Top 10 Places To See In Bali

If you are a traveler then Indonesia is the must-visit destination. This post will tell you about 10 best places to visit in Bali. Though, Bali is an Indonesia island. It is most visited places in South-East Asia.


It’s probably the most developed part of Bali staying in an incredible villa just like you see here could literally cost you just as much as staying in a four-star hotel in a western country. Money just goes so much further here while I don’t rank Seminyak high for the adventure factor it definitely has a lot to offer if you’re just looking to put your feet up to enjoy some luxury living but one of the incredible things about Bali is the living cost is much more affordable.

Gunung Kawi

This is an incredible temple built into a hillside. The environment is in the lush green forest of Bali and there’s something very unique about being here you truly feel like you’re experiencing some of Ali’s history. The entire complex was actually built in the 11th century as a massive tombstone for the king and his family. The incredible tombstone is surrounded by a beautiful rice terrace it’s definitely worth exploring.


The most remarkable sunsets you will see here. There’s a lot of people to go here to enjoy the sunset enjoy some fresh seafood but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can definitely expect to compete with some crowds but you’ll have a remarkable night with some great food.

Tegenungan & Padang Bulia

These two waterfalls are an incredible day trip to good. Tegenungan is probably the most visited of all the waterfalls. Padang Bulia is by far one of the most unknown waterfalls that is worth visiting in Bali. You don’t have to compete with the crowds and you still get a magical scene if you’re traveling for photography purposes.


Ubud is a really cool kind of yogi easygoing town that has a very unique Balinese culture. It’s filled with local markets coffee shops incredible restaurants high-end hotels and even low-end hotels. So it fits all budgets Ubud is pretty much a must visit place if you’re coming to Bali.

Gili T

It’s actually a place that’s not in Bali but it’s close enough. These are the Gili islands. There are no cars here, there is only a pedal bike. That basically gives you an idea of the pace on the island. Everything is very slow-moving, everything is very relaxed and you can stay in fairly nice accommodation. Ghillies actually has surprisingly great nightlife.


Kuta is actually a place that has very mixed reviews depending on who you talk to some people will say they loved it some people will say they hated it. You will get cheap food cheap drinks essentially it’s the most westernized part of Bali. It’s pretty much the nightlife capital of the island. This is definitely a place that a lot of backpackers like to come but there are high-end budget people that stay here in the nicer hotels and resorts.


Here you will have a much quieter environment. You still have amazing villas hotels restaurants and some of them are even built on the side of a cliff. There are a few very iconic sites here including cliffside temples and I highly recommend you add to the Watson fearless.


It is favorite developed areas in Bali. You have a nice surf town feel. This is one of the best places to catch the great waves that hit Bali. It’s very chilled out it’s the kind of place where you’ve got that really hipstery trendy coffee, shops, restaurants and other Beach town deals to it.


It is the hidden gem of the Bali. This place will definitely drop your jaw. This place something like a dream. It has natural beauty, very quiet place and full of adventure place.