Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple Airpods 2: Which One is Better Than the Other?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Apple Airpods 2. Both Samsung and Apple are popular brands in the market. These earbuds do have some same features but their quality differs. To know which one is better than the other, go to the detailed review.

7.1 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus 37.2 Apple Airpods 2 1
Samsung Galaxy BudsApple Airpods 2
Light, discreet, comfortable design.
Legit six-hour battery life.
Tiny case with wireless charging.
Better sound isolation than Apple’s AirPods.
Strong audio performance. Intuitive companion app.
Great connection.
Really portable.
Better battery than previous model thanks to H1 chip.
Flaky Bluetooth connectivity. Touchpads are finicky.
On-board volume control requires sacrificing other features.
Disappointing microphone quality for calls.
Not the best fit.
Sound isn’t great.
Terrible/no isolation.


Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereo
TypeBluetooth, USB(power only)Bluetooth
Audio Controlsanswer/end, audio transparency, next/previous track, play/pause
ControlsAnswer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, audio transparency, ANC on/off
Width0.7 in0.9 in
Depth0.9 in0.9 in
Height0.8 in1.2 in
Weight0.2 oz0.19 oz
Capacity58 mAh
Battery Life6 hour(s)4.5 hour(s)
FeaturesDelivers best possible listening experience at anytime 7mm dynamic driver: Experience superior sound quality from audio specialist Sennheiser

Built-in equalizer: Personalizing your audio experience ANC & Transparent Hearing: Block out or listen to your surroundings – the choice is yours

Simplifies your life during the day Customizable touch controls: Let you define your personal interface for effortless control

Smart Pause: Don’t miss any part of your favorite song with automatic play/pause feature

Voice Assistant support: Interact at a touch with Google Assistant and Apple Siri

Designed for full day wearing 7 + 21 hour playtime: Listen to music for up to 28 hours thanks to the charging case

Improved ergonomic design: Revel in sound it its smallest, most comfy form

Craftsmanship: Quality that you expect from Sennheiser brand IPX4: Splash resistant design for all weather conditions
Easy setup for all your Apple devices6

Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or setting up double-tap
Double-tap to play or skip forward

Charges quickly in the case

Case can be charged either wireless using a Qi-compatible charging mat or with the Lightning connector

Rich, high-quality audio and voice

Seamless switching between devices

Detail Review:


Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the popular in-ear buds available in the market. These are retailing for a hundred and thirty dollars. These earbuds are small in size and they have a good comfort level. These earbuds have pretty good looks.

Apple Airpods 2

The Airpods 2019 is the updated version of AirPods. These are also known as Airpods 2. Basically, when it comes to AirPods 2 there are two main new features and upgrades those are the Hi chip and the wireless charging, other than that all the other are little minor upgrades.

7.2 Samsung Galaxy Buds 1


Samsung Galaxy Buds

The case comes in the pill-shaped box. The good thing is that it has USB type-c ports, so that’s a nice thing. When you open it up you also have LED over there which gives you an idea of what’s happening inside and if this denotes green and that means it’s fully charged. You have the connectors there inside the case where you place the earbuds, which will be for charging. Also, there are left and right indicators.

We have a LED light also outside the case and it glows in red. There is also a magnet inside the case so that the earbuds get placed in their place properly. It also prevents the earbuds from falling out. If you have S10 or S10 plus then you can also charge these up using wireless charging. You need to just put it there behind the phone, it will make a beeping noise and it will start charging. We have the touchpad over the side of earbuds on both left and right earbuds. They are touch-sensitive and you can control your music and stuff by that.

Apple Airpods 2

The Airpods case is made of plastic. There is a LED outside the case and there is also a LED inside the case that will indicate your battery level. On the bottom of the case, you have your lightning adapter. When you open up the case, it automatically goes into pairing mode.

The actual Airpods 2 is the same as the Airpods 1. The Airpods has a stylish look and have a long stem. The Airpods have the actual touchpad in its stem. There is also a sensor inside of the Airpods which detects whether you wearing it or not.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

In terms of comfort, I would say Samsung did a very good job. These are more comfortable than the Samsung Gear IconX. So, definitely they are a lot more comfortable. Also, you get extra wingtips and ear tips, so you can replace them to which size fits you. These actually fit perfectly a lot better than the Airpods. As these are small in size, these fit perfectly and they don’t fall out from the ears in that much easier way.

