You have to learn ways to style your Indian dresses during the winter season to stay warm and comfortable. Here are tips to help you.


The winter season is just a few months away. You need to learn ways to style your Indian dresses so that you can stay warm in the office or when attending any event. It is worth noting that some Indian dresses come in light fabrics and may not keep you warm during cold days. So as a wise person, you should get ready to wear heavy fabrics. Additionally, you must be smart and use the following tips to stay warm in the winter when wearing Indian outfits

Choose Heavy Fabrics with Long Sleeves

One of the main things you should do to stay warm in winter is to choose warm textiles like velvet. If you wear an Indian dress made of velvet or any other heavy fabric, you will combat cold and feel comfortable on any occasion. Additionally, you should go for Indian dresses with long sleeves. This style is fashionable and will protect you from the chills of the winter season. 

Wear a Lehenga Choli With a Jacket

Lehenga choli with a jacket is a trending style for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. We have also seen Bollywood celebrities flaunting this style. If you are attending a winter wedding or just want to look stylish like a star when going to the office or any event, a jacketed lehenga choli is a perfect option to keep you warm. You can choose a short or long jacket, but ensure it complements the lehenga outfit. Besides keeping you warm, the outfits will make you stand out in any event.

Consider Wearing a Saree with a Crop Sweater

Crop sweaters are increasingly becoming popular in recent years. You wear a saree with a cropped sweater, and you will make a fashion statement and still beat the cold of the winter season. It is a daring and fashionable look that will surely make you stand out. But you have to drape the saree properly and complete your look with appropriate jewelry and other accessories to make a fashion statement. 

Drape Your Dupatta Properly

Another way to style Indian dresses in winter is by draping the dupatta in a creative way. First, you should choose a dupatta made of warm fabric and drape it around your neck, covering the chest area. Alternatively, you can drape it around both shoulders and let it drop in front to cover the front areas and hands, depending on its size. To stay warm, you should ensure that the dupatta covers most of your exposed skin.

Instead of a Dupatta, Choose a Heavy Shawl

In case you want to stay warm without compromising your look, you should replace your dupatta with a heavy shawl. Nowadays, there are plenty of finely designed shawls with different patterns and colors. Some even have zardozi work, gotta Patti work, and other embroidery works. You just need to choose a shawl that is stylish and complements your Indian dress. 

Wear a Trench Coat Over a Saree

Trench coats are back! You should get a few trench coats as you will need them in winter. You can wear a long trench coat over a saree, and you will look like a queen. The coat will also add warmth to the ensemble. But don’t be tempted to buy too long trench coats. If you do, you will stay warm but have ruined your look. So try your best to pick the right size and length, and you will be able to make a fashion statement in winter. Alternatively, you can wear a winter coat, and you will be warm and still look like a princess. 

Wear Leggings Under Lehengas and Sarees

Lehengas and sarees can make you feel cold at times. But when you wear ankle-length leggings, you will stay warm, and no one will even see the leggings. Alternatively, you can choose to wear pant-style sarees, which are increasingly becoming popular in modern Indian fashion. This stylish saree style will make you look modern, and you will feel warm when wearing it, even in the winter season. Remember, the main aim is to say warm, but don’t ruin your look. So wear leggings with lehenga or other Indian long skirts. When wearing sarees, you can choose leggings or pant-style bottoms. Tights can also be a great replacement for leggings.

Wear a Cape Over Your Indian Dress

Wearing a cape over a choli or saree can add warmth during winter. There are many cape styles on the market, and you just need to choose one that can go well with your lehenga choli or saree. You can also wear a cape over salwar kameez, and you will look stunning. A cape will also make you look modern and stylish. 

Consider Stylish, Warm Shoes

You need to consider footwear when styling Indian dresses in winter. If you wear slip-ons, your feet will likely freeze when in the office or attending an occasion. Wearing warm boots or closed shoes like juttis is a great way to keep your feet warm in winter. Juttis will go well with embroidered salwar kameez, lehenga choli, saree, and other Indian outfits.

Choose Dark Colors

The color of an outfit is essential in determining whether you will be warm or freezing in winter. If you choose heavy fabrics, ensure that they are in dark colors. These dark-colored Indian dresses absorb the sun’s heat, allowing you to stay warm in winter. Plum, mustard yellow, navy blue, black, grey, brown, and violet are popular colors you can combine during winter to combat cold and look more elegant. 

Final Words

During winter, you have to be extra careful when wearing Indian dresses to stay warm and look stylish. You should pick heavy fabrics that will keep you warm. Additionally, you should pick outfits with dark colors. Most importantly, you should add an extra layer of clothing, such as a shawl, dupatta, jacket, trench coat, cape, or sweater. Don’t forget to choose warm boots or closed shoes to keep your feet warm.