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Logitech Wireless Headset H800 vs H600: Which One is Better?

This is the review of the comparison between the headsets of the same brand, they are Logitech Wireless headset H800 and Logitech Wireless Headset H600. As both the headsets are of the same brand, it becomes difficult to decide which one is better. To know which one is better than the other, go to the detailed review.

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Logitech Wireless Headset H800Logitech Wireless Headset H600
Wireless with Bluetooth connectivity.
Padded, durable synthetic ear cups.
Rechargeable battery that runs for up to 6 hours.
Adjustable noise-canceling microphone.
Foldable, over-the-ear design.
Mic noise cancellation is really good.
The headset cushion support is really comfortable, I used it continuously for 5 hours and it did not cause any itching or pain on the outer ear.
The volume + / – buttons are push buttons which are good considering the slider buttons available in other headsets generate noise and tend to wear out early.
It has a separate mute button which is a push button, again which is better than the slider button and has a better life than the slider-type buttons.
The ear pad life might be short.There is no option to know how much battery capacity is remaining.
There is no indicator to show whether your mic is muted/unmuted .xpensive.


ModelWireless Headset H800Wireless Headset H600
Headphones Form Factor
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Frequency Response30 Hz40Hz – 10KHz
Sensitivity97 db102dB +/-3dB
Impedance32 ohm30 ohms
Sesitivity-47 dBV/Pascal-44dBV/Pa +/- 3dB
Response Bandwidth100Hz100Hz – 6.5kHz
Run Time6 Hour(s)6 Hour(s)
Recharge Time3 Hour(s)
Width8.5 in8.46 in
Depth3.1 in3.07 in
Height7.9 in7.08 in
Weight4.23 oz3.7 oz
Easily connect to and switch between devices like your PC, tablet and smartphone.

On-ear controls
Let you adjust the volume, switch tracks, mute the microphone, answer calls and switch between devices.

Laser-tuned drivers Minimize distortion for clear calls and music.

Built-in equalizer Optimizes your sound whether you’re chatting or listening to music.

2.4 GHz wireless Roam up to 12 m (40 ft.) from your PC using the tiny, leave-in nano receiver.

Plug-and-forget nano receiver So small and unobtrusive, you can plug it into a USB port and forget about it.

Bluetooth technology It’s easy to pair your headset with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

Rechargeable battery Listen and chat longer-wherever you are-with the six-hour rechargeable battery. If you’re running low on juice, plug your headset into a USB port-and recharge without skipping a beat.

Fold-and-go design The lightweight headset folds up like sunglasses when you’re ready to hit the road.

Noise-canceling microphone
You won’t have to compete with background noise to be heard-which means crystal clear calls with work, family and friends.

Flexible, rotating boom
You can position the microphone right where you want it-and rotate it up so that it discreetly hides in the headband when you’re listening to music or watching a movie.
Convenient leave-in wireless receiver: Tiny nano receiver stays in your computer so your headset is always ready to use.

Clear stereo sound: Laser-tuned speaker drivers and noise-cancelling microphone for clear calls.

Long-range wireless: Listen and chat up to 10 meter (33 feet.) from your computer-and longer with a six-hour rechargeable battery.

Comfortable design: Adjustable headband and foam ear cups feel good even after long hours of use. Make sure the headset is the active output audio device in both your application and operating system.

Works with Windows, Mac and common calling applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Windows Live Messenger and AIM.

Detail Review:


Logitech Wireless Headset H800

The Logitech Wireless Headset H800 is one of the older model headsets of Logitech. These are some of the popular headsets in the market. These headsets are currently retailing for around a hundred and thirty-five dollars.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

The Logitech Wireless Headset H600 is also one of the older model headsets of Logitech. These headsets have a stylish look with the blue ring on the earcups. These headsets are currently retailing for around seventy-two dollars.

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Logitech Wireless Headset H800

The Logitech H800 has some controls on the side of the earcups, some controls on the bottom, and it also has a microphone that is adjustable. On the right earcup, there is a volume up, volume down, a “mute” functionality, a play/pause, and then on the side of the right ears, there is the switch to switch between Bluetooth, USB, and off, there is the switch to change tracks, and then there is the USB micro cable that you use to charge it. All these buttons, volume up, volume down, next track, previous track, mute, and play/pause have all worked with the Android phone no problem at all. Logitech got things right, and it works very well.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

On the side of the top earphone, there is an LED indicator, the charging port, and a power switch. There are two individual buttons on the blue ring there. The top part of the ring is an audio increase button and the bottom part is an audio decrease button. There’s also a connection button there that turns on the microphone and off the microphone. I would have preferred another switch button for power. I could see myself potentially hitting the button for the power and getting angry but at least that way I’d be able to physically tell whether or not my microphones on, instead of having to kind of guesstimate whether or not it’s on or not.

