From clashing with a beauty queen to dreaming of life without stardom. This is the list of some facts about Kylie Jenner.

Early years

earlier years

Nearly everyone has heard about Kylie, whether it be from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her makeup line or her consistent appearances on Daily News. She was born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California. She is Caitlyn and kris Jenner’s youngest daughter and it’s no surprise, she’s received so much attention considering her siblings and parents fame. Kylie went to Sierra Canyon school where she participated in plays. Later on, she started homeschool and began taking classes via an education program from Laurel Springs school. Kylie received her diploma in July 2015.



Kylie is unquestionably talented in many areas but nowadays, she gets noticed mostly for her business in her personal life. When she was younger, however, she showed off her capabilities in other ways, one of which was as a cheerleader. Kylie used to cheer for her school’s football team out on the field, she even had Kendall as a fellow teammate.

Sweet 16

sweet 16

Her family is constantly in the spotlight and everything they do is go big or go home. So, it isn’t surprising that when this young star turned 16, her party was one for the ages. Kylie had a few big-name performances at her bash that most 16 year olds only dream of seeing including Big Sean and Drake. The latter even gave her a kiss on the cheek after his performance. The Alice in Wonderland theme party definitely wasn’t a letdown.



Before she became the webkit Queen, Kylie Jenner had more modest beginnings at one of the world’s favorite department stores, Sears. When she was just 13 years old, she became a model for the company’s crusher style contest and appeared in several television ads. The competition search for America’s biggest style crush and Kylie was a member of the panel that issued challenges for the contestants every week.

Jeffree Star


Jenner has had numerous feuds with other celebrities over the past few years and it didn’t stop when she stepped into the world of cosmetics. Jeffree Star is a fellow makeup mogul and has a very popular line of lipsticks and other products. Also, he reviews other brands on his prominent YouTube channel but when he started talking about Kylie cosmetics, things became a bit hostile.

In 2016, Star posted a picture on Instagram, displaying the applicators, he received in two of Kylie’s lip gloss shades. He said the wands were unacceptable, however, Jenner replaced the brushes when she was getting negative feedback and the issue between the two celebs was seemingly resolved. But, Star called her out again in an interview with racked during what she stated, “If the product didn’t suck, I wouldn’t have anything to say. I was just being honest, and I had no idea it was going to get so big.”

When asked, if he thought Kylie had spent an adequate amount of time analyzing the formulas for her lip products, he added “No. I can already say no without you finishing the sentence… She found a lab that makes $5 formula… They gave her the same exact one with her name on it and charged $20 more.” Jefferee complimented her liquid lips later on but bashed her once more when she released her holiday collection in 2017. He also pointed out that the packaging for Kylie’s concealers looked an awful lot like his liquid lipstick tubes. Star continued into 2018 because he believed her brushes were overpriced, at about $360 for a set. Kylie eventually replied by taking him off the press list for her company.



She pretty much looks flawless at all times, I mean you have to when you get as much attention as Kylie does. If there’s ever a slip-up in her style or anything else for that matter then people jump on it immediately. However, Kylie has some flaws that make her seem human like the rest of us.

In various photographs, you can plainly see that she has a large scar on the outside of her left leg but do you know how she got it? In fact, Kylie got hers the same way many of us do, playing around as a kid. She stated during an interview with celeb buzz “When I was about five, my sister and I were playing hide-and-seek, and I hid inside this really tall enclosed gate. After a while, when my sister didn’t find me, I had to climb up on the sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped in the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out, but it just tore through my whole leg.

Makeup Routine


Did you know that her daily makeup routine can take about two hours?Women are known for taking a long time to get ready, but this is probably a bit much for most of us. Besides, who wants to wake up two hours earlier than they have to, nevertheless Kylie does it. When she doesn’t have makeup artists on hand anyway, she even posted her steps to a so-called casual look on snapchat. Kylie’s routine consists of 22 time-consuming steps.



