Logitech G Pro X Vs HyperX Cloud Alpha: In-depth Comparison

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This is about the comparison of Logitech G Pro X and HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset.  Both are good considering build quality and design and comfort but some features makes both a different one.

Logitech G Pro X

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Frequency response 20 Hz-20,000 Hz 13Hz–27,000Hz
Impedance 35 ohm 65 ohm
Driver Hybrid mesh PRO-G 50 mm Custom dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Sensitivity 91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm 98dB SPL/mW @ 1kHz
 Color Black Black, white
 Weight 320 grams 298 grams


Logitech G Pro X

This is the new model of the previous model Logitech G Pro, it means it is an updated version. All the things were updated from the previous model like build quality, design and also some technological features.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

This headphone exactly looks alike the other HyperX headphones. But, few key features in this headphone makes it stand out. This headphone is black and looks stylish.

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Logitech G Pro X

It’s very stylish, I really like the form factor of this headphone. The microphone is detachable as well. Also, you’ve got USB dac that you will use this gaming headset which uses on the PC if you want to take advantage of some of the various sound profiles as well as the blue microphone technology for that crystal-clear communication which really separates his headset from some of its competitors.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

In the box with the headphone, you’re gonna get your mic and it actually comes with a windscreen on it and it is detachable and it’s a really nice You get the adapter which is the 3.5 mm to plug in if you own 3.5 on your PC or into your console controller which also has the volume rocker and mic mute on it. Also, you get an extender for PC for your mic and everything and this is long.

They do go into the plastic arm which is one of your pressure points. On the bottom, the arm is going into that little bracket and that’s where you get your swivel. So, that’s not much different than any of the other HyperX headsets with the metal arm and anything. Except the colored metal all the things in this headphone were made of plastic.

If you stretch them out or if you twist them, you get a nice flex up in the headband. Considering the build quality, it was good but not great. I don’t like that bracket on the ear-cups because if you drop the headphone on any tile floors or a hardwood floor that little bracket can crack.

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Logitech G Pro X

It is very comfortable. These ear cups are very comfortable. They’re swappable, you can take them off. You can this headphones in gaming for any long hours. It’s lightweight and it doesn’t has any compress points.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The HyperX Clous Alpha are with the metal arms, they don’t have any swivel. But, when you put them on your head, they pretty much stay like that. Pretty much every HyperX headset that doesn’t have swivel in it, and presses on the jaw line. One thing I want to point out, this headset is really nice. The ear cushions are a little bit more plush compared to the other HyperX headsets. There’s also padding on the top of the headband. The arm brackets that connect to the ear cups, they’re kind of chopped out with a little design. This feel a lot lighter than some of the other HyperX headsets.


Mic Performance

Logitech G Pro X

This microphone is what sets it apart from its competitors. They partner with Blue Microphones using the G hub software. This gives you crystal clear communication with that blue software. In the G hub software, there are lots of presets for the microphone. There is a broadcaster 2 and also a broadcaster 1 and radio. You can do high voice, loud soft, low voice loud soft, etc,. There’s also Pro and broadcaster resets which you’re going to be able to download via the community feature that’s proposal provided by G hub as well. So, they already had a few in there, these are some competitive eSports gamers that had their presets already enabled or downloaded in the G software. You can create your own custom presets as well and you’ll be able to save that using software.

There’s some difference with blue voice technology and without that technology. it was a little more crystal-clear when blue was enabled than when it is disabled. I do think this blue voice technology especially in the competitive scene is going to give people an advantage because again crystal clear communications are obviously going to be very key when you get into the intense pvp situations.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The mic is detachable and it just plugs into that little slot in the headphone, it’s pretty much stays. The windscreen which is really nice touch. The performance of microphone is neutral. It means the HyperX has to improve its microphone quality a little more. Sometimes, the mic works in a crooked way, It’s pretty much good but not great.

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Sound Performance

Logitech G Pro X

This is a stereo headset unless you use the G hub software on the PC to enable surround sound. So, this is a stereo headset with 3.5 millimeter Jack. The sound was fantastic, it has 50 millimeter drivers for the speakers and they sound great. It’s just great sound reproduction overall for stereo headset. Also, music wise it was great as well. So, I mean even if you think about this is just something that you would use to listen to music to obviously play games on Nintendo switch as a stereo headset, this is definitely one of the better ones out there that you could potentially pick up.

You can enable DTS 2.0 headphone sound and DTS X sound and just the different options that will be able to give you and you can select the type of room that you’re in entertainment gaming sports and you can go as far as the DTS sound goes and you could turn it off completely. You can select traditional wide front but these are all things that you can go in and tweak and set to what you want it to be obviously.

DTS sound is fantastic to me. Again, those 50 millimeter speaker drivers that are come with the Pro X are fantastic. You will not be able to take advantage of the blue technology unless you download the G hub software.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

This headphone is come in different with the dual chamber drivers. It means, there’s a little chamber for your bass and then your highs are coming out and then your mids. So, everything will be a bit crisper rather than everything just being kind of mushed together. One thing I want to point out is that the dots in the ear-cups. It is about the bass, so you got the Chambers just for the bass. So, if you close it off, it’s sounds bad.

This headphones are 13 Hertz to 27 Hertz. The lower number is gonna be your low-end like your bass and the higher number is gonna be your high-end, so the lower the number, the more bass and mids and then the higher number will be your highs.

They sounded good but the performance of dual-chamber where you’re getting that base and then the highs and the mids are minor, it’s not like the massive things. If there’s one thing about the dual chamber, this is specially goes for watching videos or even editing videos, I felt like the the mids were a little bit heavy. But, I felt like the flat feeling of sound in the mids. The volume just drops a little bit compared to the other ones but with the Xbox, it sounds little bit loud but again same as back with PC, I noticed mids is kind of just took over a little bit. Even the music in the background in the game just really didn’t stand out that much which was a little disappointing.


Logitech G Pro X

If you’re into competitive gaming and if you’re into having that crystal-clear communication which could potentially give you an advantage in a PvP situation, I will recommend this headphone. The price isn’t ridiculous, the sound reproduction is fantastic.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

I think the hardest point for me to recommend this headset is that price range because if we get into that price range you have a lot of competition and I think there’s others out there that are better that are even cheaper. But, this headphone is good but considering sound quality and all you can get the same quality headphone at less price.

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