Logitech marathon m705 vs m510

Logitech Marathon M705 Vs Logitech M510 Mouse: Which One is Better Mouse?

The Logitech Marathon M705 and Logitech M510 mouse are compared here. Both are a low budget productive mouse. To know more about these mouse, check out the detailed review.

logitech m705 marathon (1)logitech m510
Logitech M705 MarathonLogitech M510
Ergonomic fit for smaller hands.
Five easy-to-customize buttons.
Two scrolling speeds.
Extra-long battery life.
Ergonomic, contoured design.
Five customizable buttons.
Uses Logitech Unifying USB technology.
Side-scrolling possible.
Good battery life
Only for right-handed use.
Jumpy on a mouse pad.
Jumpy and erratic.
Elusive tracking and sensitivity settings.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Interface2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Movement Detection TechnologyLaserLaser
Movement Resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi
Buttons Qty77
OS RequiredApple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10Apple MacOS X 10.4 or later
Run Up Time36 months24 months
Width2.8 in2.6 in
Depth4.3 in4.7 in
Height1.7 in1.6 in
Weight4.76 oz4.55 oz
FeaturesHyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long documents and Web pages.

Wireless operating distance: Approximately 10 square meters.

The sculpted, right-hand shape guides your hand to a naturally comfortable position.

Battery type: 2 AA batteries.
Comfortable shape and materials.

Extra controls right under your fingers.

Up to 2-year battery life Unifying technology – Plug it / Forget it / Add to it.

Side-to-side scrolling plus zoom.

Programmable controls.

Advanced precision.

Detail Review


Logitech M705 Marathon

Wireless mouse often gives an impression of short battery life and even your having battery or charging from time to time but this mouse is special.

Logitech M510

This is more of an average mouse that you may see in an office setting or at your home. It is the Logitech M510 Control Plus. There are better mouses available but when you’re on a tight budget and need extra functionality, you have to choose wisely from a few reliable options. Logitech M510 offers many of those.



Logitech M705 Marathon

First of all, this mouse has a very ergonomic design and is so comfortable. It also is very attractive and looks like a sports car. My hand fits perfectly to it and it’s not made quite for people with larger hands.

You will decide to use this mouse because of the wireless capability, have a good battery life, and a reasonable price tag. The mouse is sized as 7 cm in width, 4 cm in height, and 11 cm in-depth and is designed for a right-hand usage. I don’t feel any discomfort after 3 to 4-hour straight usage, so it’s definitely a plus.

Logitech M510

In order to find the USB receiver, you gotta look inside the mouse where there’s a little compartment where you have the batteries that’s where it’s stored. My first impression of this mouse was that it was quite small for our hands and that the ergonomics were quite weak. I really appreciate the grippy side material of this mouse. It’s a nice rubbery material which I wish more mice had.

The mouse is ambidextrous is somewhat made for a right-handed person just cause of the button placements on the sides. Those keys are very uncomfortable to use if you are left-handed. Nevertheless, it is large enough where you can rest your palm and with the rubber grips on the side can be easily used for longer periods.

We found that the ergonomics were lacking. We found that a pinky finger fell off the mouse at times which didn’t feel good at all. Now, this other one is very nitpicky, however, it’s something we noticed and that’s the plastic seam on the front of the mouse something I expected from a dollar store Mouse, not a $50 one.

The sensor is not in the middle, we don’t know why they chose this design. Another thing we found quirky was the orange plastic inside the USB nano receiver, something you obviously don’t see every day. Also, if you didn’t know that this was a USB nano receiver it even tells you on the bottom of the mouse but it says unifying receiver instead.

logitech m510


Logitech M705 Marathon

On the side, you’ll see the forward and backward side button. This is helpful when going forward and backward when browsing on the internet, so you don’t have to move the mouse up to the arrows on the webpage. This also has a hidden thumb rest button which is controllable by the Logitech mouse software which is the best I’ve seen. This mouse has one feature of Logitech is known for and that is the scroll wheel. There are two settings, one where’s the scroll wheel moves freely through long webpages and the other has a normal clicky scroll feel. On the bottom, there’s the Logitech performance laser, off and on switch, and the battery compartment.

Like most of the Logitech wireless products, this will include a small wireless dongle unifying receiver. If you have multiple Logitech wireless Products, this will be able to connect up to 6 devices. The receiver is cleverly hidden under the battery cover of the mouse. The technology packed inside a mouse is pretty common. It has multiple laser tracking is able to turn anything except glass and note this is a major decision point for many people. The 1,000 dpi is pretty common too. One special feature of this mouse is hyper-fast scrolling. I know this is very useful for a super long article.

All of these buttons are customizable, there is an 8 button and I found the three-button most useful which is forward, back and thumb button. The thumb rest button is a Mission Control to be able to switch the application faster. All this is done through Logitech’s own software. The interface is simple and easy to understand. There is also a LED light indicator to indicate the pairing process or when the battery is low.

Logitech M510

The thing we liked is the middle Mouse side buttons, something even the G602 doesn’t have. There are a total of five clicks that can be configured in this mouse which can be done via Logitech Options software. There are three clicks constructed inside the scrolling wheel and two buttons on the sides, all have tons of customizable options which makes this mouse unique at this price point. All the buttons are clicky and sectile, it works on both Mac and Windows.

It connects using a unifying adapter that might take a USB port but easy to switch without pairing it with on device and you can store this adapter near the battery compartment in the back. It’s a non-gaming mouse, so don’t expect any preciseness but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it that hinders your workflow. It probably works on pretty much every surface I have used except a clear glass.

logitech marathon m705


Logitech M705 Marathon

The battery life is supposed to last more than a year and maybe more than that if you use about 6hours a day. It comes with the Unifying connector and two AA batteries.

Logitech M510

This mouse works on two AA batteries which also comes with the mouse, it has an auto-off mode. The battery life will last more than a year and as this has a battery inside it, you don’t have to charge this mouse.

logitech m510 mouse


Both are a nice mouse with some same features. Wireless capability and battery life are why you will categorize this mouse in the first place. The Logitech M510 is definitely a good basic Mouse. If it was to go on sale then this would be a valiant option to choose. I don’t really think someone in an office would need the two extra buttons unless they are editing.

I think, Logitech M705 will be better and it also has some extra features but the price is also more than the M510. So, you should choose as per your budget and work.

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After 100 total hours spent researching nearly 200 mice, we tested 28 top-rated mice and consulted with a panel of experts and laypeople to find the $35 Logitech Marathon M705 is the best wireless mouse for most people. Our panel of mouse users almost unanimously favored the size, shape, and glide of the Marathon over the competition and especially praised its button selection and placement.

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Who doesn’t love a good wireless mouse? Free from wires that tangle, it can soar across your desktop, free as a bird. We tested five of the best on the market, and while they were all good, there can be only one Bestmodo.

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The Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 offers comfort, a solid feature set, and a high tracking rate, making it a mouse worthy of our Editors’ Choice.

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If you are searching for a high-tech yet easy to use wireless, then the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 might be a good prospect for you. This is made for long hours of work with convenience.

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