It charges by a micro USB cable. There is a small LED indicator right next to the micro USB charging port, if that glows yellow while it’s charging, Green as you’re using it, and red as it starts to get low on battery. One thing as it starts to get low on battery that you’ll notice is it starts to play the chime in your ears periodically, probably every minute and a half that you’ll hear this, and all it is to notify you that you were running low on battery because you can’t see the LED with the headphones on.


Logitech Wireless Headset H800

These headphones are very comfortable. They have the padding there on both sides, so there is a nice sponge padding. And also on the top, there is padding as well. The headphones are overall very comfortable. In fact, another aspect of it is that the headphones can actually, move a bit to adjust to your head. And they are overall angled a little bit. So if you put them on backward, it sticks out a little bit from the ear.

They’re actually slightly shaped to fit naturally on a normal head. I do also find that I’ve worn these for hours on end and they do not upset or bother my head at all, compared to the Sony headphones, which after wearing them for an hour or two, my ears start to get sore and I just get weary of wearing them and I have to take them off. I have not had that experience with these headphones thankfully.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

The plush or the padding for your earcups are not very thick. These will start to bother you with an extended period of time. I’ve noticed after about five hours of straight playing or say like editing or something, you’ll notice that these will start to bother. When you’re playing something or just watching YouTube these will start to bother you, press it primarily in like the bottom part of your ear and the top part of the ear. Not necessarily pushing on the inside part but it’ll start pushing the top of your ears and you will start feeling like pinching.

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Logitech Wireless Headset H800

It works over Bluetooth and over USB, so it can work with both your laptop computers and your cellphones. I’ve used these headsets with the BlackBerry, with the PlayBook, with the Android phone, with the laptop, and also with the work computer. Every time it’s worked flawlessly. I’ve also used the USB functionality with the same laptop and the work computer. Again, no problems at all. Everything just connected right away, right out of the box.

There’s certainly nothing terribly exciting about their look. I almost think they look cooler if you bring out the microphone because then it looks like you’re some hi-tech, business guy or hardcore gamer or whatever. If you had a bigger head they would kind of stretch a little awkwardly. It wasn’t really a deciding factor for me. They look fine. But, I would have liked to have seen something a little bit more classy or a little bit funkier, something that actually gives them a design that stands out and makes you feel proud to actually wear the headphones.

These headphones kind of makes the “wobbly” noise as you’re moving it around. The buttons there make a lot of noise. Just not very solid. The buttons on the side are not even really straight and it doesn’t slide very well through there. It’s just not the greatest connector. Then on the side, there’s a door that stores the dongle. It’s just very cheap. So if I had one complaint about these headphones I would have liked Logitech to spend a little more money on the quality, just a much more solid feel to the headphones. I’m not afraid that they’re going to break if I drop them or anything like that, but I would have liked to have, for an expensive set of headphones, a more solid, and more quality feel to the headphones.

The only thing that bugs me a little bit about the sound quality is that is padding there on the earcups. There’s no real protector for the sound traveling from the speaker into your ear. What happens is that noise from the ambient environment will tend to leak through this padding and pollute the sounds that you’re listening to. So if there is a lot of ambient noise, even talking or someone watching TV, it doesn’t really block that out. As long as you’re in a reasonably quiet environment these headphones work really well.

If we compare it with the Sony headphones that I’ve had for years and years there is a little recessed area and the sound will travel through that tunnel to your ear. And because it’s recessed, it will block out a lot more of this ambient noise. And another problem, which is the opposite of that, is that by not isolating the noise, the noise also “leaks out” of the headphones. So, for example, at night when I’m listening to music, I have to listen to it at a really low volume. Otherwise, the sounds will leak out and it annoys the person next to us. Unfortunately, that happens with these headphones.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

It connects with the computer by a Logitech USB nano receiver. The connectivity on this isn’t great, it doesn’t work through walls well. However, the media controls still do so. If you have static in your ears and you don’t wanna take your headset off and your hands are occupied, you can decrease that static or just take the headset off. That’s a nice feature.

The other thing is that these are featured as being on the go or fold and go headsets. They fold for ease of access so you can keep it in your bag without occupying much space. When I’m transporting them along with something that’s kind of nice normally I can just flop them on my desk as they have a swivel mechanism too.

