Some Secrets of Gym You should Know

In this post, we will be telling you about some interesting secrets about the gym, that you should definitely know them.

Bring your own mat

Using a mat at the gym might save you from having to lug one around with you all day. Experts warn that these communal mats are full of bacteria. According to a US Surgeon, a dirty mat can cause skin infections acne and toenail fungus. The worse is that a dirty Matt can reportedly even transfer the herpes virus and staph infection, while it is super rare that you’ll catch something serious. Would you ever want to take a
chance, either you need to start being more diligent about wiping down your gym mat or you should start bringing your own mat.

Say no to water

This next secret is not necessarily unique to gyms. One area of your gym that you should stay far far away from is the public drinking fountain. The National Sanitation Foundation ( NSF ) concluded that you can find more germs on a water fountain spigot than you can on a toilet seat. Now we’re not
saying that you have to give up water. But you’re better off just bringing some water bottles with you.

Start doing cardio

If you are an avid gym goer. Then you’re already familiar with the process of wiping down your equipment before and
after you use it. This doing so apparently doesn’t help much. According to research done by the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, rhinoviruses were found on 63% of the that they tested at various fitness centers. This contamination was also discovered significantly more on weight equipment than it was on aerobic equipment. The study even proved that spraying down the equipment with a disinfectant didn’t decrease the virus count. So, if you have a choice between weights and cardio we suggest that you stick to the cardio machines.

Save your feet

If you’ve always thought that you don’t have space in your gym bag to carry around useless shower shoes. Going barefoot in gym bathroom can develop plantar warts which are caused by a strain of HPV.

Skip the towel service

It is really convenient that most gyms offer free towels. A  professor of microbiology and pathology Warren said it’s not a good idea. The communal towel that you’ve used to wipe off your sweat might be full of bacteria. Your gym might also be using the same hamper to transport both dirty and clean towels which is a huge nono. Save yourself and buy a nice antimicrobial towel.