The Best Kenny Chesney Songs

When it comes to modern country singers, there’s no denying that Kenny Chesney is one of the best. Anyone who has tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert knows they will be heading to an event where they are guaranteed to have a good time listening to great music. 

The only hard thing about listening to this talented cowboy is deciding which of his songs is the best. With 54 Billboard Top 10 Hits under his belt, and nearly 100 songs in his catalog, Kenny Chesney has a song for everyone. Here are the eight best songs recorded by Kenny Chesney.

She’s Got it All

It feels right to start a list of Kenny Chesney’s best songs off with his first number one hit. This upbeat, summery song may be one of the best love songs ever written. No one will be able to resist joining in as Chesney sings about how the love of his life has every quality, he could ever dream of finding in a soulmate. Of course, he makes sure to mention that in return for her perfection, she’s got all of his love and devotion.

Here and Now

Kenny Chesney hasn’t slowed down any between his first number one and his newest. This catchy tune features Chesney describing all the amazing places that he’s explored in his life to his true love. That would make a great song on its own, but he goes on to sing about how nowhere on earth can compare to how wonderful it is to spend time with her, wherever they may be at that momen.

Silent Night

It may be one of the most covered Christmas songs of all time, but Kenny Chesney’s version of this seasonal classic rises head and shoulders above the rest. His soulful voice emphasizes the solemness of the holiday season without making the song feel slow and boring. Best of all? When background vocalists join him in celebration, he shares the spotlight so that they all have a chance to shine.Chesney has numerous great holiday tunes too. 

The Good Stuff

Another quintessential Chesney tune, “The Good Stuff” opens with the singer heading to a neighborhood bar to ease the pain of his first lover’s quarrel. Thanks to the bar’s wise owner, Chesney comes to realize that expensive alcohol isn’t the good stuff in life. The lesson shared by the bar tender is one that everyone should learn: The best parts of life are the memories you make with your loved ones and those can’t be found in a bottle.

Setting the World on Fire

This phenomenal song is what happens when one of the best male country singers of all times joins forces with one of the best female pop artists of her generation. Kenny Chesney and Pink perfectly capture the reckless happiness of new love with the story of a young couple as they move to Los Angeles. The two vocal superstars harmonize beautifully to create one of the best duets in modern music.

Living in Fast Forward

This rocker of a song, Living in Fast Forward, is one of Chesney’s best nods to the fast-paced lifestyle he loves. He sings about how he might be a little out of control and mentions that his friends have started worrying about him now that they’re settling down and starting their own, more traditional, adult lives. He keeps it upbeat though, and it’s almost impossible not to jam along with him as he sings about maybe slowing down a little bit.

All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan

If the Beach Boys sang country-themed Christmas music, it would sound like this Kenny Chesney seasonal classic. This modern holiday tune is solid proof that there should be more Christmas songs that feel like summer on a tropical island. The ukulele, gentle drums, and Chesney’s voice might be the perfect way to warm up those long winter nights.

All the Pretty Girls

This might be the song that represents Kenny Chesney’s music better than any other single song can. As he sings an ode to the simplicity of being a young man when a pretty girl and a glass of whiskey could make him forget his troubles, Chesney will make everyone nostalgic for their own glory days. Fond memories, an upbeat tune, and a catchy chorus come together to make this tune one of the best, not just in Chesney’s catalog, but also in modern country music.