4 Best Celebrity Hairstyles and Skin Care Hacks For Holi Party

We know that you see actresses letting their hair loose with a heavy makeup, on-screen when they celebrate Holi but it’s completely different off-screen. Sure you think that letting your hair loose is a great idea but you will lose if you loose. The Holi colours really mess up the quality of your hair, resulting into rough dry hair and not to forget, hairfall. This goes for you skin as well.

For Hair:

So what can you do? Follow these celebrities off-screen. Yes, even you can have an amazing Holi while donning these incredible hairstyles of these bollywood divas.

1. Tight Braids:

Jacqueline Fernandez

Braid your hair tight just like Jacqueline Fernandez. Make a middle partition and make two fishtail braids from the top, going into a one long one. It is ideal for long hair. Not only does it look great, the tight braids save the hair from the damage of Holi colours. You can also apply hair oil and pull this look off.

2. Loose Low Bun:

Alia Bhatt Loose Low Bun

Nothing looks better than a loose messy bun. It will give your hair the room to breathe and yet let it be damage free. Alia Bhatt looks stunning and she even donned the same look at a holi party last year, making this look a definite Holi approve.

3. Fishtail Braids:

bipasha basu Fishtail braids

If you wish to let you hair loose then do it with some style just like Bipasha Basu. Fish Braids on side partition looks the best even on wavy or curly hair. It will give a twist to your normal hair.

4. The Bandana Queen:

Doesn’t Sonam Kapoor look the best with that Bandana. Try this cute hair do and be the bandana queen of the party. Bandana not only looks like a cute accessory but it will also help you to save your hair from the harmful effects of the colour.

5. High Bun/Knot:

Vani Kapoor High Bun

If you are going to apply heavy oil on your hair then you should definitely try this hair do. Vaani Kapoor looks all tidy with this sleek High Knot.

For Skin Care:

Let you skin be smeared in the colours of Holi and let these products take care of it.

1. Sunblock:

Go as natural as possible as the colors already have chemicals. First apply a premium quality sunblock as holi parties are always under the sun and detaining should be the last thing on your mind while worrying about your skin as we know that skin takes longer to detain. You can use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+. It is dermatologically tested so don’t hold back while applying it, be generous.


After applying a sunblock, your skin will become dry. Sunblock will protect you from the sun but you still need protection from the harmful chemicals of the colours. Apply a heavy moisturizer on your skin so the colour can come off easily as soon as you are done with your Holi shenanigans. You can use Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Emulsion SPF 30 by the Body Shop.


Don’t you love your lashes? Then show them the equal care and protection. Apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to save them from falling off.

4.Skin Wipes:

Skin wipes are your perfect rescue when your skin feels a sudden irritation. Wipe the colours gently of your skin with Kara Skin Care Wipes.

Other than these, always keep yourself hydrated by drinking ample amount of water. Have a happy and safe Holi!