20 Best Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

dark kitchen

Contemporary designs do not mean a futuristic look with dramatic architectural elements (although that certainly is an option), but you will see innovative ideas in color palettes, lighting, and appliances, as well as uniquely shaped furniture choices. You will see clean, flat front cabinets combined with earthy, natural stone countertops, light wood floors contrasted with a bold wall color or unexpected backsplash material, or maybe a coffee bar with hidden drawers and appliances. All can be modern, yet still warm and welcoming.

Keeping your kitchen organized feel like a challenge. But staying tidy in style isn’t as difficult as it seems. With the proper shelving, functional storage, and a thought-out plan of attack, your kitchen can transform into a space that is equal parts clutter-free and gorgeous.

Get inspired by 20 orderly and tasteful kitchens below.

Wall mounted dish rack


wall mounted dish rack

In kitchen a gorgeous dish rack,  perfect for storing dishes neatly and displaying decorative plates.


Retro Kitchen

Retro Kitchen

A well done retro kitchen can turn any modern home into a cozy and welcoming space, where family and visitors will always feel welcome to join you for a cup of coffee or a home-cooked meal.


Dark and sleek kitchen

dark kitchen

Dark isn’t the first theme that comes to mind when designing a kitchen. Stereotypical assumptions are of white and bright kitchens, matched by light wood the colour of breakfast pancakes.


Hanging Utensils

hanging utensils

This Bright and modern features a hanging pots and utensils rack to keep kitchenware in order. This hanging feature give really wow look to it.


The Stupid Simple Look

the simple kitchen look

A kitchen with small size should be applied to simple kitchen design. It’s because the simple concept would make a small room more comfortable than it actually is. The simple design would help you maximize the space you have in a room.
Take a look at this simple kitchen design. The U-shaped concept of this kitchen is suitable for the small space. It looks well-organized.


The Classic Look

the classic look

Typically kitchens, without the right treatment, can be cold and clinical spaces, but the warmth of the beautiful oak in this kitchen counteracts this. The chalky, but confident wall color helps create a cosy feeling, while the paler units help keep the room light. The fabric shade pendants above the central island have been added to soften the space, and the artwork above the Aga adds character and personality to the space. The overall look is elegant but relaxed – its sociable layout allows for practical family living – something that I am often asked for by my clients.


Marble – Kitchen

the marble look

Used especially as countertops, this material is almost essential and is usually the feature of the whole kitchen.  Or try other types of stone, like granite.


Carpentry Work – Kitchen

carpentary kitchen

Include details such as crown moulding above cabinets, toe kicks with mouldings, ornate door handles and maybe even a chandelier! Just don’t go overboard — remember it is supposed to look classy and tasteful.


Palette Colour – Kitchen


An all-white or black-and-white kitchen is the most classic, but you can also have a bit of colour. Just go for a retrained overall palette. Avoid bold and bright colours.


Panelled Cabinet Doors

pannelled cabinet doors

Go for panelling that is not too complicated. Ideal types are shaker style ones with or without moulding details.


Glass Armoire

Glass Armoire

For those with a stylish collection of dishware, a glass-enclosed armoire is a great way to display goods. Plus–it provides exapands storage real estate–and looks great, too.


The Curtained Cabinet


A rustic kitchen is kept tidy with a shelved island for easy access to kitchenware, and unique curtained cabinets which keep other items out of site.


Understated Organized Kitchen


In a glamorous Paris apartment, the kitchen stays organized with custom-made, walnut-veneer kitchen island and cabinetry.


Off-White Tiles 



Off-white 19th-century Portuguese tiles add character to a London kitchen. The island is made from a 19th-century cast-iron stove and topped with Carrara marble, and the pendant light is early-20th-century French.


Green and white – Kitchen


White tiled walls balance out vibrant kitchen cabinets, which are painted in Green. The countertops is made of marble.


The Country Style Kitchen

country style kitchen

This scheme is a great example of the perfect country kitchen. With Shaker units, a farmhouse table and a tongue-and-groove splashback, it has all the signature pieces you would expect to find. Floral prints complete the look.


Rectangular Kitchen Box

rectangular kitchen box

A small kitchen cannot accommodate homework, mail storage, laundry duties and recipe hunting. Unless you don’t cook at all, the small kitchen’s main chore is meal prep.
When you have a small kitchen, it pays to be creative when it comes to rearranging the kitchen footprint.


Neutrals Kitchen

Neutrals Kitchen

Neutral spaces have a calm and meditative feel, but the eye still needs something to engage. A simple patterned backsplash can be all it takes to bring a little visual energy to your kitchen.


Go Bold with Colour

 Bold With Color kitchen

On the other end of the playing field is a strong color palette where bold tones play off of each other. In this instance, the relationship between the colors is enhanced by the dichotomy of the patterned backsplash and the solid cabinet. This interchange of patterns and solids helps to create a rich visual landscape that will make your kitchen stand out.


Texture Look – Kitchen

Texture look kitchen

Though they’re not talked about as often as colors and patterns, textures play a big role in how rooms look to us and how we feel about them. The rules in the kitchen are no different and, in fact, the kitchen gives you a lot more opportunity to play with different surface types than some other rooms.