The 3 Most Luxurious Ways of Travelling

Travelling is a sure way to escape the ordinary, explore new horizons, and experience the wonders our beautiful planet has to offer. For those of us seeking the pinnacle of opulence and comfort, however, there are several extraordinary ways to make the travel itself an excellent and exciting part of the holidays; true to the motto that the journey is the destination. Let’s explore three of the most luxurious ways of travelling, that truly redefine the meaning of travel extravagance.

Private Jet Travel

Of course, when it comes to luxurious travel, the first thing that comes to mind are private jet flights as the zenith of opulence. Just imagine bypassing the long lines, security checks, and crowded terminals of commercial airports. Private jets truly offer the epitome of convenience and exclusivity, ensuring that your journey is as remarkable as your destination will be.

One of the primary reasons private jet travels is considered the most luxurious way to fly is its extraordinary level of privacy it affords. Equally fantastic for business for the same reasons: you and your companions are going to be the only passengers on board – bar the crew, of course – allowing for confidential conversations, personal space, and intimate moments. It’s also going to be tailored to your preferences – from the choice of aircraft, all the to in-flight dining and entertainment, whilst offering unmatched efficiency in terms of travel time and flexibility, for minimising travel hours and adapting to last-minute changes with ease. The best part however is that they can access smaller airports, islands, and remote destinations that are often inaccessible to commercial airlines – providing unparalleled access to luxury hideaways.

Luxury Cruise Voyages

Next on the line, for those of us who really appreciate the elegance of leisurely travel: Luxury cruises are the sheer embodiment of opulent sea voyages. These, what can only be described as floating palaces, offer passengers a chance to explore multiple destinations while at the same time enjoying unparalleled onboard amenities and services.

Most of the luxury cruise ships feature spacious and lavishly appointed suites and staterooms, that often come with private balconies, stunning panoramic views, and attentive butler service for all your needs. And dining on board a cruise is a culinary journey in itself, too. Prepared by world-class chefs in elegant restaurants, there is nothing from stopping you in indulging in a 24-hour room service. Though you definitely want to spend some time on the onboard spas, fitness centres, and wellness programs, to enjoy the massages, yoga, and holistic treatments while at sea and waiting for the next unique destination on the list. With exclusive shore excursions led by expert guides, you’ll be brought to stunning private beaches, unique cultural experiences, and marvellous hidden gems.

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Marvellous Train Journeys

Now, here us out: you can combine the wonderful charm of vintage locomotives with the comfort of truly opulent, sumptuous cabins, gourmet dining, and the most picturesque routes on our planet, with luxury train voyages. The well-appointed rooms with plush furnishings, en-suite bathrooms, and panoramic windows (some even with personal attendants) truly make the journey stand out, whilst traversing some of the most breathtaking landscapes to enjoy ever-changing views. Skilled chefs prepare fantastic multi-course meals served in elegant dining cars with carefully curated wine lists on a wonderful journey through time, with stops at cultural and historical sites, to explore and learn about the destinations along the route – a fabulous way of cultural immersion. And lastly: many luxury trains have distinct themes, too – such as the Orient Express with its legendary luxury or the Blue Train in South