One of the cons I consider on the Logitech headsets is on the upper pad so far have the band that connects both earphones. This headband has a wire inside and the wire isn’t clipped on anywhere. It’s kind of clip-on both the side where the wire isn’t seen so that the wire is restricted or is restrained there. But if you plot these down with force or just through periodic use, that line can come out and so you kind of have to like use your fingernail or something small and narrow to be able to create that back in there. That’s what happens to me all the time.

I don’t see it as quite a negative because it doesn’t affect turning on anything, I just wished like Hardware control over at Logitech would be able to do the quality control because most people will not like a loose hanging cord, when you have a wireless headset.

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Logitech Wireless Headset H800

I’ve been very happy with the battery life. The box claims that it has 6-hour battery life. I haven’t actually measured it with a stopwatch but I think once in the last 4 months has the battery actually died on me. I do charge it fairly regularly, but I’ve had no problems with the battery dying on me or anything like that.

Even when the battery does get low because it uses a standard micro-USB cable to charge it so you can charge it just about anywhere. It’s a very standard connector but in 2020 USB Type-C will be more standard. Again, with these headphones, no problems whatsoever with the battery life. The battery is not removable, so that’s very important that the battery will actually last a decent amount of time.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

With battery life on these, it gets pretty good. I can leave these for like three days straight and come back and they’ll still be charged. So for idle uses, it’s really good. However, while using them I can go in like a video gaming rampage like six hours as the company claims which is generally my longest and they’ll all get notified towards the end of that rampage that it’s getting low on battery.

If you are sitting so close to the computer, you will be able to just plug in a micro USB cable it’s kind of long-on. I don’t ever remember them officially dying on me which is a very good thing, so their battery life is good. It’s charged over a micro USB cable and the nice thing about that is you can use things like fast charge.


Logitech Wireless Headset H800

Basically, the sound quality is great. There is good bass, mid-tones, treble, sufficiently loud. I like my music loud and I was a little worried it wouldn’t go loud enough. But certainly walking down the street with the volume cranked enjoying the music, it sounds really good. When I put on with the Panasonic headphones the sound quality is not as good. There are nice speakers in these with great range. It also has some sort of built-in equalizer. Anyway, the sound quality is really good.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600

I tested out the sound quality of the Logitech Wireless Headset H600 with the maximum volume and I tested out with a bunch of different genres of music. By my test, I can say that these sounds loud enough. Even when you keep the headset on your neck with the music on, you could hear the music it is that much loud to feel the music. But the bass was not punchy, highs, mids, and lows were not good enough. Overall, for the price, it sounds good enough but not great.

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In my opinion, sound-wise the Logitech H800 is better than the Logitech H600 other than that everything else is similar between them. Still, if you are looking for a budget-friendly headset, then H600 is better for its price than the H800. The decision is in your hand what you prefer the most.

Expert reviews of Logitech Wireless Headset H800:

By Firstpost.com
In terms of design, the Logitech H800 is a headset with basic looks- it’s got the usually adjustable headband, foam pads with no felt or cloth covers, a protruding microphone arm and it’s got controls on one side. In terms of build quality, it’s not too impressive. The headset is understandably designed to be light, but a sudden jolt or twist could break the headband easily. There’s a provision to fold the headphones, so it’s a little easy to carry around.

By Digit
At Rs. 6,595 the Logitech Wireless Headset H800 fell expensive. Their build quality is sub-par and the audio output is consistent. If wireless headphones are an absolute necessity, then you may want to consider these otherwise we suggest you pick up a nice pair of wired headphones, which will do more justice to your music needs.

Expert reviews of Logitech Wireless Headset H600:

By Headphones100
This headset has a simple no-frills black design, with a blue circle on the outside of the earpiece. It’s lightweight at only 8.8 ounces and measures 9.5 by 3 by 7.1 inches. This model is an over the head design which means it rests on top of your ears.

By Tech That Works
I recently bought this headset and why not write a review about it. To be honest, this is no high-end headset at all, but that was not what I was looking for. However, it is a good headset for the price. It is very light and easy to use. Put the Nano receiver in an available USB port and let Windows find the device. If you are looking for a high-end headset for listening to great music this is not the one. If you on the other hand are looking for a good cheap wireless headset for Skype or so, the Logitech H600 might be just the headset you have been looking for.

By MD computers.in
Cut loose from your PC and roam freely as you talk. The lightweight and long-range wireless headset let you listen and chat up to 10 m. Laser-tuned speaker drivers and noise-canceling microphones deliver clear calls and stereo sound. Works with Windows®, Mac, and favorite calling applications. Adjustable headband and foam ear cups feel comfortable even after long hours of use.

By gearbest
Simple, one-piece control adjusts the volume from the headset. Sponge earmuffs and an adjustable headband that fold like sunglasses.

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