Top 5 Signs You Require Night Glasses for a Night Drive

Driving is a daily activity that needs uninterrupted concentration and vision. In fact, the law is clear. A motorist must be able to see the road clear in daylight and be able to read number plates from 20 meters away. Driving with vision impairments risks a heavy fine and compromises the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. When acquiring a driving license, you must pass an eye test, and this is just an indication of how clear vision is vital for the road. So, you require quality sunglasses from Goodr to keep your eyesight sharp. Driving during the night is different from driving during the day, and there are various challenges you might come across. So, if you find yourself with the following signs, then it might be time to get night-glasses for driving.

  • Glare Disturbance

This is one of the main disturbances for drivers when driving during the night. If you keep losing visibility due to too much glare, it is best you get sunglasses. Glasses tend to create reflections from flat surfaces, and this can greatly impact your vision. So, the best way to reduce the glare is by wearing anti-glare night glasses. You can also improve your lenses using the Crizal coating to decrease reflections at night. This will help you to see other motorists, pedestrians, and surroundings clearly.

  • Light Sensitivity

If your eyes are sensitive to light, then you might go blind to the light from other vehicles. That means it is difficult for you to see at night. This effect is normal, considering that the pupil constricts with light and people respond differently. Don’t go for tinted glasses. The only way will be wearing night glasses with enhanced lenses to reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes.

  • Lack of Visual Clarity

If you feel like you don’t see well at night as you can see in the day, it can be wise to avoid driving at night. This is even more advisable if you have a condition like eye cataracts. Get your eyes tested often and adhere to safety precautions on the road.

  • Visual Impairment Caused by Light

Vision impairment can also ruin your vision when driving at night. Exposing your eyes to too bright lights then too low bright lights can lead to an impairment that ruins your vision. Now, if you are experiencing such lights during the night, driving can be quite a nightmare. This is why you need to get lenses-coated glasses for night vision.

  • Struggling to Comprehend the Surroundings

Take, for example, someone driving in the city where there are all kinds of lights. You meet other vehicles, or you get dazzled by the bright light from street lights or billboards. This is a huge problem, and you need to know how to deal with the surroundings. The best solution is to wear lenses coated with Crizal to improve your vision. You can also wear varifocal lenses that help you to capture crucial details on the road.


These are the top 5 signs that you need to wear night glasses when driving. Make sure you research the best lenses that will provide you with the best support while on the road.