Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 vs Apple Airpods: Which One is Better?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and the Apple Airpods. There is much more difference in their prices and their features too. To know which one is better than the other, go to the detailed review.

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2Apple Airpods
Active Noise Cancelling. IPX4 rated (Great for the Gym).
Better battery life (7 hours + 3 charges).
AptX Bluetooth 5.1.
Great app and touch controls.
Lightweight and comfortable.
Killer sound.
Great connection.
Really portable.
Better battery than previous model thanks to H1 chip.
Occasional connectivity problems.
No wireless charging.
Unintuitive default controls.
ANC and Transparency Mode tax battery life.
Not the best fit.
Sound isn’t great.
Terrible/no isolation.


Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereo
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.1
Audio Controlsanswer/end, audio transparency, next/previous track, play/pause
ControlsAnswer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, audio transparency, ANC on/off
Width0.9 in
Depth0.9 in
Height1.2 in
Weight0.19 oz
Battery Life7 hour(s)4.5 hour(s)
Recharge Time
FeaturesDelivers best possible listening experience at anytime 7mm dynamic driver: Experience superior sound quality from audio specialist Sennheiser

Built-in equalizer: Personalizing your audio experience ANC & Transparent Hearing: Block out or listen to your surroundings – the choice is yours

Simplifies your life during the day Customizable touch controls: Let you define your personal interface for effortless control

Smart Pause: Don’t miss any part of your favorite song with automatic play/pause feature

Voice Assistant support: Interact at a touch with Google Assistant and Apple Siri

Designed for full day wearing 7 + 21 hour playtime: Listen to music for up to 28 hours thanks to the charging case

Improved ergonomic design: Revel in sound it its smallest, most comfy form

Craftsmanship: Quality that you expect from Sennheiser brand IPX4: Splash resistant design for all weather conditions
Easy setup for all your Apple devices6

Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or setting up double-tap
Double-tap to play or skip forward

Charges quickly in the case

Case can be charged either wireless using a Qi-compatible charging mat or with the Lightning connector

Rich, high-quality audio and voice

Seamless switching between devices

Expert Review of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2:

By The Verge
Their premium price (and, for some, the touch controls) mean they won’t be for everyone. But if you’re after a pair of truly wireless earbuds that come close to matching the quality of a premium pair of noise-canceling over-ear headphones, then Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 are easy to recommend.

By TrustedReviews
While its previous true wireless was a solid pair, Sennheiser gets it right at the second attempt. While ANC is rather light, paired with a good fit and volume control and they keep away a good deal of noise. The real star is the audio quality: expressive, lush, and enjoyable, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 are one of the best pairs on the market.

By Engadget
Sennheiser’s second-generation true wireless earbuds not only have extended battery life and active noise cancellation, but they’re also more pleasant to use. The touch controls are a lot more reliable this time around and the company kept the customization that allows you to fine-tune settings. The only unfortunate thing here is the price.

By cnet
The second-generation Momentum True Wireless 2 still has that elevated $300 price. But they’re better all around, with a slightly smaller, more comfortable design, active noise canceling that rivals that of the AirPod Pro, improved battery life (up to seven hours versus the original’s four), and better noise reduction during calls. That makes them arguably the best true wireless earbuds on the market today.

By What Hi-Fi?
These Sennheisers are more comfortable and nicer to use than their predecessors, battery life is better and noise-canceling is now included as part of the package. They’re easy to live with and you could happily listen to them for hours on end without reaching for the pause button. If your budget allows, your ears will be handsomely rewarded.

Expert Reviews of  Apple Airpods:

The AirPods may look like a weird headphone sticking out of someone’s ear, but to many who have been using it as a staple – I included, the AirPods delivers excellent wireless performance and convenience that other wireless earbuds have attempt to…

If you have an iPhone — or are in the Apple ecosystem — the new AirPods are a no-brainer. They are fast, smart, and deliver class audio performance — even if it’s not better than the first AirPods. The competition is heating up in the wireless earbuds or…

By TheStraitsTimes
You will not be able to tell the new AirPods from the old ones by just looking – the second and first generations of Apple’s true wireless in-ear headphones have identical designs. Not messing with a winning design is understandable, but I am…

Apple’s Airpods were one of the first pairs of truly wireless headphones to hit the market, as the two earbuds had no cable joining them and made them really wire-free. Now, Apple has launched a new version that has a couple of handy bells and whistles…

By IndianExpress
I doubt if there is one particular earphone that is more popular than the Apple AirPods. In the US for instance, you would see everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs to construction workers wearing them all the time. A recent trip to HongKong exposed me to…

Detail Review:


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Over their predecessors they have a few different improvements of Sennheiser implemented, battery life has massively improved, you’ve got active noise cancellation technology built-in and you’ve also got slightly smaller design so they don’t stick out as much. You’ve got more controls where you can actually customize what the touch controls actually do whereas in a previous generation you’re pretty much locked as to what some has I wanted you to have.

