Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Vs Hesh 3: Which One is Best to Buy?

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This is the comparison between the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless and the Hesh 3 headset. Both are wireless and both are very competitive in the Skullcandy headsets. Check out which one is better as per the features and also the price.

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Skullcandy Crusher WirelessSkullcandy Hesh 3
Solid “basic” sound.
Great battery life.
Good wireless reliability.
Fun, bass-heavy sound.
Blocks out ambient noise.
22-hour battery life.
Haptic bass feature is rubbish.
Sound a little unrefined.
Tight clamping force.
Bloated bass.
No multipoint Bluetooth.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz–20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity97.3db @1KHz
Impedance33 Ohm32 ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, volumeanswer/end, next/previous track, volume control
ControlsVolume, answer/end, next/previous trackVolume control, answer/end, next/previous track
Width7.95 8.25
Depth8.35 9.75
Weight9.7 oz7.1 oz
Battery Life40 hour(s)22 hours
FeaturesBass without boundries.

Your favorite bass experience now with Bluetooth functionality.

Delivers our notorious and celebrated bass Immersion Tech with an upgrade in aesthetics, audio quality, and wireless functionality for a one-of-a-kind media experience that goes wherever you do.
Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

22 Hours of Battery Life.

Rapid Charge: 10 Minutes = 4 Hours.

Noise-Isolating Fit.

Microphone, Call, Track, and Volume Control.

Collapsible Design.

Connection Type: Bluetooth or Wired.

Rapid Charge: 10 Min = 4 Hours of Play.

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Detail Review:


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The design of the headset is very simple and there are lots of options in the color of the headset. The comfort is not that good, the padding and everything is nice but the comfort is not that much good after a long gaming session for me personally. The sound of the headset is nice and enjoyable in movies.

Skullcandy Hesh 3

The design is very simple and minimalist. The comfort level of the headset is good and it’s very lightweight so good to use in travel. The sound of the headset is also good and punchy. The price range is very cheap especially considering the wireless feature.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

This thing is built very well. The headphones give a lot of confidence when handling with its super thick metal bands on the sides. The plastics feel toughen not cheap or flimsy. You don’t hear or feel any plastic chattering or cracking under stress.

Skullcandy Hesh 3

The thing that really struck me was just the houses simple and plain they are and I really like that. There’s no crazy graphics or colors on the headphones and it’s so minimal for a wireless pair of headphones, there is only three buttons on it.

You can get it in black, grey, a red, and kind of like a navy blue color. We do have some gloss plastic here along the yoke where the head cups sit.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

In comfort comparing to other headphones, these are on the heavier side when compared to the competition. Now, while wearing key things that I look out for is the pressure that I can feel at the crown of the head which on the first day after about hour of work, I, unfortunately, did feel it, it was a minor nuisance and I’m now able to wear them for two hours straight with no issues really whatsoever.

The other area that I look at is the jawline and clamping force. It is firm, you do feel slight pressure right below the ear but after two days of testing and using, I was acclimated and didn’t have any issues thereafter. If the ear cups could swivel a bit more than they do currently, I think the headphones would have worked out slightly better. This weighs like 290 gram but thankfully they don’t feel like wearing bricks either. Now, the ear cups do feel comfortable like most headphones. My ears do warm-up but nothing alarming while wearing these at home.

Skullcandy Hesh 3

When it comes to comfort, these really shine. They’re ever pretty low profile but they do expand to fit larger heads, fits nicely up top. They’re just really light weights with the ear cups. You have definite ample padding as well as a little bit of padding on the top of the headband, definitely lightweight pair of headphones.

The ear cups swivel 90 degrees along with the headband as well and one of my favorite things about these headphones is not only can they lay flat on a surface or something like around your neck but they also fold into the headband, making these very portable through bringing them with you.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 1 (1)


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The buttons on the right side include volume up and down through the plus and minus sign-holding either one of these for three seconds allows you to skip or go back on songs. The middle circle pauses and plays your music here. In addition, a double-tap does activate Siri or Google assistant on both Apple and Android devices respectively.

Now, on the left ear cup, you do have a very smooth slider to adjust how much base you want but this was one of my biggest downfalls aesthetically. The slider will show streaks of wear and tear, you’ll see this on the very first day that you’ll use these headphones but beyond that on the bottom is your three-and-a-half millimeter port for physical connections and a micro-USB port for charging the headphones.

Skullcandy is claiming up to 40 hours of use which is insane and left the sound for a full 48 hours at 50 percent environment and I still had about 60 to about 70 percent battery life remaining, one of the best if not the best in the industry from high standard tests.

