Nikon D3300 Vs D3400: What are the Differences?

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Nikon is one of the best selling camera company in the world. Nikon D3400 and D3300, both are the entry level DSLR camera, but still have some different features. Still confused, check out the difference between them.




CMOS Sensor Sensor CMOS Sensor
HDMI, USB Connectivity Connectivity Wifi, HDMI
Rechargeable, Li-ion Battery Battery Rechargeable, Li-ion Battery
24.2 MP Resolution Resolution 24.2 MP Resolution
SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Card Type SD, SDHC, SDXC
No, v 4.1 Wifi Yes
Yes Bluetooth No
395 Gram Weight 410 Gram
No Touchscreen No
LCD Display Type LCD


Nikon D3400

Nikon released the D 3400 which is the successor to the D 3300 and if you’re new to DSLR, this might be a good option for you. This the entry level DSLR camera of Nikon. Taking a closer look at the D 3400, the first thing you realize is that it’s pretty much the exact same miniscule size of Nikon’s previous cameras in this range such as the D3300 and 3200. Another thing, this one actually uses a black shutter release button as it turns out, in previous releases Nikon used this black shutter release on just their higher end and their mid-range cameras but it’s more time is going on they start using these across their entire range.

Nikon D3300

This in my opinion is one of the best entry-level DSLR as you can get in a good budget.

This d3300 per DxO mark of 82 which is the same as a Canon 1dx and better than the 5d Mark 3. DxO is a kind of like the Michelin Guide, they give scores to cameras instead of food and for some reason they always give good scores to Nikon. It got the same score as the 1dx therefore it’s good was it 1 dx. It’s cheap, light,and fun for all.

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Nikon D3400

It is 15 percent lighter than the 3300 and also 40 percent lighter than 3200. So, this camera is really light. If you’ve had DSLRs before, this almost feels like a toy. It is quick and easy to use. The battery life on this thing is awesome, I think it’s great and much similar to the 3300.

It has an SD card slot on the right hand side, the mic port on the left hand side. It also has an HDMI port and an AV port and I use that to connect to an external monitor and I can monitor whatever is going on in the frame because this camera doesn’t have a flip out screen.

Nikon D3300

Its body made up of poly-carbonate. It’s no weather sealing, so you can’t use this in the rain. One benefit of a camera body like this though is that it’s light. It is very good if it was made out of something more heavy-duty, it would be a lot more heavier and less portable.

We have a hot stream out if you don’t know what it is you can attach an external microphone with an adapter. You can also attach an LED light. So, it also has circular wheel, it has a few modes. You can connect this to a TV with AV ports or HDMI ports. So, it is great and very protective.

It also has auto flash mode where if you press the shutter halfway down, the flash will pop up depending on whether the subject is bright or dark. So, if it’s dark maybe you’re shooting in the night what you can do is get the auto murder and the flash will pop up. Now, I know you’re probably thinking basically what happens when you don’t you’re not allowed to use the flash? Well, Nikon sorted this, they have a non flash mode which basically terminates the use of the flash.

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Image Quality & Performance

Nikon D3400

It includes 10 filters, now these are filters that are found on the the 5000 series like the 5100. This is a 24 megapixel camera and that’s pretty good by today’s standards. It also lacks the anti-aliasing filter now, if you’re not familiar with that, in short, that means these images should be a little sharper and it’s nice to see that Nikon is doing that even with their entry-level DSLR like the 3400.

The ISO on this range is from 100 to 25,000, if you’re new to DSLR 25,000 basically means that it will enable you to take pictures in low-light situations. Now, they might be grainy but you at least have the capability to do it by going all the way up to 25,000. If you’re in burst mode (continuous mode), this will shoot at 5 frames a second now it’s nothing really special but it is an entry-level DSLR, so it’s helpful to have something. This will shoot 1080p at 60 frames a second.

Nikon D3300

Viewfinder is 95% in coverage and magnification is 85x. This denotes that if you find is almost 100% accurate as to what you actually get in the final picture. This is bigger than before which means you get more detailed representation of the senior taking pictures of. I can tell you that image sensor is decent.

You can make boring photos interesting with some arty creative filters. It is the usual filters you’d expect but there is something new to the D 3300. It’s a panorama mode that’s really easy to use. It’s not the smoothest of operations, a little clunky to get started and carry fussy but it works almost as good as your iPhone.

There is 24.2 megapixels means there is a lot of pixels which is good. There is no optical low-pass filter, So taken away things are sharper and Images are crisper. This camera have Exspeed4 processor which means it’s better than the Exspeed3 processor. This means you can do quicker things with it. It produces nice images all the way up to ISO 6400 and even ISO 12800 which is really good. The ISO 25600 is not too good. Also, there is a 5fps continuous shooting. So, the sports mode gives you a fast shutter.

It has the auto mode which is for beginners. Auto mode gives you a lot, it just refrains you from just making your photos your own hand, on manual mode you can do a lot more. also, we have portrait mode which is which gives you some bokeh shots which gives the blur effects that’s what gives you the nice out-of-focus background and it looks a lot perfect a lot more professional. We also has a landscape mode which has an higher aperture. Basically, it’s great for going on holiday and taking photos of landscapes like the hills and the mountains. Now, it also has an effects mode. It also has an AE lock button, it locks the frame.

