Lusidsound LS31 Vs LS35X: Which is Better?

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This is the comparison and detailed review of LucidSound LS31 and LS35X headsets. Almost everything is same on both the headsets but there are some differences. So, you can get an idea which will be better to buy in this detailed review.

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LucidSound LS31LucidSound LS35X
Stylish grey and metal design.
Simple headset controls.
Crystal clear wireless audio.
Dual microphone set up.
Excellent sound.
Comfortable fit.
Attractive design.
Smart controls.
A touch of overfamiliarity to the design.
Needing a chat cable for Xbox One, as always.
Tedious PC setup.
Subpar dual-mic system.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20 Hz
Impedance32 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth
Weight12.52 oz13.96 oz
Battery Life15 hour(s)15 hour(s)
FeaturesUncompressed, lag-free wireless for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Supports surround sound on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Windows Sonic and includes cable required for Xbox Live Chat.

Ultra-plush, easily replaceable oval earcups include advanced memory foam for superior comfort during long play sessions.

Dual microphone design offers a flexible boom mic for gaming online and talking to your team. Remove the boom mic and use the integrated secondary mic for mobile.

Custom tuned 50mm speakers with state-of-the-art neodymium magnets provide deep bass and clear highs. Immerse yourself in the expertly crafted, signature LucidSound audio acoustics.

Durable metal frame for strength and a flexible headrail for a comfortable fit.

Up to 15 hours per charge.

Optimized sound for whatever you’re playing with Normal, Bass Boost, and Treble Boost modes.

AKA sidetone. Let’s you hear your own voice so you don’t end up shouting at your teammates.

One-Button SYNC to your Xbox One: One-Button SYNC to your Xbox One, One-Button SYNC to your Xbox One

VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND WITH WINDOWS SONIC: Windows Sonic for Headphones on Xbox One delivers immersive surround sound for superior positional audio. Hear every detail with remarkable clarity for a true immersive gaming experience. Also compatible with Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Ultra-plush, easily replaceable gel-cooled oval earcups include advanced memory foam for superior comfort during long play sessions.

QUICK-ACCESS AUDIO CONTROL SYSTEM: No need to struggle to find the right button or toggle switch during a game. The LS35X features intuitive and easy-to-use volume and mute controls using a unique system which is seamlessly integrated into the aesthetic design of the headset.

CRYSTAL-CLEAR CHAT WITH DUAL MICS: Dual microphone design offers a flexible boom mic for gaming online and talking to your team. Remove the boom mic and use the integrated secondary mic for mobile.

50MM DRIVERS: Custom tuned 50mm speakers with state-of-the-art neodymium magnets provide deep bass and clear highs. Immerse yourself in the expertly crafted, signature LucidSound audio acoustics.

LIGHTWEIGHT METAL FRAME: Durable metal frame for strength and a flexible headrail for a comfortable fit.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Up to 15 hours per charge.

Expert Reviews of LucidSound LS31:

By Rtings
The LucidSound LS31 is a good wireless gaming headset with plenty of control options but takes some time to get used to. It has decent audio reproduction and is comfortable for long gaming sessions. It also uses a dual microphone system for accurate recording/transmitting…

By Sixthaxis
Any modern gaming headset needs a microphone, and the LS31 doubles up on them in order to give you some excellent mic monitoring and noise reduction. While there’s a built-in pinhole…

By Nerdtechy
There are some simple reasons why someone might choose the LS31. It might be for microphone quality. It might be for their professional style, clearly attractive to…

By Savingcontent
The LS30 was my go-to headset for two years, and now the LS31 will likely stay for longer. They’re wearable in public and as fashionable as any other premium headphones. I could wear…

By Gpucheck
In terms of sound quality, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless is one of the best sounding headsets with very clear and crisp sound. The wireless support in LucidSound LS31 Wireless…

Expert Reviews of LucidSound LS35X:  

By Techaeris
There are plenty of console headphone options out there but few offer up the Xbox Wireless one-button sync functionality that the LucidSound LS35X do. With an attractive, slick design, fantastic sound, and great battery life, the LS35X should definitely…

