20 Best Rustic Kitchen Ideas

A well done rustic kitchen invokes a sense of coziness and comfort that will warm up even the chilliest of nights and mornings.
Imagine it now: It’s cold outside, with outdoor temperatures dropping rapidly and the brisk air freezing your fingers and toes. The smell of pine trees and cedar is heavy in the air. Seeking refuge, you step into a beautiful forest lodge, where a fireplace roars and a batch of hot cocoa is waiting for you on the kitchen stove. Aged wooden cabinets, rough hewn wood beams, and old tumbled stones decorate the beautiful kitchen, where you pull up a barstool and feel the warmth of the cozy fire.

Navy Blue – Rustic Kitchen

Navy  Blue kitchens are always amazing. Navy Blue with brown is a great combination of 2 shades as shown in this picture, here wooden countertop, wooden floor and these cabinets gives the feel of charm and rustic kitchen.

Airy Rustic Kitchen

Instead of using cabinets use  floating shelves and open storage this thing will make your kitchen airy. You can display your kitchenware above the shelves to feel more spacious as shown in this picture.

Refined Rustic Kitchen

This Space is perfect for modern amenities and country charm. To feel cozy and homey use pillow, wooden chairs and raw beams to your kitchen.

Rustic Black Kitchen

Sleek black appliances are a common alternative to high-end stainless steel. Here Black countertop with lower rustic cabinets looks awesome, black hanging lights and black appliances like fridge, oven and upper cabinets seems to feel black rustic kitchen.

Vintage Rustic Kitchen

Use vintage appliances in your kitchen, wooden floor, vintage tiles, rustic table, wooden stools and hanging lights these things will give vintage feeling.

Vintage Marble – Kitchen

This kitchen is made of a vintage marble slab on a steel base, the stove and the shelves are of reclaimed wood found on the farm; the pendant lights are from Rewire, and the floor is concrete.

Rustic Bistro Kitchen

The perfect blend of old and new is  modern european style kitchen. With off – white cabinet and dark countertop, this makes for one beautiful kitchen.

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets

Most probably people think bright colors don’t fit with rustic feel, well you should think again as this is rustic kitchen. This kitchen stays stylish while adding a pop of color.

Slate Grey Cabinets

Rustic design with grey color works the best, soft lighting in this room makes the grey stick out more than it generally would. The rough finish on these cabinets gives the space the added texture that it needs.

Wood Rustic Countertops

Most used location in any home is the kitchen, and the homeowners don’t give much idea to developing  it as much as they do bed rooms or living areas. Here, the kitchen all made of wood and the main highlight of this kitchen is rustic countertop, this only gives the rustic kitchen feeling.

Kitchen cum dining room

Another rustic design kitchen cum dining room, this one completely wood. Changing up the wood that you use can break the monotony in your kitchen will provide rustic, beautiful and stylish feel when you enter the room.

Rustic Neutral Kitchen

The neutral kitchen is the one that every homeowners want. The style of rustic kitchen cabinets is really a custom one. it’s a best style of your kitchen. This design looks enjoyable and  stunning.

Rustic red kitchen

Red kitchens are popular right now. People want the feel of nation kitchen without the nation lifestyle. Red with wooden beams ceiling and wood floor covering along with cabinets.

Rug In rustic kitchen

Rug in rustic kitchen give you the feeling of luxurious kitchen. a rug will protect your floor. it will also help you in padding for working / kitchen.

Classic Cabinetry

Rugged woodwork dominates this kitchen. Open shelves above the sink are enough to hold stacks, plates, jars and oven too. You can also add paintings  and decorative material like flowers as shown here.

Black Board in Rustic Kitchen

A chalkboard makes drawing up shopping and to-do lists easy. It blends beautifully well with the rough-hewn stone countertops, equally rough-hewn floor cabinets and a simple chandelier made of black metal.

Extraordinary Kitchen with Great Colors

Lime green floor cabinets and interiors of the wall cabinets of this kitchen make it eye – catching. The rustic countertop is the main highlight of this kitchen. Don’t be afraid to add decorative things like are flowers. Choosing right color for your kitchen is the important thing.

Unique Atmosphere

Tin ceiling and Heavy wood makes the unique atmosphere. Here tin ceilings be the rage black and they look expensive but the truth is it is not very expensive. Heavy wood table gives the rustic feels. The hanging lights look awesome. White cabinets with black countertop and rustic table are great combination and you will feel something uniquw in atmosphere.

Natural Tones

Marble with wood always looks awesome. Here Marble countertop with all wooden kitchen, Though the main highlight of this kitchen is that you can eat your food in balcony with nature. Make sure that you should keep the plants in balcony to feel natural, here the kitchen is in the mountains as you can see.