Oversized Bedroom Dressers

If you have a large bedroom, you may have thought designing the furniture layout would be an easy task. After all, you have more than enough space to fit all the pieces you need and some leftover. However, this leftover space can leave the room feeling empty and void of the cozy and inviting vibe you aimed to hit. 

An oversized bedroom dresser is an easy solution to this issue. There may be a gap in the wall with ample floor space between your door and the accent chair. Leaving the room this way can make it feel disjointed. Fill in the hole with a wide, oversized dresser to balance out the space.

Or, you can have plenty of floor space between the foot of your bed and the opposite wall. Instead of adding a bench, you may never use, try an oversized dresser. Of course, your bed shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the piece, but if it is big enough to handle the dresser and you have the extra room, go for it.

Sharing the space means there are two or more wardrobes that need to be tucked away. If you have a family, you can split the drawers with your partner or assign one drawer as extra storage for a child. The extra-large piece can be a life-saving storage option for multiple users. Or maybe you’re single but have a huge love of clothes. The additional storage will come in handy. 

Oversized dressers come with more storage space than your typical standard dresser size. You can find large dressers with cabinet and drawer combinations. The shelving behind the wardrobe doors is great for stowing away bulkier items like hats, sweaters, or handbags. Some also give you the option to hang your garments. 

This piece of furniture can also serve you well in other spaces within the home if you think outside the box. Do you need a table for your entryway? An elegant, oversized dresser can fill the need. It has enough counter space for decorations or framed family photos. Add a table lamp, and no one will ever know it was meant for the bedroom.

Do you need a new media stand for your television? When replacing a tv console, finding one to match your current décor can be time-consuming. Consider looking at oversized dressers as they have more than enough surface space to hold large-screen sets. A combination dresser has shelving to hold game consoles, sound systems, and other items you would keep in a media stand. 

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