No wireless signal is superb here with walking exactly forty linear feet away, the signal never dropped. The sound leaking is apparent on these, unfortunately, any quiet room at 50 percent environment, it’s not super loud but someone sitting next to you can easily hear the vocals. On the flip side, passive sound isolation basically how much sound this blocks out from your environments does very well for a passive pair of headphones.

The touching base quickly on phone calls here. Skullcandy does well for a headset here but it gives slight echo but my voice is always in the forefront and same with background noises. It is audible from the recipients at the other end but my voice does stand out and never sounded as though I was far away.

Skullcandy Hesh 3

On the backside of the right ear cup, you have your volume up and down rocker, it’s embedded in these rubber buttons and in the middle is like you play-pause-take a call, etc. Underneath that as a micro USB port for charging it. You also have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom in case you want to use these wired if the battery dies. Then, on the front side of the ear cup is also a little inline mic taking calls. They include the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack in case you want to use these wired.

These rated at 22 hours, I find out throughout my week testing that pretty much held up. If you just charge these up for five minutes, you get 90 minutes of battery life which is really good.

For the Bluetooth technology, I believe is rated for like 33 feet or something like that. I found that it does have a hard time going that distance when there are walls in the way. So while it works but when you go to different rooms, it will be started to cut out a little bit but I mean for this price range, it is hard to complain.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Simply these are bass-heavy headphones, I could call it hyper bass headphones if I could with these things. It’s seriously on a totally different level. With its lowest base setting, the crusher Wireless already gives a deeper punch than bass-boosted headphones more than Sony 650BT and more than Sennheiser Urbanite.

The vocals are still pushed forward, it’s a very much in your face kind of a sound signature that is. Some like this experience as it is loud, it’s present, the audio doesn’t need to be turned up so loud to be enjoyable but then on the flip side here because of that, the audio signature is of course not accurate since certain frequencies are severely emphasized over the others. Still at its lowest base settings, the soundstage though and the audio separation is still very good here and you’re very much aware of where audio is coming from, left and right audio channels is a perfect example.

Now once you move the bass letter up, the bass gets deeper and you start to feel more vibrations on your ears. The mids do become muddy though and lose some of that foreignness and bass clearly becomes dominant. At this point if you look into equalizer or a frequency curve, it tends to form a u-shape where there’s a strong emphasis on bass, mids are slightly recessed here and highs are still elevated.

Now, if you move the slider up 3/4 to a maximum, there’s a droning that starts to occur and a lot of vibrations that you can actually feel and it goes back with my analogy of those having aftermarket subwoofers in their cars some do like that, it’s pretty intense of what Skullcandy offers. So that haptic feedback moniker is there, you do get the physical vibrations in response to audio, mixing your audio a little bit more immersive. It’s quite unique, it’s a bit original but it is more of an after effect of the bass experience that again Skullcandy provides. It wasn’t a separate motor that spun and vibrated like an Xbox or Playstation controller like the haptic feedback or feedback in general that an iPhone provides.

I personally didn’t enjoy this so much with music and again that’s just my personal opinion but with movies, that’s where these headphones really did shine though, the bass was much more tolerable but the explosions, punches, and falls of actors here it sounded as though I was watching a movie in IMAX. A lot of that bass was emphasized, a lot of that bass was even felt in the ears as well. I actually love these for use with movies.

Skullcandy Hesh 3

We do have 40-millimeter drivers on the Hesh 3 and there’s tons of padding on the ear cups. They do a really good job of creating like suction and isolating and eliminating any background noise around you. You should not have active noise canceling as some headphones do but they do a good job just eliminating that and creating a good suction.

In the sound quality, when it comes to the bass these really shine in the mid loads of that area where you get a nice tight punch all-around your music. I listen to a bunch of things from like electronic, some old-school hip-hop definitely tested a variety of songs and really found the bass shines. Now, as for the mids and trebles, I found this kind of straight away from that flat response and though most audio files would prefer but again these aren’t made for audio files themselves. I felt like the mids were kind of toned back and overall, I think the whole sound signature here was just tight and punchy throughout.

With the vocals, they weren’t overly like crystallized, it not might sound like that nice and tinny. They just did a good job of staying warm and overall I think favoring the bass. So, if you’re a bass head, you’re probably gonna like these. Audio files may not for the sound signature that these have. To the average person who just wants a good sounding pair of headphones at that price, they are not gonna mind the sound quality at all especially if you like bass.

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Considering the price, features, sound quality, I think you have to decide as per your preference. Some of the other colored Hesh 3 headsets except black and white, come around very cheap price than the Crusher headset. So, if you are a new user to the Skullcandy headset try the Hesh 3 headset but even to purchase this one, try this out before you purchase because you should know this type of sound is in your preference or not but if you love the bass-heavy sound, you will definitely like this one. The Hesh 3 sound more natural than the Crusher Wireless and the Hesh 3 performance is good.