Hyperx Cloud Alpha

Logitech G635 vs Hyperx Cloud Alpha: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the headsets from different brands which are known for their sound. The comparison here is between the Logitech G635 and the HyperX Cloud Alpha. There is not much difference in their price range and in their features too but the quality of performance differs. To know which one is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Logitech G6356.7 Hyperx Cloud Alpha 1
Logitech G635Hyperx Cloud Alpha
Stunning low key design.
Amazing sound depth and customization.
Usable on all platforms.
2 input mixer.
Sleek, premium design.
Soft and cushy ear cups.
Impressive audio quality.
Versatile cables.
Loses all DTS and RGB functionality on any system bar PC.Ear cups can feel snug.
Microphone picks up some noise.


BrandLogitech HyperX
ModelG635Cloud Alpha
Headphones Form FactorFull size
Headphone TechnologyWiredWired
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz13Hz-27KHz
Sensitivity93dB SPL/mW
Impedance39 Ohms65 Ohm
Diaphragm50 mm2 in
Response Bandwidth50Hz-18KHz
Width4.2 in
Depth7.8 in
Height9.1 in
Weight25.39 oz10.51 oz
FeaturesLarge 50mm Pro-G Drivers Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

LIGHTSYNC RGB Customize lighting from approx. 16.8 million colors, create lighting effects or synchronize lighting with in-game actions.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape.

6mm Mic+ Large mic for amazingly clear voice comms plus fiip-to-mute convenience.

Three G-keys Programmable for fast in-game actions at your fingertips.
HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction and less distortion.

Signature Award-Winning HyperX comfort.

Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband.

Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control.

Detachable noise cancellation microphone.

Discord and TeamSpeakTM Certified.

Multi-platform compatibility – dominate on PC or console1.

Detail Review:


Logitech G635

The Logitech G635 looks the same as the G935 but the only difference among them which makes the price of this one to be less than the G935 is these are wired and the G935 are wireless. These headphones do have RGB lighting for its lesser price. These headphones are currently retailing for around a hundred dollars.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The HyperX Cloud  Alpha is currently retailing for around ninety-six dollars. These headphones are one of the best sounding budget-friendly headsets available in the market. Not only these sounds just good but also these have great comfort.

Logitech G635


Logitech G635

You have a little switch there on the backside of the earcup which you can switch between the phone jack and the PC. They have three buttons right there and these are all three customizable buttons that do different things.  They’re always polished, clean, and have a real gamer look and it is really nice. Then it also has the pull up-down microphone there.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Obviously, these headphones have the cable attached and we have the inline controls with the cable. You can see that the volume rocker and the mic mute button on the inline cable. Out of the box, you get one cable that is already attached to the actual headset. As that cable is detachable, you can unplug it and but it only has one input. We need to use another cable that came inside the box when you want to use the mic. If we’re not using the mic we don’t need another cable. These have a very nice feeling with the metal and they look nice. They’ve got a little bit of flex in them.


Logitech G635

These headphones are outstanding and they feel really good on the head. They’re adjustable upon the top band as like other good headphones. As they are adjustable, you can get them adjusted as per the size of your headset. These headphones have nice padded little ear cups as well.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The headband is fairly well padded which is good means it should be more comfortable. The headband does adjust, it just clips in and out so you can adjust the headband as per the size of your head. These headphones were really very comfortable the entire time I wore them and I have no complaints. They’re really nice headphones with the quality metal, it’s very nice padded. The fact that the sort of the way they swivel like they do is really good. It’s a very comfortable headset, I like it, I do enjoy how it feels and it sits on the ears nicely.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha


Logitech G635

Logitech makes nice packaging always and this will also be packaged very securely. These are surround sound that is 7.1 stereo surround sound so hopefully, they’re gonna sound pretty good. Inside the box, you get another nice black box. Inside the other box, you got the actual headphones, you got a big old G sticker which always comes with any Logitech products. Then you got some warranty information and little specifications. You have got the nicest cables in fact a decent cable.

Actually, you got two cables one is an aux cord cable and the other one is a braided cable. The aux cord cable does look like a fairly decent but it’s not a braided cable. That’s not bad and that looks pretty good, bendy but it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna crack. They got the small G there on the cable. It is decent-looking, everything so far looks good with that. The traditional braided cable is accustomed to from their keyboards and Mouse’s open up. You need to use the aux cord one if you’re using it with your phone and you need to use the braided cable if you’re using it with the computer. The braided cable is a micro USB standard cable from them but USB-C would be nice but it doesn’t really matter too much and then it is a nice long cable too. I like it when my cables are long enough because I can plug them into things but not too long and this is a 5 or 6-foot cable so that’s pretty nice too.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

The actual headset comes in a nice package and there will the pictures of the headset as well. It does come with looks like removable ear cups and the microphone which also seems to be removable and has a cable obviously to connect. But it is removable which is nice because in some headphones it’s not a thing that you have and so you know if your cable breaks or whatever you just simply cannot replace it and you need new headphones. So I guess that’s a nice thing to have. I’ve got to say these are a very attractive looking pair of headphones.

