logitech m585 vs m590

Logitech M585 Vs Logitech M590 Mouse: Which One is Better?

Logitech M585 Multi-device and Logitech M590 Multi-device Silent mouse is compared here. Both are almost the same but there are just a few differences which may change your decision.

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Logitech M585 Multi-DeviceLogitech M590 Multi-Device Silent
Easy to grip.
Firm design.
Decent shape.
Easy-access dongle storage.
Controls up to three devices.
Long lasting battery.
Two connections at once.
Performs very well.
The scroll wheel is a little bit unstable.
“Multi-device” support limited to computer operating systems and up-to-date Android, not iOS.
Could have done with a bit more in terms of comfort.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Interface2.4 GHz, Bluetooth2.4 GHz, Bluetooth
Movement Detection TechnologyOpticalOptical
Movement Resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi
Buttons Qty77
OS RequiredAndroid 5.0 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.10 or later, Google Chrome OS, Windows 8 / 10Android 5.0 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.10 or later, Google Chrome OS, Windows 8 / 10
Run Up Time24 months24 months
Width2.5 in2.5 in
Depth4.1 in4.1 in
Height1.6 in1.6 in
Weight3.53 oz3.56 oz
FeaturesLogitech Flow: You navigate in a seamless flow on two computers and copy-paste from one to the other – even if you’re using a PC and a Mac.

Ultra-Precise Scrolling: Our micro-precise scroll wheel packs more grooves per millimeter, making scrolling through long webpages faster and easier.

2 Thumb Buttons: Two thumb buttons provide extra control right where you need it, making it simpler and faster to get things done. Programed to go backward and forward on the web, you can customize them to fit your needs on Mac OS X and Windows® by downloading Logitech Options™ Software.

24-Month Battery Life: This mouse just keeps going, with 2 years of power on a single AA battery. Automatic sleep mode and an On/Off switch save power, while an indicator light eliminates surprises.

Curved Design: The shapely, domed design is designed to give your palm plenty of support, so you can work or play comfortably for long hours.
Effortless multi-computer workslow: Unleash the potential of M590 with Logitech Flow, for the smoothest workflow between computers. You’ll be able to move your mouse cursor across two computers and even copy/paste text, images and files from one computer to another. It’s more efficient than sending yourself emails.

Enjoy the sound of silence: With the same click feel and over 90% noise reduction on the click sound, M590 delivers a quiet experience for you and your neighbors. Plus, M590 has feet made of high-performance material and a rubber wheel for quiet gliding and scrolling.

Highly precise scrolling: Our micro-precise scroll wheel packs more grooves per millimeter, so you’ll be scrolling faster and more easily through long web pages.

2 thumb buttons: The two thumb buttons give you extra control right where you need it. They’re programmed to move backwards and forwards through web pages, but you can customize them to do exactly what you want on Mac® OS X and Windows® by downloading Logitech Options™ Software.

2 year battery life: This mouse just keeps going with 24 months of power on a single AA battery. Automatic sleep mode and an On/Off switch save power, while a battery indicator light eliminates annoying surprises..

Detail Review


Logitech M585 Multi-Device

The Logitech M585 Muti-Device mouse features multiple device controls at the same time which also mentions in the name of the mouse.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

This is the silent mouse which will be very useful in a silent environment like an office and library. Also, this one has many features like Flow technology and customizable buttons.

logitech m585 multi-device


Logitech M585 Multi-Device

Its design is a palm grip, so what that means is your palm arrests on it more. It’s not ambidextrous, it’s a right-hand user only Mouse. I would definitely recommend this mouse if you have smaller hands or if your hand just gets tired after using it as a big mouse but if you had mid-sized hands or small hands, I think this mouse is perfect for you. A little bit on the weight on this mouse, it does weigh 3.6 ounces which are very light for a mouse. I find it to be comfortable for my hand, it doesn’t feel like I’m dragging.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

The mouse has similar dimensions like other small mouses of Logitech but with the eggy shape. On the bottom, we have a small compartment that hides one AA battery and the unifying receiver. Sliding it, you will reveal that inside. This mouse also has an on/off switch which is always handy with wireless peripherals.

The Logitech M590 is made of high-performance material and a rubber wheel for quiet gliding and scrolling, really awesome.



Logitech M585 Multi-Device

This mouse is really good for multitaskers. This thing has a lot of features that are built for programmers, designers, or if you just have a lot of things going on in the background, this mouse makes it easier for you to achieve your multitasking tests. One of the cool features about this mouse, you have a back and forth button.

Another cool feature is you have different modes, mode 1 and mode 2. If you click it, it will be in 2 and you can push it to go to mode 1. If you’re on mode 1, your shortcuts change, so the side button can be foxy for your browser and another one can be for your designing app or programming whatever. You can also program the tilt buttons like you can do left and right tilt and you can also do a middle mouse button push.

Another thing that makes this Mouse really good is a new feature that Logitech released called ‘Flow’ and what that does is you can copy and paste things from two different computers. So, you can copy and paste between a Mac and a PC, you can copy-paste text, images, and a whole bunch of other things and that’s a really cool feature if you’re using more than one computer to do things.

This mouse does have a software, you can use to rewire how the scrolling works, the sensitivity, how the shortcuts work, and a few other things. In the software, you have two different views. You have the top view of the mouse and the side view of the mouse. You can program any of these buttons and do anything you want. It’s really convenient when you have to do a lot of switching, which makes it really nice for multi-tasking. Another thing you can do if you click on the point and scroll tab, you can adjust how fast with the mouse to go and the scroll speed.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

The top button is used for switching between the devices and right above it we have a nice functional scroll with the left and right-click for extra functionality. Also, the middle button or scroll can be used as another functional button that gives us more options. On the left side, we have two more buttons that can be arranged as you wish in the application.

Supporting the Logitech Flow application gives the user even more possibilities. Now copying documents from one computer to another, controlling both devices at the same time. Even though that is my favorite thing on this Mouse, there is another cool feature that is neck to neck with this one. It’s ninety percent click noise reduction ensures you won’t disturb actually anyone around you.

The mouse weighs 101 grams. you can pair it via Bluetooth or the unifying receiver. The wireless range is up to 10 meters which also depends on the computing conditions. The sensor technology is Logitech advanced optical tracking with a sensor resolution of 1000 dpi.

logitech m585 multi-device


Logitech M585 Multi-Device

This mouse does use one AA battery. This battery is estimated to last two years. Only one battery can give you a battery life of about 24 months which is amazing.

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

The battery is also astonishing. It can last up to 24 months with a single AA battery. It has an automatic sleep mode, it has an on/off switch.

logitech m590 multi device silent


The design of both this mouse is the same and also features are just a little bit different. If you’re looking for something a little larger than the M585 mouse though and you don’t think it’s right for you, you many other options in Logitech. If you’re more of an office person with a laptop or a computer or both, the Logitech M590 mouse is an ideal great choice with lots of options, more controls, and more functionality. Both are almost the same but if you want a silent function, then M590 will be better to buy which is just $5 more comparatively.

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