Logitech Z2300

Logitech Z623 vs Z2300: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the speakers of Logitech from the Z series those are the Logitech Z623 and the Logitech Z2300. These two types of speakers are almost retailing for the same price range but their quality of performance differs. To know which one is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Logitech Z623Logitech Z2300
Logitech Z623Logitech Z2300
Powerful deep bass.
Overall good sound quality.
Good design with bass control on the satellite.
Attractive design.
Works with multiple input devices. Affordable.
Good performance with games and movies.
Extremely powerful output.
THX certification.
Sounds loud and good enough.
Comes with a separate control pad or remote control.
Mids and highs could have been crispier and sharper.
The subwoofer is hard to position thanks to its size.
Poor musical performance. Hardwired cables can complicate setup and repair.
No remote control.
Big in size compared to Z623 so occupies more space.
Comes with a separate remote or control pad so there is one more device you need to use additionally instead of using one of the satellite speakers to control things.


Speaker System TypePC multimedia speaker systemPC multimedia speaker system
Speaker System Configuration2.1-channel2.1-channel
System Components2 speakers, subwoofer2 speakers, subwoofer
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Audio System Nominal Output Power (Total)200 Watt200 Watt
Frequency Response35 – 20000 Hz
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
THX certifiedYesYes
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Surround System Class2.1 channel2.1 channel
Designed forfor PCfor PC
Typespeaker systemspeaker system
Speaker TypeSpeakerSubwoofer
Speaker Qty1.21.2
Nominal (RMS) Output Power120 Watt, 40 Watt
Connectivity Technologywiredwired
TypeRemote control
Remote Control TechnologyCable
Typeaudio line-in, headphonesaudio line-in, headphones
Connector TypeRCA x 2, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Typesatellite speaker, subwooferSubwoofer
Width12 in, 4.6 in11.1 in, 3.5 in
Depth10.5 in, 5 in15 in, 6 in
Height11.2 in, 7.7 in11 in, 6.7 in
Weight15.4 lbs, 2.2 lbs, 33.5 oz
These speakers have met strict performance standards to achieve THX certification.* Learn how Logitech and THX bring the theater to your home. * THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registered in some jurisdictions.

400-watt peak power You’ll hear and feel immersive theater quality audio that brings music, movies, and games to life.* *200W RMS power

Multiple inputs
Z623 speakers have convenient RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for music, movie, and gaming devices.

Integrated controls Dial the volume and bass up or down to customize your listening experience.

Built-in headphone jack
When you want to listen privately, just plug in your headphones.

Powerful 2.1 system Easy, two-satellite setup and a powerful subwoofer give you big sound – even in large spaces.
Once you hear these speakers, you’ll know why they’re among the few that have earned the THX seal of approval. THX certification is the ultimate mark of audio quality and your assurance of a studio-quality listening experience.

Hear and feel the music with more than enough power to rock the room. Go ahead and turn it up. The speakers are built to deliver clear, detailed, distortion-free sound—even at window-rattling volume.

You have complete control over your listening experience with this sleek wired remote. Control master volume, subwoofer level and power. There’s even a headphone jack for private listening.

The system comes complete with a handy adapter that lets you easily connect the speakers directly to your game console, DVD player or CD player.

Detail Review:


Logitech Z623

The Logitech Z623 is currently retailing for around a hundred and twenty dollars and these are one of the speakers from the Z series of Logitech speakers. These speakers are 2.1 speaker systems which mean it comes with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer.

Logitech Z2300

The Logitech Z2300 is also a 2.1 speaker system with two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. These are also THX certified, so these sounds really good for movies as well as games. These speakers are currently retailing for around a hundred and fifty dollars.

Logitech Z623


Logitech Z623

The subwoofer itself is quite heavy and it is a sealed box. There are screws on the back where the connection ports are but the box itself is sealed up. It only applies to those bass heads out there who are handy with a soldering iron and who will do their own speaker repair. If this subwoofer ever goes out, if the Amp goes out, you’re not going to be able to repair it easily. I mean you would pretty much have to destroy the speaker box in order to get to the internal workings because not everyone knows how to recon a subwoofer.

Logitech Z2300

There is actually a vented on the side of the subwoofer from where you can feel a lot of air coming out of that. These are really good speakers for a laptop but they’re just not. I mean this subwoofer is too big so if your dest is small then you can’t place it on your desk. But you can place the satellite speakers on your desk as these are small in size and don’t take that much space. You are getting a small remote to control the volume on these. There is a little notch for the volume which you can turn all the way up and down. There is also a bass knob for the subwoofer and a power button on and off the system.

