Top 10 Most Affordable Countries In The World For Globetrotter

This post is for you if you think traveling is expensive. Here are the 10 cheapest and affordable countries in the world.

El Salvador

This lovely country in Central America has the friendliest people and will certainly not break your bank account. There are more than 20 active volcanoes in this country. Street Food for less than a dollar or take a chicken bus for 20 cents.


90% of Kyrgyzstan is covered by mountains. It’s a nature lovers paradise and it’s also very affordable. Here you can find cheap souvenirs and eats.


It is the hidden gem of Eastern Europe. Romania is one of those places where you shouldn’t have a plan and just go with the flow. Most meals will cost you no more than five dollars and then medieval castles Iran Transylvania are stunning.


The only reason why India is not number one on this list is that of the prices skyrocket for anything touristy. Personally, I spent three months in India with a budget of five hundred bucks a month for everything. As long as you stay away from the touristic restaurants and hotels you can do the same.


Personally, I have been 28 times and can’t get enough of we’re here at the Chocolate Hills of Mahal grab. The coconut for 30 cents a jeepney ride for seven cents or a domestic flight for 20 bucks and don’t forget to enjoy the untouched beaches on 7,107 islands and mingling with the world’s friendliest people.


The black market was still in effect where you can exchange dollars for twice the amount of local currency to get a lot of cash, However, I have this is gone now. It is very affordable and the blue city of Samarkand is a must visit.


The cheapest country in Europe overall and Kiev is the cheapest major city. A sizzling bowl of borscht soup will run you know more than three bucks. The cheapest hostel I
ever say that was four dollars a night in Kiev.


The heart of South America and personally, it’s my favorite country on the continent. You can travel from the paws to the Uyuni for only 50 bucks. That’s an eight-hour drive each way and don’t forget to bike down Death Road.


It one of the best all-around countries in terms of natural food and lifestyle. It’s also the cheapest in Southeast Asia how does $1 for a bowl of pho sound or 2 dollars a haircut or 20 cents for sugar cane juice.


Personally, I think it is the cheapest country in the world. It’s similar prices to India but there are zero tourist prices.