What Should a Plumbing Quote Include?

Accurate plumbing estimates will help you win clients, prevent disputes and expand your field service business. But first, you must establish your rates, overhead costs and profit.

Setting hourly rates helps minimize overcharging while meeting profit margins, and it is easier for customers to understand your estimate and provides greater transparency throughout the process.

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Scope of work

Establishing an accurate plumbing estimate begins by clearly outlining its scope. This step is essential in meeting expectations and avoiding unpleasant surprises later.

This step typically includes project description, location and any additional instructions or requirements the plumber should abide by. Additionally, it’s advisable to have a list of materials needed for the task.

When establishing rates, it’s essential to account for all overhead expenses relating to your plumbing company, such as insurance premiums, rent or lease payments, payroll taxes, vehicle expenses and any other relevant costs. Furthermore, consider including an expected margin for profit in your calculations.


An accurate plumbing quote gives customers an accurate picture of what the job will cost them and helps plumbers secure more jobs while meeting their profit goals.

Plumbers may utilize an hourly or flat-rate pricing mode. To avoid surprises for either party involved, it’s best to include an estimate that includes details regarding materials and labor.

Plumbers must factor in the costs associated with any special equipment required for their task, such as cameras for inspecting pipes or heavy machinery for digging trenches. An estimate should clearly outline any such equipment so customers can decide whether to hire or reject a plumber.

Add a personalized note at the bottom of each invoice for maximum customer engagement, giving them a positive perception of your business and increasing the chances of on-time payments.


Producing plumbing estimates and quotes is one of the cornerstones of running a field service business, as it helps you gain customer trust while remaining profitable while remaining competitive in your marketplace.

Finally, add your hourly rate, including any anticipated profits after covered expenses and all fees paid. While it can vary, aim for at least a three percent margin when creating this number.

Additional expenses

Plumbing repair materials tend to be cheaper than new installations; however, calculating overhead expenses and including some profit margin is still essential.

As a rule of thumb, it is a good practice to consider 20% to 25% of your hourly rate when setting estimates for hourly services provided. When providing estimates, this should cover operating expenses, payroll taxes, insurance, and additional expenses explicitly related to each job – such as travel time if applicable. Furthermore, be sure to include in the estimate disclaimers that this estimate may differ from actual costs to avoid costly surprises or disputes.

Permits and inspections

If a plumbing repair job requires inspection, factoring this cost into the estimate is essential. A thorough assessment may reveal unexpected challenges that raise prices for you and your client, potentially decreasing profitability.

While some of these circumstances cannot be predicted with certainty, clients will appreciate knowing about any that can be anticipated. Producing accurate and professional plumbing estimates is an invaluable way to win new work, build trust with clients and keep business running smoothly.


Delivering detailed plumbing estimates is essential in building customer trust and understanding the work to be performed. Predicting time and material costs accurately for field service businesses ensures they remain profitable and competitive in the marketplace.

Therefore, estimating software can help you quickly create accurate, error-free estimates for your plumbing services.