that this one is durable. 


Mpow H10 

It’s not only just fold down but the earmuffs can swivel which allowing it to lie flat and if you wanted to put it flat in a backpack or a suitcase makes it really easy to travel with these to pack them.

The earmuff definitely seems large enough to fit over your ears. So, it’s not going to apply any pressure to your ear lobe or your ear at all and that makes it great for wearing for long periods of time but it also allows that noise cancelling to work because it’ll kind of isolate your ear. This leather seems high quality and very soft.

You have a little bit of cushion on the top, it kind of has a rubber feeling. Each side is adjustable and I do like how they have the measurement. So, you can have it even on both sides. You also have some nice indicators right and left on the inside of the headband and then we have this joint that allows it to bend and spin and you do get a pop there that kind of locks it in place but they do not lock folded. So, they kind of just dangling there, the joint doesn’t really have any give, it’s not very loose and there’s no cracking or anything. So, it seems to be pretty high quality.

Now, one of the negative things I found about the H10 headphones is the way that they fit my head. It was very loose, I was expecting it to be a nice tight fit that’ll help out though active noise-cancelling but it also feels secure when you’re wearing them. These were very loose, they did not feel secure and it felt like they were gonna fall off my head. If you enjoy having loose-fitting headphones then these might be the ones for you.

Mpow H5

They are comfortable for a guy with a large head or with large ears. These are little too clamps for me, so they sort of climb down on my head a bit too tight and there doesn’t seem to be as much adjustment for a larger head to really get them right. So, I would have liked them to have a little bit more comfort for larger heads and I’m sure over time flexing them out, they’ll loosen up but just on initial thoughts on initial listening, I know I did get a little bit of ear fatigue and that’s why I had to put that as a dislike.

They are padded very well. It is very generous on both the ear cups and on the headband but just a bit much on the clamping force and not enough adjustability for a massive head. So, just keep that in mind.

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Mpow H10

In the box, you will get some information guide, the card which shows to connect these to your TV but you do need a Bluetooth transmitter and a USB to micro USB charging cable and then a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary cable that’s one of the really cool things about these headphones that the battery dies, you can just plug them in and that makes it really perfect for traveling. There’s also the dual microphones on the headphones that they advertise for noise cancelling.

On the left earmuff, we have the axillary port in and then you also have the switch for the active noise-cancelling. So, you turn that on, and then the active noise-cancelling is active and you do have a nice green indicator that will turn on when you’re using this because the active noise-cancelling does require the battery. So, if the batteries die in these headphones, you could still listen to audio via the auxiliary port but you will not be able to utilize the active noise-cancelling.

On the right earmuff, we have the charging port which is micro USB. When it looks like we have the microphone for when you’re placing calls. Then, we have three buttons, we have the middle which is going to be power, it’s also kind of a multifunctional button because you can also pause and play with this and also answer and hang up on phone calls. Then you have the plus and minus button which not only controls the volume but they will also change track and you can see the next track and previous track. Also, we have a little LED right there.

The battery life of around 30 hours is realistic and actually very surprising. 30 hours is enough to get you through several days and that’s very impressive for this price range. Now when it came to the Bluetooth range, I found it to be these standard 25 to 30 feet. With the volume at about 50 to 70%, you’re not going to have any sound leakage and there’s just a little bit at about 90 to 100%.

Mpow H5

In the box, you will get the headset itself, audio cable, and the charging cable. So, you can use this one as wireless and also wired if you’re out of battery. As far as connecting them up to the devices, whether it was connected to the iPhone or Android, there are no issues pairing them up. Whether you’re watching videos or listen to music, there’s no issue and with videos, there was no latency.

They’re claiming 25 to 30 hours of battery life out of the box. I’m assuming that maybe like a half charge, I managed to put right around 11 and a half hours out of the box. When I gave them a full recharge, I managed to pull somewhere around 18 to 19 hours. For me personally, if I can get more than 15 hours on a single charge on a set of headphones I’m good with that.

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Mpow H10

The microphone in the H10 is really not that bad. It’s pretty high quality, there was a little bit of distortion when my voice got pretty loud but other than that I would say it’s clear and you could easily understand the voice. I think these would be great if you’re gonna be placing calls or if you’re going to be using them as kind of like a headset for gaming or anything online like that. In my opinion, they kind of resemble Bose headphones.

Mpow H5

You can make phone calls with these, there’s not going to be a problem, People will hear you. There is a little bit of background noise that gets picked up but it’s nothing horrible but it is there. I want to make sure you guys know that and don’t expect perfectly crystal-clear call quality out of these. For most headphones that are under $50 or right around $50 range, it’s really tough to expect them to have a perfect microphone on them. When their main job is to give you excellent sound quality and noise canceling, so keep that in mind. Call quality is satisfactory but not the best.


Mpow H10

When it comes to the audio quality on these, I found it to be an extremely enjoyable listening experience with the highs and the lows coming through very clear and crisp with no tininess or Distortion. It was made even better by the active noise-cancelling as soon as you turn that on, it starts to block out all the background noise and the music kind of comes up and it just sounds very good. I do think that the active noise-cancelling is almost required with these because when you didn’t have it on, it kind of had a little bit of an echo to it. It just wasn’t as high-quality as when you had it on, I think that’s a very important note.

Well, you can use these without the battery by just plugging in the ancillary cable, you’re not going to have that same high-quality audio that comes from these when you do have the active noise-cancelling on.

The active noise-cancelling on these does indeed work and it’s very similar to just about every other 50 to 60 dollar active noise-cancelling headphones on the market including the other Mpow active noise-cancelling headphones. It’s not powerful enough to block out all background noise such as like a TV, a car going by, things like that but any background noise such as fans or water running things like that are going to be severely diminished or you won’t be able to hear them at all.

I think, the best use case for headphones like this is going to be while you’re flying or you’re on a plane, all that rushing wind noise or the plane noise is basically going to be non-existent when you wear these and you have the active noise-cancelling turned on and that can really make for a very good traveling experience. For me, active noise-cancelling headphones make flying much more enjoyable.

Mpow H5

Without the ANC on, you’ve got some decent bass, the mids and highs fairly clear but you turn that ANC on and it’s like you turned on a small Amp because the bass definitely improves, you get better mids and I think you take a small loss in the highs but overall the sound quality is definitely improved. There’s no loss in the bass, there’s no loss in sound quality with the ANC on.

The active noise cancelling actually works really well. I am not saying about the noise-cancellation of any higher-end headphones like QC 35 or Sony WH-1000 XM3, on that level. So, you’re still able to hear voices. This is just about budget headset with noise cancellation, it’s gonna knock out a lot of the background noise and like external noises. So, if you’re walking around outdoors or if you’re on the bus or in the train and things like that, it’s really going to quiet things down and you’ll be able to enjoy whatever that you’re listening to whether you’re listening to music or watching videos or listening to audiobooks. It’s gonna work really well for that and the active noise-cancelling definitely works.

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Both these headsets are nice and have almost the same features and same price. I think the H10 will be great for everyone because the comfort and the sound quality and everything is better than the H5. The price of both the headsets is also the same, so it will be nice buy to get H10.