Logitech G233 Vs G433: What is the Difference?

logitech g233 vs g433

This is the comparison between the Logitech G233 and the Logitech G433 headsets. Both are specially for the e-sports and both are from the same company.

logitech g233logitech g433
Logitech G233Logitech G433
Great sound quality makes this good value for money. Sturdy design that can easily withstand moving around from device to device. Supports both PC and every console.Stylish fabric design.
Well-rounded audio.
Highly versatile.
Comfortable to wear.
Not really designed for music and movies, which is where the G233 begins to feel lacking.
Strangely the cable quality drops with the 3.5mm only jack.
Doesn’t feel particularly expensive.
Not so brilliant for music. Expensive.


SeriesG233Logitech Gaming Headset
ModelProdigy G433
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeCircumaural
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Sound Output ModestereoSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz40 – 10000 Hz
Sensitivity107dB at 1 KHz SPL 30 mW / 1 cm107dB S.P.L. at 1KHz
Impedance32 ohm32 ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenserelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Width3.2 in
Depth6.8 in
Height7.2 in
Weight9.13 oz3.68 oz
FeaturesGaming Audio Fit for Life – Take PC performance with you.

PROG-G Advanced Audio Driver – Patent-pending design for maximum performance.

Lightweight Comfort – Sports-mesh ear pads.

Incredible Audio and Voice Clarity – Officially discord certified.

Detachable, Transformable – Detachable Boom Mic and Swappable Cables.

Console Compatible – Every game deserves great audio.
DTS Headphone: X.

PRO-G Advanced Audio driver.

Lightweight Comfort.

Console Compatible – Every game needs great audio.

Detachable, Transformable – Detachable boom mic and swapped cables.

Detail Review: 


Logitech G233

This headset is like the entry level headset. It is a wired headset with a good sound and simple design. There’s no any extra or special features in it. For this price range, we can’t even expect it. 

Logitech G433

This headset retails for under $100. This is available in three colors. The design is something new and the build quality is good enough. The comfort, sound all are perfectly fine. The mic sound is also quite good for this price range. 

logitech g233 3


Logitech G233

This is a wired headset that can be used on Xbox, ps4, PC and mobile devices. So, it’s really Universal where you can use it and easy to use headset. There’s no fancy RGB or anything, it’s just the blue coloring, it’s actually quite soft touch.

Logitech G433

The first thing that popped out to me was the new mesh texture on the headset, it’s very different than anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s also very lightweight, I’ll spend some more time going over that in a minute. It’s available in red, black, and royal blue variant to give you some color options to pick.

This mesh design on the ear cups that is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before that’s going to make it very versatile, whether you’re keeping it with your gaming setup or if you’re taking it out on the go to use kind of as headphones. This can be used with like your PC, ps4, Xbox or your phone because it have the inline controls.

It is very simple, really not a lot going on. The ear cups do rotate about 15 degrees, so it fits best on your head. The ear cups also swivel to lay flat around your neck and I always like your design choice when headsets implement this.


Logitech G233

It’s actually quite firm. It’s quite plush but it’s also as I said quite firm. It’ll probably soften up once you use it more and more but that’s what it’s like right now. So, these actually swivel.

After using this headset like for a week or more, you will not feel the toughness of the earmuffs. The ear cushions will will be soft after some period time and it will be fine. 

Logitech G433

In turns of comfort, it is very lightweight which is going to add to that. You have ample padding on the ear cups themselves and on top of the headband and one thing I really noticed is how flexible they are, so they are so lightweight. You can really expand them to fit a very large head and just flexible, don’t like they’re going to break which is definitely a good thing.

I did note that inside the box they include an extra set of velour ear-pads which I use the majority of my testing mainly because they were more comfortable.

logitech-g433 2


Logitech G233

We’ve got the mic built in, we’ve also got the Internet where the power goes so it is actually quite nice. With the headset, you will get Y splitter. This is for using a jack in two slots instead of one on your PC, so you can use it on many different platforms. So, they give you that many options it’s really good.