Apple Airpods

The Apple Airpods is a well-known product from Apple. These are retailing for around $200. They do come with a wireless charging case. These are the perfect ones for iPhone users. 

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

You’ve got a USB to USB type-c cable which is quite short, a manual, a bunch of silicon tips, and the earphones themselves with their carrying case. The carrying case is a little bit chunky in comparison to some of its competitors however it’s very stylish due to the fabric design. It’s got a USB type-c charging port at the back and a button over here which gives you an indication of what’s happening while charging earphones, if it’s fully charged it goes green when it’s connected up.

These earphones are IPX4 certified, in other words, you can have light rain or sweat and they won’t be affected. These have Bluetooth 5.1 and support the Aptx AAC and SBC codecs had no issues in terms of latency between the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the earphones and there was no video lag delay or lip-sync issues to report given in the Aptx codec. That’s pretty much if you’re an iPhone you’ll be able to use AAC which is pretty flawless for Apple users.

Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods 2 come in a nice clean white box. Inside the box, you get your usual books, your Airpods with the charging case, and your lightning adapter. The top of the case feels like it has a nice stiffness. You get a LED on the front of the case. On the bottom, you get your lightning adapter. I’m not a big fan of white earbuds. I wish they would have had black, they should’ve given you two choices at this price range. If you’re an athlete and using these all day every day, they will get dirty.

As you are getting wireless charging here, you get a little red LED while it’s charging. You can also buy the wireless charge case only for $80. For the pairing process just open up the case, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile, it will pop up on your screen and connect it.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The earphones themselves become slightly thinner however that is very minor they still do stick out a little bit from your ears and the earphones have touch-sensitive buttons. The design of the earphones is still very stylish. You’ve still got that sort of silver design and the earphones don’t stick out as much as their predecessor did. So, in this respect, these slightly slimmer design is great and improved and the look is very stylish.

I will say however if you are going to gym or someone who’s going to be working out with these earphones you might want to be worried about them because there’s no over the ear hooks, there’s no ear fins, or there’s no way of these earphones not kind of slipping out over. You will sweat naturally in your ear and in this case due to the plastic design the earphones have might come loose.

Apple Airpods

I did the head shake to test how fit these are but one popped out. As I did the head shake test, these are definitely a no-go for the gym. I don’t like the look with the pencil style stem, there are plenty of other earbuds in the market they look more discreet, they fit in your ears better. I don’t like the way it has been designed as it never fits in the ears perfectly. If you are going gym there is much more chance of these falls out from your ears while sweating out. I always see people in the gym looking for the Airpods on the floor. These are not workout earbuds.

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The touch controls have both pros and cons. On the one hand, I do like that when you tap them once they do play-pause and they’re really good and sensitive in that respect. On the other hand sometimes when I get my earphones out and they put them down they just seem to respond to a touch button. Even when I put them down and touch them, they’ll accidentally start playing some music and that’s something that I’m not usually accustomed to with other touch-sensitive ear earphones.

Furthermore, the double-tap function of the triple tap function which allows you to skip a song or go back, on things like that it’s just a little bit too slow to respond. The single tap works fine but when I double tap sometimes it’ll only respond as a single tap, triple tap it sometimes it’ll even respond as a double-tap. So, sometimes it just misses it out and you have to be very precise as to where you tap it and when you press it, whereas deliberate.

The app here itself is pretty comprehensive, however has a few flaws. You’ve got controls like smart pause, active noise cancellation, auto-accept call, sidetone, that’s great to see. There is also earbuds customization really nice to see, you can customize the buttons and what they do, for example, play and pause. You can customize that by holding on play-pause then from down, you can see over there some options which you can set it out by changing play-pause. You can also have activated your voice assistant if you wish.

The thing I don’t quite get and the same thing that I’ve found with the older version is its equalizer preset. The equalizer preset is somewhat odd. The reason why is it’s because it hasn’t got different bands that you can adjust instead, it’s got one single thing which somewhat skews the sound quality in one way or another. For me, I found it actually in the Center point gave you the best sort of sound and then skew either the treble or the bass in a weird way. I would have liked a separate band equalization or like for example, five-band equalizer to be available here for users.

On the homepage, you can see that you’ve got a transparent hearing. So, you can enable it also when music is playing or you can have that disabled if you still wish. It’s also useful to have that and you can again enable that via tap function or a double-tap function whatever you want to set or find the earphones when they’re in your ear. Surprisingly, it was a bit weird not to see that the ANC function was not mentioned over there in the app and said you have to go into settings and find it there.