By Impulsegamer
I could happily recommend this headset to the Xbox One gamers due to its audio quality, exceptional comfort and good battery life with up to 15-hours for wireless gaming. All in all, a strong gaming headset from LucidSound and the best installation to…

By Tom’sguide
LucidSound has a well-earned reputation for making high-quality gaming peripherals that don’t look like gaming peripherals at all. The LS35X lives up to the company’s high standards by providing beautiful sound, a comfortable fit and an attractive…

By Eurogamer
Ihr kennt das: Kauft Zubehör für eure Xbox One, das nicht von Microsoft ist, und ihr habt ein weiteres Kabel, das an eurer Konsole hängt. Das alleine ist ein großer Pluspunkt des neuen Headsets LS35X von LucidSound, denn es nutzt die gleiche…

By Gameswelt
Die Xbox-Wireless-Technologie funktioniert makellos und macht das LS35X neben dem Turtle Beach Stealth 600/700 zu einem der wenigen Headsets, die diese Technik nutzen und endlich das blöde Chat-Kabel zum Gamepad weglassen. Über allem thront aber der…

Detail Review:


LucidSound LS31

This headset is like an advanced version of LS30. There are some minor changes between the LS30 and the LS31. Actually, the speciality of these headsets is that we can use these like headsets and also headphones.

LucidSound LS35X

The design is almost the same as all the LS series headsets. The comfort and the sound quality of mic and headphones are also nice. Almost the features are also the same. 

lucidsound ls31 4 (1)


LucidSound LS31

This is nice and flexible and it’s a great feeling to it ps4. These feel durable. The design of this headset is more like normal headphones rather than a gaming headset. This is also could be an advantage. 

LucidSound LS35X

The LS35X looks and feels premium. This is the epitome of non-gamer headsets with maybe just a bit of extra bulk, it looks very much like a set of everyday headphones and does not have any aggressive game restyling or RGB lighting. The metal frame feels solid and looks sleek. The top headband is blazoned with LucidSound across the top and the cushion has some pattern stitching for a touch of flair.


LucidSound LS31

This headset has very soft ear cups which will be very comfortable. These are padded really nice as well. Comfortable for long-term gameplay. Ear cups seen in this is pretty cool as well and even when you’re looking inside of it, that’s pretty cool. Even though this looks like on-ear headphones, there’s enough breathing space.

LucidSound LS35X

The removable ear cups swivel for fit and rotate 90 degrees to be laid flat. The memory foam ear cushions are not the thickest in size but a deceptively dense when worn. The size adjusts on a slider on the headband.

The LS35X is amazingly comfortable. Despite the cushions not looking the thickest, they’re just the right density. This headset almost feels like it floats on the top of my head and after I work for a while, I almost forget it’s there. I can wear them for hours without any discomfort.

lucidsound-ls35x 2 (1)


LucidSound LS31

There’s a surround sound for Xbox one and Windows 10. This is designed for maximum comfort, revolutionary quick-access controls, lightweight metal frame.

This has some very premium quality headset. This is like free wireless superior to Bluetooth. There’ also an advanced dual-mic system with a moveable flexible boom mic for intense gaming sessions and built-in discrete mic, idle for phone calls. There’s also mic monitoring, so you can hear your own voice. I think it’s a key feature for most mics because when you’ve got a headset on if you’re shouting but you don’t know if you can’t hear yourself. So, here you’re gonna be able to monitor yourself by hearing how you sound.

In the box, you will get a pair of wires, chargers, USB, mic, the port to close up if you don’t use the mic. The 3.5 mm cable required for Xbox Live Chat and mobile use which pretty cool as well. There’s revolutionary quick access control, the left side is a game volume and the right side is for chat volume and mic mute.

When it’s wireless, it’s lag-free wireless superior to Bluetooth. You can turn off the headphone sound by pressing the middle button on the back of the earcup and you can adjust the volume by rolling that.

LucidSound LS35X

In the main box, you will find the hard case with the headset, a manual, and a warranty card. Inside of the hard case was greeted with the headset itself. In addition to easy storage and protection for the headset, the hard case also has a mesh pouch inside which can house the detachable boom microphone, the charging cable, the included 3.5-millimeter cable, and also a small cover for the microphone port when the detachable microphone is not in use.