The viewfinder in this DSLR is great. So, if I take the lens out nothing will happen if I put the lens in, you’ll see the subject that the lens is looking at. So, it also has an Live View mode, you’ll see it as there LV. This means, you can see any of your photos or you can look more clearly on a bigger screen as to what your photos are going to look like, you cannot record unless you’re on the LV mode.

It also films 30fps width which is great, however, it films 60fps as well which is even better 1080p at 60 frames per second, 720p at 60 frames per second, and 720 at 30, etc,. I probably needed the 60 FPS as I can slow down my videos with better quality and less blurry. When you slow down a video, it gets blurry but when you see something in slow motion, it’s like properly slowed down because the FPS is so high. It takes JPEG pictures and I would recommend pulling it on JPEG fine. However, it takes a JPEG and RAW at the same time if need be.

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Bluetooth or WiFi

Nikon D3400

The good news is there are a few little upgrades here, the first one is Nikon’s new snap bridge technology and basically this is a newer app that they have now to transfer photographs from the camera to a smart device. But, you can only transfer small files and the max is up to 2 Mega which means you will not be able to transfer the fold JPEG 24 megapixel images that you can get from this camera. You can’t transfer videos and you cannot remotely control this camera.

Basically, Nikon implements it using Bluetooth or WiFi or both on some of the cameras. The Bluetooth is a low-power Bluetooth, so basically you have the ability to use the Bluetooth to transfer photographs from the camera to the smart device, even when the cameras part off. It doesn’t use a whole lot of battery life but then you can use the WiFi capabilities for things like giving you live view to a smart device and so forth.

The 3400 just has the Bluetooth portion of this, so it doesn’t have the WiFi and you basically can’t do the live view shooting but you can still transfer your pictures.

Nikon D3300

In this, you can wirelessly tether it to your phone. This means, you can use Wi-Fi to wirelessly transfer your pictures from this camera to your smartphone without wires.

Nikon D3300 4


Nikon D3400

The thing nice about this camera is this new type of lens. Now, whenever Nikon released this camera, they released a new technology on the 18 to 55 and on their new 70 to 300 and that is this A-FP technology, P is a silent focusing lens. If you’ve looked at the Canon cameras at all, it is very similar to the STM lenses that Canon puts on their predominantly their 70D and 80D. So, if you’re shooting video you have the ability to have completely solid auto focus. The odd about this is that the 18 to 55 has VR on it which is Nikon’s version of the vibration reduction and so it’s nice to have but it’s typically beneficial on your zoom lenses.

Basically, what happens with this is? If you’re on continuous focus in video mode, you can focus the camera or have the camera focus automatically rather and you don’t have any type of auto focus sound and it keeps on focusing and there’s pretty much no audible sound at all. so that’s a really big deal, it’s a huge improvement over Nikon’s previous lenders in this range. On this one, you’re still using a contrast based tech system so you don’t have the benefit of phase detect, so it’s not quite as fast as the Canon system but it is still extremely good.

Another thing about this lens is that it doesn’t have any switches on it anymore. So, it doesn’t have an auto focus, amendment focus which it doesn’t have a VR switch.

Nikon D3300

I would recommend you to do is buy a lens which is necessary for sports photography. I have an F 1.8 lens, it’s not good enough, so what you should do is buy a telephoto lens and if you’re a photography enthusiast and you like doing portrait modes, get the 31 35 millimeter. It also has a macro mode, however, like I just mentioned you need a good macro lens. It allow you to get close-up shots because of thirty-five millimeter lens, you have to be pretty far from the lens to focus.

The detachable lens button you push in and then you can twist, it gives you the capability of just taking out and swapping lenses.

nikon D 3400 9

Auto Focus

Nikon D3400

It has 11 focal points with one of them being a cross type. Now, that’s not a lot but again keep in mind this is an entry-level DSLR. If you’ve ever used Nikon cameras in the past for video, my biggest challenge has always been the way it hunts for focus. Now, if you don’t do auto-focus and you just use manual, then you don’t have to be concerned about that. But, if you’re going to shoot videos of family or events and things like that you just want to put it on auto-focus then you really don’t want that thing hunting around and it’s also what it hunts you can hear it on the built-in microphone.

So, in this case with this lens, there is very little hunting if any and all unlike the 3300 the 3400 has removed the anti-aliasing filter, that’s nice because it helps to increase the sharpness of the images.

Nikon D3300

There is 11 auto-focus points is enough, they’re spread across the frame in a little diamond shape.

Nikon-D3300 2


Nikon D3400

If you’re looking to get into DSLR, is this a good camera for you? My opinion is yes. The only thing I would caution against is the price point. So, when you look at this you want to be careful of the lens kit that comes with this body. If you’re looking to get into DSLR, you need to start with the lens anyway and if you’re not sure if you want to stay with DSLR or if it’s really your thing then it’s fine go ahead and pick up the body. It’s got the slow auto focusing or the quite auto focusing system on it. If you think DSLR really you, you could just buy the body and then look for better glass, look for something a little more versatile.

Nikon D3300

It is great first DSLR with free fab colors and it’s lightweight with useful guide. There is a great image quality and good in low light and good auto-focus. Overall, it is a great camera and basically, I would recommend this for a first DSLR.

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