Top 10 Fun Facts About Lionel Messi

facts about lionel mesi

You all know the great football player, goal scorer Mr. Lionel Messi but you may didn’t know some facts and truths about him. This is the list of some unknown fact about Messi.

1. Almost Unbeatable at Newells

Almost Unbeatable at Newells

When he was only 5 years old, Messi started playing football for Grandoli, a local club coached by his father before switching to Newell’s Old Boys. With Messi in their side, Newell’s lost an incredible 1 game in a 4-year period.

2. Passed Over by River Plate

Passed Over by River Plate

At the age of 11, Lionel was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, also unknown is that Barcelona covered his medical bills for his treatment but not so well known is before this, Argentine heavyweights River Plate showed interest in signing Messi. However, they couldn’t afford the $900 a month to pay for the treatment and the Barcelona to swoop and the rest is history.

3. Contract on a Napkin

contract on a napkin

Messi first met with Barcelona on the 14th of December 2000. Sporting director Carlos Richard was so keen to get Messi on his team books that he wanted to meet the contract immediately. Unfortunately, there was no paper available at the time. So, he grabbed the nearest thing to hand but he could write on, a messy sign for Barcelona on a paper napkin.

4. A Spanish Messi

spanish messi

In 2004, during the early bastard days, Messi was asked to play for the Spanish under-20 team having qualified to play for them, having lived in the country since he was 13. He turned down the opportunity instead turned out a year later, led Argentina to victory in the FIFA Youth Championship. As Messi said himself, “I would never played for Spain, I’m Argentinian and no one and nothing can change what I feel for the Argentinian colours.”

5. Sent off After 44 Seconds on His Argentina Debut

Sent off After 44 Seconds on His Argentina DebutĀ 

Already establishing himself at Barcelona. An 18 year old Messi was ready to make his mark on the international stage. When he was called up for Argentina to make his senior debut in August 2005 but for once, things didn’t go as planned. Having come on the 65th minute just 44 seconds later, he was sensationally sent off for flailing arm in the direction of Hungary’s Vilmos Vanczak. Vanczak escaped with a yellow card as Messi left the field in tears.

6. World Player of The Year

world player of the year

Do you Messi receives the prestigious FIFA World Player of the Year nominations in 2008 when he was only 21 years old. Although he did not win it, he is among the youngest players to be nominated for this award. Of course, he made up for a disappointment in missing out by winning the award in the next four consecutive years.

7. Goal Scoring Records

goal score records

Quite simply, Messi is a scoring machine. At the age of just 24, he surpassed all past greats who played for Barcelona by becoming the leading goal scorer for the Catalunya club. First player to have scored in 21 consecutive games, scored a goal against every team in the league. The only player to have won three European Golden Boot Awards, the most goals in one calendar year in the history of the game. Also, he has already scored the second most number of goals to the national side, Argentina.

8. Ballon d’Or Landscape

Ballon d'Or Landscape

He won the 2009 Ballon d’Or award in front of his great rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. By collecting 473 out of a possible 480 volts.

9. Goal Celebration

goal celebration

For something that scores all the time. It sort of stands to reason that Messi has a goal celebration. Like the player Messi is quite reserved, raising both hands in the air after scoring a goal. This gesture is to pay tribute and thanks to his grandmother who he was very close with him. He lost her at the age of 10 and always believed she’s up there and watching it.

10. A Second Messi?

second messi

No more than three days after he was born, Messi Santiago was already a prime target. Under the guidance of Messi’s Father Newell’s old boys miss his original club was first in line and managed to sign the infant to a supporters club contract, when he barely hit 72 hours old. The club’s officials travelled to Europe and complete the documentation with their newest and youngest member on the 15 November 2012. A replica kit or Tiago size was also given to the newborn.