Top 10 very different man that you won’t believe actually exist

Everybody is different and in the case of the men listed here are very different. So different that you’ll have a hard time accepting their real.

Amou Haji

You don’t want to sit next to this guy on a long journey on the underground. Amou Haji has not had a shower or bath in over 60 years. This is a guy who seriously needs a bucket of hot soapy water thrown over him. His refusal to clean himself isn’t even the weirdest thing about him. For starters, he willingly lives in a grave like hole. Though it might not sound so comfortable, Haji lives in a hole within an isolated part of iran’s dejgah village. The village is located in the southern part of Iran.

Described as grave like the hole may not have all the mod cons but at the very least it partially shelters him from the weather and when he fancies a haircut, he burns his hair off. When it comes to diet, he’s a keen fan of dead porcupine. Haji scavenges for dead animals to keep up his lifestyle of filth. Porcupine isn’t the oddest thing, Amou Haji willingly puts into his body. He smokes animal faeces, the man famous for never bathing also smokes animal poop. Though he is prone to smoking 5 cigarettes at a time, Haji also smokes animal faeces. While his lifestyle might seem eccentric at the very least, he seems to be living a happy life and will likely continue to do so until he dies.

The Half-Ton Man

Patrick Darren Deuel is perhaps best known by his far from flattering nickname the half-ton man. Despite being only 5 foot 7 or 170 centimeters, he weighed at his peak a whopping 1072 pounds, this means that he was at one point literally half a ton in weight. For half a decade Mr. Deuel was permanently house bound. For the last seven months of those five years, he couldn’t even leave his bedroom but that all had to change. When on one occasion Patrick Deuel found himself in need of urgent medical assistance with no other option his bedroom wall had to be smashed down in order to get him out. A specialist ambulance was even required to get him to the hospital.

Despite being super morbidly obese, Patrick was also dangerously malnourished this was because his calories came mostly from junk food again far from ideal. In 2005, when a documentary about Patrick was filmed his health was deteriorating at an alarming speed. He couldn’t so much as move himself, his heart was failing and his eyes had a dark sunken look. He was in extreme peril and was forced to lay on his stomach to prevent his organs from being crushed. His skin was oozing pus from unhealed sores and the stress his body was under meant death was imminent. Though he made remarkable strides in the coming years losing more than 300 kilograms and wasn’t enough and he sadly lost his life in 2016.

Leonid Stadnyk

After receiving brain surgery at the young age of 13, Leonid’s life changed forever and in a rather unexpected way. The surgery had a truly unexpected side effect. he developed a pituitary gland tumor, this caused the gland to secrete overwhelmingly large amounts of growth hormone. One hell of a growth spurt had been triggered and it wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon. at 8 feet four inches tall he would certainly stand out in a crowd but there is a slight catch. Stadnyk refused to be formally measured by the Guinness book of world records meaning his place on the list of tallest man in history is sadly non-existent.

Arlinda De Souza

There’s no denying that this dude’s arms are far from ordinary. With 29 inch biceps, you’d think de Souza was something of a real-world Hulk. He’s even been nicknamed the mountain after both the game of thrones character and the type of land because you know both these things are big but our Linda’s guns weren’t grown and nurtured in a gym. They’re the result of him injecting himself with oil and alcohol.

Unfortunately, the use of such beauty products can have seriously negative side effects. In the case of men who build muscle with this lethal concoction, side effects include a serious infection and a little something called death. The filler is absorbed into the body to give the appearance of muscle but comes with no added strength.

Yu Zhenhuan

Yu Zhenhuan has often been nicknamed the hairy Chinese kid and that’s because he’s hairy and Chinese. He holds the Guinness World Record title for hairiest man in the world with his body being estimated to be 96% covered in thick black hair. He even had to have serious operations to remove hair from his ears and nostrils because of hearing and breathing problems.

Rolf Buccholz

With 453 piercings Rolf Buccholz is yet another record holder to make the list. Piercings and tattoos were once seen as something of a trend in younger people but this German didn’t even get his first until he was 41 and now he’s covered in them. If you’re looking at him and thinking that doesn’t look like 453 piercings that’s because an insane 278 of them are in and around his genitals. Buccholz also has other body modifications like dozens of tattoos all over his body, stretched ears, two giant horn implants that lie on his forehead. Unsurprisingly, Buccholz says “not everyone is so keen on his looks” and he’s even been denied into a few countries because people are afraid of him.

Paul Karason

He’s known around the world as Papa Smurf. Paul Karason was blue long before avatar and Will Smith made it popular and we don’t mean he was depressed although he might have been we didn’t ask it we mean he was literally as blue as a sad Kree soldier in the moonlight.

Karason shot to internet fame several years ago after appearing on a talk show to discuss the unique condition that had permanently changed the color of his skin. Karason had long been consuming silver taken in a colloidal form that he produced himself using electrolysis to treat a bad case of dermatitis. This self-made medicine had the unexpected side effect of giving his whole body a Nightcrawler from X-men shade. Turning blue is actually a known and irreversible albeit rare condition called argyria and it’s not caused by the mutant gene, it’s caused by as Papa Smurf himself discovered excessive use of colloidal silver. Despite this, it still remains a popular medicine of choice among the disgustingly trendy. Libertarian politician Stan Jones is a keen user as is Alex Jones of the far-right radio show Infowars and vegan queen herself Gwyneth Paltrow.

Markus Ruhl

He originally planned to become a professional football player but after a knee injury made that no longer an option, Markus ruhl focused on bodybuilding instead. In fact, he focused so intensely on bodybuilding that he now holds the record for the world’s biggest shoulders. Markus ruhl was a professional bodybuilder which is a lot of stress to carry on your shoulders, he could fit it all on.

Ruhl began training hard six days a week until deciding to compete on a professional level five years later. During this period, he worked as a used car salesman and was presumably capable of carrying them straight to the customers homes. Sadly though his legacy came crashing down around him in 1999 when he tested positive for diuretics, a drug similar to steroids.

Kishan Valaiah Ayula

47 year old Kishan Valaiah Ayula who else from Telangana has a unique talent, he is a professional sword swallower. Kishan can swallow up to 23 swords together and is the proud holder of two Guinness World Records. Kishan started learning how to swallow swords when he was eight years, trained by his father. After the bar he worked in and closed down, Kishan decided to turn sword swallowing into his full-time profession. It’s a perfectly natural and ordinary thought process.

Jeison Rodriguez

22 year old Jason Rodriguez is the proud owner of the world’s largest feet. The right one is 40.55 centimeters or 1 foot 3.96 inches and the left is 40.47 centimeters or 1 foot 3.93 inches. Rodriguez has to get specialist shoes made, considering his feet are an earth-shakily big size 24. It’s not exactly gonna find pairs that will fit in any ordinary shoe store.