What Percentage do Most Realtors Charge in Florida and How to Find a Trusted Company?

There is a lot of realty in Florida that needs to be sold. If you are a starter real estate agent and are looking for a qualified and professional real estate agency you need to always choose the best one, with the percentage rate that suits you. In most Florida companies, realtors usually receive from 5 to 6% of the amount of price of the sold property. If  you are looking for a position as a Miami real estate agent, don`t miss CardinalMiami.com. The real estate agency differs from other firms by its novelty and loyalty to the realtors. The most important thing is that you will have a decent salary because the company pays each broker 100% commission.

What are the Advantages of Being a Real Estate Agent Miami FL? 

There are many attractive cardinal  real estates in Miami, such as skyscrapers near the beach or the fort. Usually, people want to buy an apartment near sunny beaches with beautiful nature. That’s why if you want to work as a real estate agent in Florida, Miami is the best solution. Moreover, the real estate agency CardinalMiami.com is waiting for new employees and replenishing its group with new talents. A modern company located in North Miami, Florida offers employees many benefits. 

100% Commission

One of the top advantages of getting a realtor place at CardinalMiami.com is their policy of paying brokers. If you are working as a realtor in the company, you will receive all 100% of the sale of real estate. Real estate agencies are divided into traditional, who pay from 4 to 7% from the deal, and those that leave 100% commission to realtors. CardinalMiami.com relates to the second type. According to this program, realtors in Miami pay a monthly fee to the company. You have to pay a certain fee each month and can take 100% commission from each successful deal. However, 100% commission is not the only advantage of the company. 


Once you get a job as a realtor at CardinalMiam.com you are added to the company wide text chat. By joining the chat you will be able to communicate with other realtors, ask them questions, share your experience and familiarize yourself with theirs. Also, the support team that helps every real estate agent Miami FL is always ready to help you. If you have any questions about the work, you will be answered immediately.

Modern Approach 

Miami real estate agency offers realtors to work in convenient offices. In modern offices, you can hold business meetings, store your things and communicate with colleagues.

All real estate agents Miami FL can receive not only paper but also electronic checks. The e-checks are sent to employees by e-mail. This way employees can save their time and not go to the office to pick up the check. 


In addition to giving you a modern working place, CardinalMiami.com does a lot for the development of your brand of realtors. Real estate agents who work in the company have the opportunity to develop their businesses. Once you become one of the real estate agents of Miami FL, career opportunities will open up for you. You can earn your reputation among clients and colleges by working for a company. If you get a job in this prestigious company, you can expect constant support.

You will be approved for the position of real estate agent Miami FL after a short registration on the website, you will only need to wait 24 hours. After registration, you will be able to start working.