There’s the wire of controls, mute button is placed on it. You will also get a braided cable as well so that’s pretty nice. Also, in the packaging you get the mic that you can put in to the headset, you can remove the microphone whenever you don’t need it.

Logitech G433

Inside the box you’ll get a mobile cable with an inline microphone. You get a console and PC cable with a mute button and a volume wheel, the mic and headphone splitter for PC and the USB sound card for surround sound, also extra set of ear pads which are velour instead of a mesh material.


Logitech G233

You can also adjust mic around, it’s actually quite comfy. The mic doesn’t actually get in the way of your sight like if you’re looking down, you don’t really see it, it’s quite nice. It’s very movable.

If you want this headset with the devices other than the PC, you have use built in microphone. The microphone sounds better for this price range.  

Logitech G433

The only thing really on the ear cups is the detachable microphone. It’s in a little 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the left side and on the bottom is also the port, so you can plug it in to like your PC or phone or whatever.

For this price range, it’s definitely not bad but it’s not that great either. With a lot of these headphones or headsets at this price, the microphone is going to be just fine for casually talking on with your friends or in a group chat or something like that but obviously for voice-overs, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just kind of average.

Since the mic is removable that’s good if you’re going to be bringing these out with you to use as like headphones, you’re not going to have this microphone on you. The mic is made of the kind of bendy rubber material, it keeps it shaped for the most part but it does kind of Bend back to its natural form but since it’s not that long or anything. It’s still going to be fine for picking up your vocal pattern.

logitech g433 4


Logitech G233

It’s much better sounding. It’s actually quite bassy. It’s not the clearest headset out there but it’s quite good. So, if you’re in the market for a headset like this, I’d actually recommend it because it’s definitely value for money what you’re getting.

Surprisingly, The bass is punchy and the high ends and mids are good enough for this price range. The sound is clear and with full of detailed bass. For music, it is clearly show that its specially for gaming but also you can use this for music but in music it’s not that much good. 

Now, actually it has a fair amount of noise cancellation unlike the other headsets I’ve use that be much cheaper. So, this is actually quite nice. It’s a bit firmer but I bet after a few weeks, it’ll probably soften up a little. You can push on them a little and they soften up and it was perfectly fine.

Logitech G433

It’s like over the years, Logitech has done a good job of implementing a good sounding headset for a relatively good price. For this price range, it comes in right around what you’d expect for the overall performance. In a directional audio everything was very clear, I can pinpoint footsteps, gunshot everything like that which is a very important aspect of that game. The fact of these headset handled that very well.

Take note with that USB sound card, you can also go into the Logitech software and enable like surround sound and you have the EQ and all. Stick to the stock stereo sound quality, it’s going to be the best because everything else is going to be emulated. You’re going to start to lose some of the sound quality and some of the overall volume. So, I just use the stock everything stereo and it sounds very good but since you do have all those inline controls and give the different cables, you can use this on your PC either the 3.5 millimeter cable or the USB sound card. You can plug them into your Xbox one control, ps4 controller or anything like that.

logitech g433 1


Logitech G233

Overall I’m pretty impressed for the price. It is a fairly base price because doesn’t have USB, wireless connection, or other things but it’s very simple and very useful.

The amount of availability you’ve got with his headset like the detachable mic and power cord is really nice for things like display. it’s really movable with the mic and so if it sounds too loud you can just move the way and it’s just very easy to use.

Logitech G433

The sound quality in the G433 is very good, you get that detachable microphone which is average for the most part but it’s going to be just fine for you if you’re casually gaming. A lot of stuff included in the box, it is lightweight and I like the overall construction implementing this mesh design but I feel like it’s kind of a personal preference of my end. Overall, for this price range it’s tough to complain for the overall value, everything you’re getting.