Tips for Looking After Your Garden Decking

Summer in the UK is a time of BBQs, laughter, and outdoor gatherings with our favourite people in the garden. At least it is if the weather decides to cooperate anyway. At the heart of many gardens and almost every garden party is the decking—a wooden platform where memories are made.

For those fortunate enough to possess decking made of high-quality treated timber, ensuring its longevity and aesthetic appeal is paramount. So, today we’ll be providing some essential tips to care for your garden decking, ensuring it remains a vibrant part of your garden for years to come.


Routine care is the cornerstone of maintaining any garden fixture. Decking, being constantly exposed to the elements, requires regular attention. Early mornings are the best times to treat your decking, particularly on hot days when treatments might dry too swiftly, making them less effective. UV damage from sunlight can cause your decking to turn grey.

Water penetration poses the risk of mould, moss, or algae growth, which in turn can make your decking dangerously slippery. Also, previously applied treatments may wear off, leading to flaking or cracking in the wood and paint.


Before diving into deeper cleaning methods, start with the basics: sweeping. Using a stiff brush, tackle stubborn moss and plant debris. Once the larger particles are dealt with, switch to a softer brush.

This tool will effectively get in between the grooves of the decking, ensuring the removal of finer dirt and sediment. Regular sweeping of the decking can mitigate larger issues down the line.


Beyond just sweeping, a more comprehensive clean might be in order, especially if it’s been a while since the last cleanse. For a gentle yet effective approach, hose down your decking while scrubbing with a brush. This dual action can dislodge most surface debris.

However, exercise caution with power hoses; they can cause paint to flake or even damage the natural structure of the wood. For stubborn stains, mould, or moss, consider using a specialised decking cleaner liquid like Ronseal. For those keen on eco-friendly options, steam cleaning can be both effective and gentle on the environment.

Treatment (Decking Oils and Stains)

Protection is essential. While many deckings undergo pressure treatment initially, this isn’t a one-and-done process. Periodic treatments can dramatically extend your decking’s lifespan. Decking oils, for instance, delve deep into the wood, permeating the grain and safeguarding it from the inside.

Such treatments are pivotal in preventing cracking, warping, or splitting. On the other hand, decking stains work slightly differently. Rather than penetrating the wood, they act as a seal, shielding the timber from weather-induced wear. This helps in combatting rot and the greying effect of prolonged