Top 15 Strangest Foods Around the World

Every culture has different food and that food may seem weird to people from other parts of the world. These are some of the weirdest foods around the world.

Grilled Crocodile

We often think of crocodiles as being something that could eat us but did you know you can eat them. It may seem odd to think but in many countries including Thailand and Australia, grilled crocodile is readily available. If you’re gonna try some, just make sure it’s properly grilled before you do.

Frozen Whale Skin And Blubber

I use this word lightly affectionately to locals as Muktuk, a oily and a rubbery treat may sound relentlessly disgusting but it’s actually jam-packed with vitamin C and D. The blubber and skin from the bowhead whale is normally eaten raw but if you like your vitamins to be dripping and grease and batter, don’t you worry there’s also a deep-fried version.

Sheep Eyeball Juice

One of the most universally acknowledged hangover cures is tomato juice but in Mongolia they have their own special twist to the recipe. If you wake up with a raging headache after a night on the town, you’ll be presented with a glass full of tomato juice, vinegar and sheep eyeballs. They think drinking sheep eyeballs will re-hydrate your brain. They claim this unique cocktail is full of vitamins and good for you.


Escamoles are the eggs of the very aggressive giant black liometopum ants. They’re found in the root system of agave plants and farmers often get bitten retrieving them. To prepare them, they are first fried up with butter and spices then wrapped in a tortilla. The consistency is like cottage cheese the taste is buttery and nutty and they’re widely referred to as insect caviar.

Live Octopus or Sannakji

This is a dish that will literally slither down your throat because this is a dish that technically is still alive. This South Korean dish is served so fresh that the central ingredient octopus is alive on the plate. Though it’s dressed in sesame oil and sesame seeds to at least make it a little bit more bearable. We’re not over blowing the slight wriggling sensation you might feel thrashing against your teeth, there is genuine danger here. The active suction cups of the tentacles can grip onto the roof of your mouth and throat becoming a pretty serious choking hazard.

Baby Mouse Wine

It’s a very real Chinese beverage. If the name baby Mouse wine doesn’t immediately make you think that this might be a somewhat unsavory tipple, the process of making it is borderline barbaric. Essentially, you take a family of baby mice and then drowned them in a wine. Unsurprisingly, reports say it neither smells nor tastes very good. Advocates claim the drink is a health tonic that can cure liver problems, skin conditions, and asthma.

Crispy Tarantula

In cambodia, don’t miss the opportunity to munch on the local delicacy of a deep-fried tarantula. Apparently, the taste is actually quite bearable. Also, eight disgustingly hairy legs thrown into the mix.

puffer Fish

Puffer fish known as fugu in Japan. The puffer fish is so dangerous that it can kill you. Nearly all puffer fish contain a poison known as tetrodotoxin which can kill 30 people in one hit and there is no known antidote. People still eat puffer fish though and put their lives in the hands of specially trained chefs who are taught how to remove the poison. It’s pretty brave to trust your chef to be good enough to get the poison out.

Chicken Feet

This one’s actually a bit more commonplace than you might expect. Chicken feet are a common snack in China and they’re becoming increasingly common around the rest of the world. In China, they’re pretty much as commonplace as say a bag of chips incredibly crunchy. If you don’t want the convenient snack version, you can get them barbecued marinated or boiled into a soup.

Seahorses, Starfish and Scorpions on a Stick

In China, they serve all sorts of things on a stick including seahorses and starfish. Be careful with the scorpions though as you’ll notice that they’re so fresh that some of them will move.

Dried Lizard

They’re crunchy and crispy but you won’t get much flavor out of them. Dried lizards are a popular street side snack and are often used in soup too. Sometimes, they’re even infused in alcohol and are believed to have medicinal properties such as being an energy booster, cold cure, and even a weight loss aid.

Century Egg

You’ll need a strong stomach to handle this one. Hundred or even a thousand-year-old eggs are black inside and are usually preserved for several months in a mixture of clay ash and lime.

Hundreds of years ago, a savory idea called the century egg was hatched in rural China. As the story goes, a farmer found naturally preserved duck eggs in a muddy pool of water and slaked lime, a type of calcium hydroxide. After surviving a tasting, he set out to replicate the manually resulting in a delicacy that would endure for centuries as a comfort food in Hong Kong, China, and parts of Southeast Asia.

They have a strong stench of ammonia and sulfur so, if you’re after a pungent preserved delicacy this is the one for you. Through the process, the oak becomes a dark green to gray color with a creamy consistency and strong flavor due to the hydrogen sulfide in ammonia present while the white becomes a dark brown translucent jelly with a salty flavor.


Every culture has a culinary specialty that raises the eyebrows of people from other cultures. That’s just the nature of cultural differences what may be normal to you isn’t normal to others around the world. In Scotland, they have haggis which is generally considered disgusting by the rest of the world. In China, they have chicken feet which may seem odd if you’re not Chinese.

The Philipinos have Balut, a hard boiled duck egg that may seem normal enough until you find out the egg is fertilized and allowed to develop from 16 to 20 days before it’s cooked, it’s a fetus. By this point in gestation, the embryo becomes distinctly duck-like complete with body parts including eyes, beaks, and sometimes even feathers.

Guinea Pig

It’s high in protein and low in cholesterol. If you see Cuy on the menu, you’re gonna get a stuffed roasted or flattened guinea pig.

Maggot-Infested Cheese

Ketsumatsu is a decomposed soft sheep milk cheese that is home to the cheese fly larvae. When you order the dish, you’ll be able to see the insects moving but be careful not to disturb them too much. When you nudge the plate as they can launch themselves 15 centimeters in the air if aggravated.