Apple Airpods 2

The Apple Airpods obviously look good and stylish but as far as comfort goes, these lack comfort compared to other in-ear buds. Because of the long stem in Airpods, I kind of feel like the stem sticks out of the ear more. It fits perfectly in the ear but after a long time, we may feel some kind of fatigue in the ear. Another downside here is we can’t change the ear tips or anything like that in the Airpods. The Airpods have the same size for all kinds of head size. Still, it fits everyone mostly but again you may have some ear fatigue some times.

7.2 Apple Airpods 2 2


Samsung Galaxy Buds

Inside the box, we have the case which actually has the earbuds, we also get the USB type-c cable, some extra wingtips, and extra ear tips. It is pretty simple in terms of packaging and what you get. You can charge the case with the USB type-c port. In terms of functionality and features, they are very functional, and just like the Airpods that works seamlessly with the Apple iPhones, this one also works really seamlessly with the Galaxy S10. So, I think they have done a very good job.

If you use these earbuds with the Galaxy S10 Plus, it fits really well with this phone. Obviously, it works over Bluetooth and when you open the case up and when you just take the earbuds out, the phone will detect the earbuds automatically and give you an idea of how much battery life and stuff like that. So, the paring process is very easy at least on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, just like Airpods with the Apple iPhone. So, in terms of connectivity, I do not have any issues and it connects very easily.

It also has an app, this app will be actually pre-installed, if it’s a Samsung phone but if it’s not a Samsung phone, you’ll have to download the Galaxy Wearable app. If you click on the app, it gives you an idea about the earbuds itself. You can see a lot of settings are over there and it also shows you the battery life on the left and the right earbud. In the app, we also have the equalizer, by default, it’ll be on the dynamic but I felt that the bass was pretty lacking in any other mode, so I’m using it with this bass boost mode.

You can also customize the functions of your touchpad in the app and we also have the ambient sound option on this one. These provide good seal because these are in-ear and with this, but you are able to hear a lot of ambient sounds with help of this mode. I would say it’s sort of works but not that great. When you enable it, you will start to hear a little bit of sound that is around you but again it’s not super effective in my opinion. It’s a nice app with all its functions. when you use the app, you will get the updates at times. So, that’s actually a nice thing and looks like Samsung is working on this and in fact, the sound signature improved slightly after those updates.

In terms of call quality, these perform very well, much better than earlier Samsung earbuds. The person on the other side never complained when I was taking calls on this one. Also, in slightly noisy areas also I feel the microphone is doing actually a good job. So, in terms of taking calls, it was a good experience but I feel if you take long calls the battery does fall pretty quickly on this one. I would say if you take a lot of calls then it might drop down to about 3 hours.

Apple Airpods 2

The new H1 chip and you get the wireless charging case in the Airpods 2 are the major upgrades. We get the H1 chip which presumably the H stands for headphones and the one standing for the first generation of the chip, hence h1 and I have to admit, the h1 chip is a lot bigger in the better upgrade. With the H1 chip upgrade, you’re basically getting four sub upgrades as a result. One such upgrade is at the battery level. Even though that extra hour of Talktime is pretty awesome to have on the Airpods 2, we don’t get any improvement in the listening time. However, we are not going to listen for five hours continuously. So, five hours is probably sufficient enough and then upgrade from two hours of talk time on the Airpods 1 to three hours of talk time in the Airpods 2 might be worth it.

Where the H1 chip makes a much bigger difference is with the new hands-free hey Siri functionality we get in the Airpods 2. The H1 chip allows for a full wireless hey Siri functionality, it’s a simple one-line command or question. No making sure your device is nearby, no waiting for the Siri chime, you could just ask your question or say your command in just one line. The wireless hey Siri functionality in the Airpods 2 is remarkable. It’s actually very incredibly helpful when you want to talk to Siri and you don’t wanna have to use your hands, you could talk to it all day long so long as the battery lasts and ask for anything or tell it to do anything, all you just do is to sound your voice in one line. Hopefully, that gives you a little insight into the actual possibilities of having that full wireless hey Siri functionality built into the Airpods 2.

