Sony WH-XB900N vs Skullcandy Venue: Which One is Worth Buying?

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This is the review of the comparison between the Sony WH-XB900N and the Skullcandy Venue. Both of these headphones come in the same price range which is around 180 Dollars but their features vary from each other. To know which one has better features and which one worth its price, go to the detailed review.

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Sony WH-XB900NSkullcandy Venue
Great sound quality for the price.
Option for dedicated Google Assistant/Alexa button.
USB-C charging.
Good battery life.
More affordable than the 1000XM3.
Clean, simple looks.
Good sound quality, Long-lasting battery life. Powerful audio performance with dialed-up bass response and sculpted highs, Better-than-average ANC, Can be used in wired passive or active mode, Detachable cable.
Touch controls are still frustrating.
Noise cancellation isn’t as powerful as the 1000XM3.
Too much bass for some people.
Uncomfortable to wear over long hours, ANC doesn’t cancel noise properly, ANC volume bug, Flimsy build quality, Photos by Raj Rout, Facebook Comments, ShareTweet.
ANC creates high frequency hiss and affects sound signature, Audio performance not for those seeking accuracy.


Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Frequency Response20Hz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity97.3db @1KHz
Impedance50 ohm32 ohm
Diaphragm1.6 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth50Hz
Weight8.96 oz15.3
BATTERY30 Hour(s)25 Hour(s)
FeaturesSONY AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee

BUNDLE INCLUDES: Sony WH-XB900N EXTRA BASS Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones with the 5000mAh Battery Pack and Headphone Case

DIGITAL NOISE CANCELLATION: Sony’s noise cancellation technology means you hear every word, note, and tune with incredible clarity, no matter your environment. Additional microphones also assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone, resulting in improved phone call quality

Active Noise Cancelation

Bluetooth Wireless

24 Hours of Battery Life with Rapid Charge

Find Your Headphones

Monitor Mode


Tile Technology

Detail Review:


Sony WH-XB900N

The Sony WH-XB900N are the successors from the 1000XM3s’ and 950s’. Sony is well-known for its active noise cancellation technology. As they are known for that these do work well in that respect. These are retailing for around $ 180.

Skullcandy Venue

What makes these specialists is the skull candies finally getting into the market of active noise-canceling headphones. The new Skullcandy venue is retaining for a hundred and eighty dollars and also wants to compete in that same market.

5.5 Sony WH-XB900N 2


Sony WH-XB900N

There is a 40-millimeter neodymium dynamic driver right here. This one also features active noise cancellation like the 1000 series range. Aside from that this can also be packed into a compact form factor. It comes included with a soft carrying pouch, you can travel with it easily.

There are only two buttons on the headphones right there. One is to power on and off, another one is a toggle between active noise cancellation on/off or ambient mode. There are two ports right there one is the USB type-c as well as the headphone jacks on the bottom, so you can hear music a lot without any quality compromise. Aside from that the other general controls of the headphones are through the touch controls.

Skullcandy Venue

When you open up the box it looks like typical Skullcandy packaging, but when you start to look inside you see that they put a lot of detail into the case. It’s a very nice hard case, it’s not the usual soft pouch that you get with Skullcandy headphones. This may be something different until you unzip the case because it’s not anything different.

It actually looks just like the Crusher wireless. I tried the black model it looks just like the other ones, they also have a white/crimson model. Inside the case other than the headphones, there are slots for the cables, there is a micro USB cable for charging and a 3.5-millimeter headphone cable.

On your right-hand side on the bottom, you do have the micro USB input to charge, then the 3.5-millimeter headphone cable input and then above that you have your volume up and down, and your play and pause button. On your left-hand side, you have your power button, your active noise-canceling button and it also turns on the monitoring mode, so if somebody comes up to you and starts talking to you, you can just hit that button and the mics on the headphone will start to pull in what’s going on around you. So, you can hear somebody talking to you and not have to take off the headphones and not have to turn off your music and go through all of that. If you simply just tap the power button once, it will show you out of the four little lights there where your batteries at. The left and right Brandon is marked on the inside part of the headband.


Sony WH-XB900N

Comfort-wise the headband here is reinforced with metal can extend up to three centimeters. So, you can adjust it according to your head size. When it comes to the ear cups opening, it is 6 by 4 cm and the ear cup thickness and depth is 2 cm. As well as a 2-way swivel mechanism is there a single way and also the two-way. So, it can fit your head shape easily.

This is very comfortable. Especially, during long sessions of listening to the song I don’t feel any sweat around the ear area and the pressure is just right, it’s not too tight as well as not too soft, is just nice right there. So, once you put this on your head when you go around it stays fit. For me it is comfortable.

Skullcandy Venue

These feel extremely light. If you’re a traveler gonna wear these on flights or just walking around the city or subway, you don’t want something that’s heavy you definitely want something that’s light. It feels light but the one thing I do want to point out too is it’s kind of creaky when you push them apart. As far as the extension that is aluminum but there’s also plastic underneath it. Padding on the headband is not much there, but it is really light so it’s not really that necessary.