Logitech Z2300


Logitech Z623

Inside the box, you get two speakers, some cabling, some instructions, and the subwoofer. It’s pretty straightforward how you hook this up. You have some connections behind the subwoofer, the RCA audio input the main speaker that drives it, and also all other connections. The satellite speakers feel very substantial, they’re very nice, very quality, nothing negative about them.

The proprietary cable looks like a VGA cable. Cables like this were used to connect large heavy bulbous monitors to computers. I was shocked and stunned to see this type of connector on a brand-new set of speakers because you cannot get a cable extension for this. But actually, it looks like a VGA cable however the pins are wired differently so it’s not exactly a VGA cable ie a VGA cable extension will not work.

Logitech Z2300

The Logitech Z 2300 computer stereo system is THX certified which is basically a quality control rating for it. It’s really built well and is extremely worth $150. It pumps out 400 watts of peak power and that means it’s gonna get up to 400 watts which is a lot but I don’t think anyone’s going to take up to 400 watts unless you want to blow all your speakers. It has 200 RMS power which is the square and that’s just gonna be it can pump out 200 watts continuously which is pretty good in my opinion.

For connection you have a big table with the control pad or the remote that’s gonna the subwoofer and all the connection ports are there behind the subwoofer. Then you have the PC port and then above it, you have left and right the yellow one is left and the black one is right but those go up to the satellite speakers. The control pad’s port comes next to it and it has the input on the volume control, the audio input, and the volume control for the subwoofer, and the subwoofer itself has the power switch down there in it’s back.

Logitech Z623


Logitech Z623

These speakers have thunderous bass, crisp highs and mids, and all that great sound. I tested out the sound quality with the volume at maximum like as far to the right as it can go and I didn’t hear anything coming from the speakers, there’s no hint of static or noise or anything. That is ridiculously loud I have it set at 3/4 volume that was way too loud.

Logitech Z2300

The subwoofer sounds so good as a Bose without turning on all the way up. These sound very loud and with the THX certification, these sound very good for movies and games. The bass is really good and punchy. The satellite speakers too sound good but with the single driver, they don’t produce better sound.

Logitech Z2300


In my opinion, you should buy the Logitech Z623 because it’s sound better than the Logitech Z2300 at a lower price than the Z2300 and also, it doesn’t have any extra remote like Z2300 and has all the control system within one of the satellite speaker, which is really good for the price.

Expert Reviews of Logitech Z623:

By Tech Digest
They’re fairly pricey, but gamers and movie fans will get a lot out of the Logitech Z623 speakers. Superb bass response and an excellent stab at immersive THX audio make them easy to recommend, even if the satellites lack a little in detail.

By Tech Radar
They have to be heard to be believed though, and despite our reservations about the THX certification, it actually seems to mean something here. These come highly recommended.

By About.com
The Z623 is an option for gamers or movie buffs who want the power of a 5.1 system but not the price or added hardware. All other users need not apply. Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our…

By PC Advisor
The Logitech Z623 offers powerful stereo sound at a price that can get as low as £110 in certain online outlets, which is attractive. The system sounds bold and offers powerful deep bass that makes it easily a good option for partying or waking up…

By Expert Reviews
Well-designed and incredibly loud, but the audio just doesn’t sound as good as we’d expect from an expensive 2.1 set…

Expert Reviews of Logitech Z2300:

By cnet
Logitech’s Z-2300s have been on the market for more than half a decade, but these PC speakers still pack a sonic wallop.

By tomshardware.com
The Z-2300, based on Logitech’s 2200, will serve as a reference point in the world of high-performance 2.1 speakers. While we would have preferred to see the satellites offer two-way drivers, the final result is that the speakers are at the high end of the quality spectrum. 2300 thus represents one of the rare possible choices in this product sector for those who seek the best in the category.

By Dark station
The one thing for me that really held these speakers back from being the top of the line is first the size of the subwoofer which is a bit too big for my tastes and second off the high price tag which is enough to come close to buying you a full surround sound setup. With that being said if you are looking for a high-quality speaker system then you can’t go wrong with the Logitech Z-2300.

By Home Theater Review
For the money, the Z-2300 offers a good blend of benefits. The Logitech system provides good sound quality for movies and games, a nice array of convenient features, and some crisp cosmetics. In a world where downloads already control the music business and are quickly taking over for DVD as the preferred way to buy and own movies, your computer needs proper speakers and the Logitech Z-2300 could be just what the doctor ordered.

By Pocket now
I’ve always been partial to offerings from Klipsch – I’ve owned many of their products, and to me, they represent a very high level of quality. I expected the ProMedia 2.1 THX system to remain the king on the block even with, but as indicated by the ratings above, Logitech has brought to the market the next champion in high-end 2.1 multimedia audio.

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