Another thing I noticed with the H1 chip and the Airpods 2 is that connectivity and switching devices is so much better than it is on the Airpods 1. Sometimes when you put on the Airpods 1, it will take a few additional seconds to actually connect them compared to the Airpods 2 which most of the time is rather seamless. This is especially evident when you’re switching your connected Apple devices to your Airpods for instance.

When you are switching between the Apple devices, it took a lot longer to do that with the Airpods 1 than it takes to do with the Airpods 2. You’ll hear a chime in your ears through the Airpods every time your Airpods are connected. That chime comes sooner on the Airpods 2 than on the Airpods 1. Meaning the Airpods 2 connect quicker. Also sometimes when I was using the Airpods 1 with the Apple TV, I’d have weird sort of Bluetooth static interference noises, that I do not get when using the Airpods 2 with the Apple TV. That’s an example of the improved connectivity right there.

For the gamers out there, the H1 chip actually allows for lower latency in the Airpods 2 compared to the AirPods 1. Meaning you actually have less of a delay between what you’re seeing on your connected device and hearing on your Airpods 2 as you would with the Airpods 1. Basically, with the Airpods 2 you can get to know it pretty much all comes down to the H1 chip. The main reason why there’s wireless charging available with the Airpods 2 or just with the wireless charging case in general, it works easier charging. Once you put the Airpods in and then just place them down on a Qi wireless charger that’s it, you’re charging your Airpods with one seamless motion. You just need to keep them down on a mat or a power pad you might already have.

7.2 Samsung Galaxy Buds 2


Samsung Galaxy Buds

In terms of battery life, finally, Samsung is getting things right. I mean battery life will depend upon your usage, how high volume levels you are keeping, and stuff. Roughly you should get about 5 hours to about 4 hours on this one. The case will give you an additional 7 hours of charge. This also features quick charging, 15 minutes of charging will give you around 100 minutes of playback.

Apple Airpods 2

We are getting 50% more talk time as a matter of fact in the Airpods 2 compared to the Airpods 1. The battery capacity is exactly the same, the battery size in the inter parts in the cases are identical. It’s just that the H1 chip in the Airpods 2 that allows for better battery efficiency, when it comes to audio management but having said that that also means the listening time is exactly the same.

There’s an upgrade for Talktime but no upgrade for listening time. You’re gonna get 3 hours of talk time on the Airpods 2 and five hours of listening time. With the H1 chip in the Airpods 2 with the charging cases, battery capacity is the same. Because of the Airpods 2 battery efficiency, you’re going to get around 18 hours of talk time and 24 hours of listening time using the Airpods 2 with the cases. These numbers of course are from Apple’s own battery tests at 50% volumes.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

These earbuds do a very good job in terms of vocals and mid-tones. Also in terms of high tones and trebles, they were not too sharp, so that way they produced very good sound. When it comes to bass which overall a sort of important, I feel the bass are pretty lacking in these. Even when I went to the interface on the smartphone and I enabled it to the highest setting for the bass, then also I feel the bass is slightly on the lacking side.

Apple Airpods 2

It’s been pretty much confirmed that there is no sound quality difference between the Airpods 1 and the Airpods 2. You’re still getting the same kind of sound quality, you’re getting in the Airpods 1 which means personally I think they’re very sufficient, somewhat impressive for the amount of battery life and functionality you get out of them. But I do think the Airpods still need a little tweaking in the mids and the highs. They’re almost a little too bass-heavy and I like to see a little bit more attention placed on clarity in the Airpods. Still, these sound a lot better than the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

7.2 Apple Airpods 2 3


In terms of sound quality, if it’s just pure sound quality, the Airpods sound better than the Galaxy Buds and that is particularly the bass response is definitely better on the AirPods. But in terms of functionality, charging and all I feel the Galaxy Buds is better. So, you have to decide which quality is most important to you. Still, I would say the Airpods are better.

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