Once you have them on, you can wear them for long periods of time and there’s really no discomfort. The earpads are really deep and really soft. They don’t have huge openings. If they do have a lot of padding, it feels really soft but it’s gonna be really hard for a lot of people’s ears to actually go inside that hole opening. But these don’t stick out much, they’re pretty flush with my head.

5.5 Skullcandy Venue 3


Sony WH-XB900N

The touch control performs the function like swipe forward to go the next track, swipe backward to go to the previous track, swipe up to increase volume, swipe down to decrease volume, double-tap to play-pause and also to attend the call and if you hold down the side for a long duration they actually change to the ambient mode where you can communicate with people and once you remove your hand from it, it goes back to your music as well as your active noise cancellation.

It uses Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity with support for NFC touch. That’s the easiest way of pairing. Aside from that when it comes to the pass-through installation it’s good it blocks a good amount of environmental noises but once you activate active noise cancellation it blocks a lot of the low hisses, the low rumbling sound of the low frequency, as far as the high frequency it’s not that much wider like the 1000XM3 but it does feel like the first generation of noise cancellation which is good and it does this job.

Skullcandy Venue

It does come with a 3.5-millimeter headphone cable so that way if it is completely dead or if you just prefer to use it wired or if you’re using like the Nintendo Switch where Bluetooth is not an option.

These headphones have the tile built-in. If you’re not familiar with the tile, it’s a simple little square that you put on your keychains or put in your bag or your wallet and through Bluetooth and different connections, your phone is able to track where it is and it’s also able to cause things to beep so that you can find them. So, if you usually misplace your headphones or you just want to know where they’re at and you can’t find them, you simply open up the Tile app on your phone, hit the tile that shows the Skullcandy logo, then your headphones will start ringing.

For 180 Dollars getting a pair of active noise-canceling headphones, that do an incredible job actually of canceling out noise. You can tell a huge difference between when these are off and when they’re on. It really does knock out, I would say probably about 80% of the sound and so in that price range, I think 80 to 85 percent is really impressive.

5.5 Sony WH-XB900N 1


Sony WH-XB900N

With the test the battery life on this Samsung S10 at the fourth volume bar with active noise cancellation off, we get a total of 40 hours and 20 minutes, and with active noise cancellation on we get a total of 33 hours.

Skullcandy Venue

The micro USB cable does offer fast charging, so if you charge these for just 10 minutes of charging, you will get 5 hours of battery life. 10 minutes to give me 5 hours is really a good trade-off. Actually, the battery life of this model does get 25 hours of battery life.


Sony WH-XB900N

For audio quality, this is where I use the Samsung S10 at the 5th to 6th volume bar depending on a song choice but I enabled active noise cancellation, so it blocks the majority of the environmental noise can I can have the better sound signature that I can listen to. But EQ was turned off so I can hear the natural state of the driver itself. Here we can hear low bass frequencies which are super energetic and super notable. You can feel the air pressure movement significantly in your ears.

Low bass frequency is good, it does not get into the vocals and has zero bass distortion. The low bass feels balanced with the vocals in terms of the audible level right there and the vocal sounds crystal clear. For me again the bass is superbly energetic and super clean not about the bass is smooth with a long drag. Especially, the vibration is pure orgasm and smooth. The bass does not overpower the vocals, it feels balanced, the sidetone sounds alive and rock.

For vocals and instrumentals, I chose the range of the piano and the violin tone. In terms of audible level taking the focus away from the piano and violin tones, this is not how the song was meant to be. The pronunciation is crystal clear but echoing and humming is orgasm but slightly overpowers me crush this vocal in a song that is not how the song is meant to be.

Based on my testing, this performs well from the ultra-low base frequency so you can feel the vibrations that depth up to the upper mid-range, and at the highest, it suffers right there.

Skullcandy Venue

The sound, that’s the seller here, because these have a sound signature that just shows you Skullcandy is maturing with the company like the headphones are not just bass-heavy, just solid thumping all the time. They’re focused on bringing out highs and bringing out mids and actually competing with Bose and Sony in the market of active noise-canceling and high-end sounding headphones as well.

These do have more base than the Bose and the Sony but the mids and the treble are actually push really forward where it’s a very exciting lively sound. It’s not flat, it’s not boring, and that’s with any genre I tried metal sounded incredible on these, like bass with a hip-hop sound.

It’s really good and it’s a quick punch, it’s not a resonating low where it just kind of rattles and just kind of shaped it, instantly hits you, so you feel the impact and then it backs off. It’s more of a clean tight punchy bass. When you mix that with the way that they did the mids to have clean vocals and the trebles, to have really crispy highs they found a sound signature that’s really fun and doesn’t bury anything out. Skullcandy in the past is like when you go to different genres were a lot of stuff’s going on, it just starts to sound muddy and things get kind of crazy. In these, they didn’t that and it’s pretty impressive.

5.5 Skullcandy Venue 2


For a hundred and eighty dollars you get the technology of active noise-canceling, getting the Tile inside of these to be able to find them if you lose them is impressive, getting twenty-five hours of battery life, and rapid charging like ten minutes of charging to get five hours of battery life from the Skullcandy Venue. But in Sony WH-XB900N you don’t have this rapid charge feature and tile in the price. So, in my opinion, Skullcandy is worth buying than Sony WH-XB900N.

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