Almost everybody knows that the kardashian-jenner are the queens of social media and kylie is up there with the best of them. She has over 115 million followers on Instagram and her seductive selfies keep making that number increase but it’s not all fun and games for the young star, it’s also business. Kylie uses her Instagram to sponsor companies that she likes and she rakes in the big bucks doing it. According to the Hopper HQ 2018 Instagram Rich List, Kylie rocks in about 1 million dollars for each promotional post making her the highest-paid. Selena Gomez comes in second with $800,000 per subsidized post.

Other Dreams

other dreams

This one might leave you flabbergasted considering Kylie’s risque selfies, revealing outfits, social media accounts, and her continual position in the limelight. But, did you know that Kylie wasn’t really interested in fame? She stated during an interview with Allure magazine in 2016, “People think that since we have a reality TV show and I show so much of my life that they know who I am. But on snapchat I show people what I think they want to see… That’s not me. It’s a projected image. A brand. I am a a different person. I just don’t show all of me.”

Kylie went on to say that she doesn’t genuinely present her real self to the world because she doesn’t want people saying mean things about her. She’s also noted on various occasions that she wishes she could go places without everyone knowing who she is. Kylie also said during an interview at time “Almost my whole life, since I was 9, since I’ve been in the spotlight, that comes with so much bullying and attacking. Everything I do, there’s a huge light on it.” She accepts her stardom but sometimes she’d rather be living a simpler life.

Kylie Cosmetics

kylie cosmetics

Perhaps Kylie Jenner is most well known for her cosmetics brand, nowadays anyway. She started the company as Kylie lip kits but renamed it Kylie cosmetics, shortly after. She signed a deal with Seed Beauty in 2014 to get the business started. Since she was so insecure about the size of her lips as a child, she started with products that enhance the facial feature. Kylie said that using that insecurity as an inspiration was one of the most authentic things she has done in her career. Her lip kits came out in 2015 and they were all purchased within one minute. The company made a total of 307 million dollars at the end of 2016. Kylie cosmetics is still going strong.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

Recent news suggests that Kylie and Kim are in the midst of a feud. We’ve talked about her various disagreements but who would have thought she’d be fighting with her sister. Kim posted a snap-chat story of herself bouncing on a trampoline in a bikini, however, that’s not the issue. The problem stems from the song playing in the background, Tyga’s tastes. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a jab to some people but why not play a tune from Kylie’s current Mane’s album instead of her ex’s. Whatever the case, the internet is having a field day. Theories about Kim song choice have flooded in; Is she bickering with her sister? Are she and Tyga close pals? Does she disapprove of Travis?

Travis Scott


People started taking notice of the duo when they were getting close at Coachella in 2017. Then, suspicions grew and Scott took Kylie to an NBA game in his hometown. Their romance became clear when she accompanied him on tour. Around May 2017, sources said that Travis is telling friends that he and Kylie are the real deal. Shortly after the couple got matching butterfly tattoos, making things a bit more permanent. In September of that year, the press reports of Kylie’s pregnancy made headlines. She had their babies stormy in February 2018 and the lovebirds are closer than ever.



Some of the biggest news circling Kylie Jenner is regarding her massive portion. In August 2018, she was featured on the cover of Forbes along with the title America’s woman billionaires. She was just 20 years old at the time the story was published and she was worth about nine hundred million dollars according to the magazine. They took her endorsements, cosmetics company, and television earnings into account and claimed that she’s the youngest person on the fourth annual ranking of America’s richest self-made women.

The article also stated that after another year of hard work, she will be the youngest self-made billionaire ever, this means that she will beat Mark Zuckerberg who gained billionaire status at 23 years old. Kylie said that a large part of her success is due to social media, not only does she make about 1 million dollars per sponsored post but she also uses the platform to advertise Kylie cosmetics products.

There’s no denying Jenner’s success, however, many people questioned whether or not she could be considered self-made. This was because she comes from a famous and wealthy family which has undoubtedly played a large part in her accomplishments. Forbes failed to mention her distinguished Kardashian-Jenner roots. Either way, there’s no arguing that the star will continue to thrive despite the criticism she faces on a daily basis.