Inside the box, you have a quick start guide and a HyperX has covered leaflet. The QuickStart guide just tells you about the controls, the inline controls, so you can turn up and down the volume, and switch on and off the mic. Then you get a nice little bag and inside that bag, there is some sort of adapter to microphone and sound. I do like the bag, I’ve got a nice little logo on it. You can keep your headphones in it to prevent your headphones from getting scratches. Then you have your actual full headphones which are really nice looking and then you have your detachable microphone.

Logitech G635


Logitech G635

I have tested out the sound quality on these and they sound really loud. You have the volume wheel on the back of the earcup next to all other customizable buttons. You can use the volume wheel to decrease or increase the volume which actually changes it on the computer and not just on the headphones which I think is pretty nice. The base is definitely there, it’s heavy, it’s nice, it does all sorts of things. It does sound amazing, I’m impressed by these headphones.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

In terms of sound quality, there’s definitely a massive difference there between the two headphones. These ones are like maybe the Game Max or a bit more punchy, a bit louder than the Game Max one. The Game Max one seemed to be more punchy and maybe more bassy but the HyperX ones seem to have more all-around clarity. Then you can hear a bit more of things in the HyperX one that you can’t hear in the Game Max ones. These are also a bit punchy and a bit louder. These sound good and perfectly reasonable headphones. They sounded fine, they sounded great, they sounded like good quality nice headphones.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha


In my opinion, you should buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha because its price is less than the Logitech G635 but it sounds better, and have better comfort than the Logitech G635 and also have almost the same features as the Logitech G635 for the lesser price then the G635.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G635:

By TechGearLab
The G635 finished just behind the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and ahead of the Cloud Revolver S. The Cloud Revolver S and the G635 both scored about the same, with the Revolver’s superior comfort averaging out the better sound and mic quality of the G635. These headsets also retail for about the same price, which is a little less than half that of the Beyerdynamic. The MMX 300 does have the best audio and mic quality of these three headsets, but we didn’t find it to be particularly easy to use or all that comfortable, which is a shame, given its premium price and superb sound quality.

By Latest in Tech
Every gamer needs a quality and top-performing gaming headset. And in our Logitech G635 review, you’ll get in-depth details and information about one of the best headphones around.

By Rtings
Decent for gaming. The G635 is one of the better sounding gaming headsets we’ve reviewed so far. The G HUB app is also amazing and offers tons of customization options with lots of controls. You won’t get any delay thanks to their wired connection, and they are comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. However, be sure to take them off from time to time to let your ears cool off, as they trap quite a bit of heat inside the ear cups over time. Their microphone is also a bit bright when comparing it to other gaming headphones.

By Total Gaming Addicts
Overall the G635 is a brilliant headset. It’s comfortable and sounds superb. I would, however, have preferred a slightly better microphone, as compared to various mics I use frequently it is the only part that doesn’t feel up to the standard of the rest of the headset. The compatibility with multiple devices and conservative design makes the Logitech G635 a serious contender if you are looking for one headset to meet all of your listening needs.

By Cleb’s Tech
For $200 the Logitech G635 does perform rather well, It does lack in bass a bit and for people with a bigger melon, it isn’t all that comfortable. But for the rest of you looking for a decent RGB gaming headset, I can recommend the Logitech G635!

Expert Reviews of HyperX Cloud Alpha:

By Pokde 
The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is arguably one of, if not the best analogue gaming headset around and its performance is only limited by the device that you are connecting it to.

By GadgetsNow
The Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha professional gaming headset is a great all-round headset built for serious gaming. For a price of under Rs 9000, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a good choice for someone looking to buy a professional analogue gaming headset.

By TomsHardware
Although we don’t expect perfection from a $100 gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s sound quality comes close. Moreover, Kingston uses reasonably high-quality materials put together in a solid way. Our award is well-deserved.

A truly magnificent headset for both gaming and music. Needs either rotatable or foldable earcups design and a hard shell case to truly be a portable headset that I can stuff in my bag and carry around. Overall, great comfort and great sound quality, comes with a decent detachable microphone too.

By TheStraitsTimes
The HyperX Cloud Alpha is probably the best value-for-money gaming headset in the market now.

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