How to Give a Spontaneous Wink Like Priya Varrier!

Even a person who is irregular with social media will be familiar with the name Priya Prakash Varrier. Priya Prakash Varrier, a girl who became an internet sensation in a wink of an eye, literally, has got all the boys gushing over her.

Many girls have started taking the Priya Prakash Varrier wink challenge. If you think you are alone, you are mistaken. There are many girls around the world who want to wink like her or want to prove that they wink better.

Over the years, many actresses have given winks but none of them even come close to the viral sensation’s. What is it that makes Priya Prakash Varrier an epitome of sexiness? In the pursuit of figuring out an answer to our question, we have found an ultimate way to actually wink like her without much practice.

Know your context:

A wink has all the possibilities of going wrong and can result into people calling you creepy. Thus, you should always know the context of your wink. A wink can mean many things, right from the sign of flirtation to the sign of understanding an inside joke.

Before winking, you should be very clear about the place and the people you are winking at. In the case of Priya Varrier, she is playing a character that the other guy is already crazy about so when her character gives a wink, it will surely give her a cent percent success rate. Hence, even you should wink at someone whom you are completely sure of having a mutual feeling or it can just terribly go wrong.

Wink at yourself:

Before actually winking at someone else, trying winking at yourself because Priya Prakash Varrier can look cute yet sexy while doing it, do you? Stand in front of the mirror and practice your facial movements and expressions. The wink that Priya Prakash Varrier is responsible for does involve a bit of eyebrow movement, it is not just another normal wink. She raises the eyebrow of the other eye while winking. It looks difficult to do it but it’s actually not. Just try it once and you will know.

The courage of actually doing it:

No matter how many times you practice it, it all comes down to that one chance, that one moment when you really have to give that wink. Many people consider winking a bold act of flirtation that requires courage and confidence. After practicing for a while, you will gain confidence but mustering up the courage is all on you. Gaining the courage in one single moment is very important as if the moment passes, your wink will not make sense. Act on the moment and make guys fall in awe of you.

Wink away ladies!