There are originals the predecessors of these earphones had a notorious problem of not switching off when placed in the case. Sometimes they would just continue playing music and the only way you’d be able to switch them off was to force a hard reset them, and they also sometimes had Bluetooth connectivity issues where they automatically reconnect or sometimes completely use the connection from your source device. I can surely say, that wasn’t an issue with version 2, they have no issues whatsoever, and each time I try to do some tests to try and make it fail. It just worked flawlessly.

This might seem a bit trivial but if you’re boasting about ANC and you’ve got ANC you sure you’d want to shout about it. Having tested these in comparison to the best Sony WF-1000XM3 in terms of noise cancellation earphones, I can see why Sennheiser isn’t shouting about them. This is because this ANC performance is somewhat laughable here. For earphones that cost $300, the ANC performance is pretty poor, to say the least.

There are some earphones that cost less than these completely outperformed these earphones. When we compare these with Sony’s it was kind of a night and day difference to the point, wherewith the so many earphones you think that these don’t even have noise cancellation technology built-in at all, it’s that bad. It’s very disappointing to see this with the Sennheiser earphones, it’s the same case I found with the Sennheiser over-ear headphones although the difference wasn’t as night and day difference.

Apple Airpods

For your button configurations go to settings, go to Bluetooth, find your Airpods. For the left side, you got Siri, play-pause, next track, previous track, or off and the same thing with the right side. All the button configurations work perfectly. You can also use your voice control for those purposes and everything works flawlessly with both button controls and Siri.

I don’t like the button controls in these. The fact is that you can only have one control assigned to each earbud. You can’t have play-pause, skip and reverse on each side, you gotta have either/or. You get plenty of earbuds on the market that you got play-pause, skipping, reverse tracks, swipe up and down the volume, and Google and Siri, all in the same earbuds. In this one you’re gonna have to make a choice whether you want to skip and reverse or you want play-pause or you want Siri only, one control which I don’t like.

I also checked for lag latency and what I mean by that is when you’re watching a video, is there any delay from the person’s lips to what you hear. This is another thing that I love about Airpods, literally no lag, perfect. This is how you want to watch movies using wireless earbuds.

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

In terms of battery life, it’s worth bearing. These earphones have significantly improved over their predecessors. The original true Wireless had around 4 hours of playback time while the new ones have around 7 hours of playback time. So, it’s almost doubled in terms of the earphones themselves. The battery life of the case itself is around 28 hours, its around 11 hours increase of its predecessors. That’s pretty good however encompasses some of its competitors even cheaper competitors they offer better battery life.

Apple Airpods

You can also play music from one earbud at a time. That’s one of the cool things about Airpods. If you are at work listening to clandestine music these are last you all day, for the first five hours use the right earbud swap it out and use the left. This way you can extend its battery life. I do like the battery life, five hours music on a single charge, that’s excellent and I like the fact that the case charges it up four more times, that’s pretty good.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

In terms of recording quality that these earphones have, they’re pretty much like their predecessors. The call quality is decent although it’s not great. It does pick up ambient sound, so if you’re in a busy environment your recipient will find themselves a little bit hard to hear what you’re saying. Some of these competitors do offer better call quality.

Its predecessors were one of the best true earphones I’d ever heard. I’ve heard many true wireless earphones but I’ll be pleased to say that these are still the best true wireless earphones out there on the market. The thing is now due to increased competition the earphones don’t sound as good as competitors because its competitors have somewhat caught up. The Sennheiser’s don’t have that open wide sound signature, so they do lack that open wide sound.

Again these are the best sounding true wise earphones on the markets, they’ve got a great overall tonality, they’ve got great sort imaging, good overall sound stage, good mid-range reproduction, and good tight mid-bass response with a good sub-base rate extension. However, the difference isn’t as night and day as it used to be back in the days of his predecessors, were at the time it was initially like hearing two different earphones. It’s like hearing slightly different alterations or a few inequalities in some frequencies over its competitors.

Apple Airpods

The sound quality is pretty good. It’s pretty good crystal clear nice and loud has a nice amount of bass. But all other true wireless earphones at this price range sound better than these. For $200 they just need more bass and it needs a better fit.

The call quality is amazing, that’s my favorite thing about these. It’s really crystal clear, nice, and loud. The person on the other side said I sounded good and they too sounded good to me. I don’t like the bass in these. It’s just not enough base for $200. All the earphones available in the market at this price sounds better than this.

Even though they don’t get the heavy bass, they do get bass, it’s that clean rich pure bass. It’s just not loud enough and heart-pounding enough. It gives you that bass almost like wired in earbuds.

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In my opinion, if you want great sound, great bass, and a good fit and comfort then the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is better than the Apple Airpods. Even though the price of the Sennheiser is more than the Airpods, they do worth their price than the Airpods.