The controls are unique with large wheels on the outside of the ear cups controlling the master volume on the left and the game in chat balance on the right. The quick press of the right ear cup mutes the microphone which has a red indicator to let you know it’s muted. A long press of the right ear cap turns on or off mic monitoring. The quick press of the left ear kept mutes the game sound. On the bottom of the left side is the power button, the charging port, the 3.5-millimeter port, and the port for the removable boom microphone for a multiplayer chat.

The headset also has a discreet built-in microphone that could be used for calls on your phone when utilizing a 3.5-millimeter cable on the go. The right ear cup is also the pairing button. The pairing process for this headset is as simple as connecting controller and requires no USB dongle or base station. This also goes along nicely with the battery life which LucidSound claims to be about 15 hours and I don’t doubt them.

The LS35X does have some downsides. I’ve noticed after extended sessions of listening to complex music or bass-heavy games, they’ll get a lot of distortion around 90% or higher in volume. Now, if I turn the headset off and come back to it after a while, the distortion will be gone but after a while, it will come back. I’ve also noticed that during extended play sessions that the headset will start to drop from the console for a second or two at a time before reconnecting itself. I’ve only really noticed this after playing for a couple of hours at a time but it’s pretty annoying.

Another issue is the range. My console is placed in the living room, if I go into the next room over and put a wall between the headset and the console, the headset will completely disconnect. Another small nuisance is the balance between the master volume and the game chat, it’s really touching it can be really hard to find that.

lucidsound ls31 3 (1)


LucidSound LS31

There are two types of mic that are coming with the headsets. One is pinhole mic and the other is a detachable boom mic. Pinhole mic can be used for calls and the boom mic can be used for gaming and chat or anything like that. Both the mic sounds good. For the price, it works well. The mic sound will be work you expected for this price range.

LucidSound LS35X

The detachable boom microphone has good voice reproduction when transmitted. It can be a little picky on placement though, it’ll pick up breathing like crazy in one spot but just a slight readjustment and it won’t pick up any background noise at all. Along the same lines, placement has a huge impact on the overall volume that it transmits at. The mic monitoring is functional but it’s pretty weak.

I also tested the built-in discrete microphone that’s ideal for mobile calls when using a 3.5-millimeter cable with your phone. It’s not as rich or clear as the boom microphone but it does a pretty good job.


LucidSound LS31

I did a test of headphone sound by the loudest sound because I want to throw the handle surround sound and see if it sounds tinny or if it sounds to Bassy. This sounds just to the right level. Even the base of it kicks in, it feels surround sound, it was good. Even a fire from each area and this one hit on us.

The surround sound is absolutely clear, this is cranked up to the highest. I put it on my PC, it recognized everything, it finds that fringe straight away. The sound is absolutely amazing. This one is no exception. I also tested with the ps4, this sounds the same.

LucidSound LS35X

The sound on the LS35X is pretty good. There is no adjustable EQ or presets. Fortunately, the stock sound signature sounds really good. The mids and highs come in clear. The base is punchy but sometimes it extends just a little too much into the mid-range but not so much so that it muddies the sound to any significant degree.

I test the LS35X across a wide variety of games and music and they sound good across the board but they excel on bummy shooters and more bass-centric music. It’s clear and spacious sounding is like the Sennheiser game series but they are really rich and fun to listen to.

When combined with Windows Sonic or the Dolby Atmos, the positional detection of the LS35X really shines through. On Ghost Recon Wildlands, I was really impressed by not only being able to determine the direction of gunfire and footsteps but also getting a strong sense of the distance too. In Call Duty world war 2, I was easily able to discern when an opponent was coming around the corner in front of me and allowing me to get prepared.

One thing I really love about this headset is it gets loud which really helps with the immersion and the content you’re listening to. Overall, the sound quality is very nice.

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There is nothing like big differences between these two headsets. Both are almost the same one with some small differences. So, considering the sound quality and all the features and also the price, I think LS31 will be better than LS35X. Otherwise, if you are Xbox player and want a wireless headset for that then LS35X will be great because the LS31 will not as wireless on Xbox one.