Tips To Finding The Best Air Conditioning Contractor Near You

Like most companies in today’s society, not all air conditioning contractors are the same. 

When you are experiencing extreme heating, you need a reliable contractor to meet all of your cooling needs. 

Here are some great tips to help you choose the best contractor in your area. 

Zip Code Search

If you go online and type “the best contractors near me,” hundreds and hundreds of websites will come up. When you’re trying to find the best contractor near you, consider adding your zip code in the search bar to make this task much easier. By doing so, you’ll bring up an extensive array of contractors in your area. Loudoun County homeowners always look for the best servicers specializing in HVAC Ashburn, VA can offer so they find various options. The next step is to review these local contractors based on a few criteria described below. 

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured 

Since an air conditioner is extremely expensive equipment with complex parts, you’ll want to make sure that the contractor hires employees who have professional licensing and experience. 

To determine if a contractor has proper licensing, check its website to see if the licensing is featured on any of the pages. Alternatively, you can also call the contractor to confirm proof of licensure. 

In addition, a reputable contractor should be bonded and insured to protect customers in the case of injury or accidental damage. 

Professional Experience

Many of the best contractors will have several years of experience in the HVAC industry. 

Before hiring a contractor, make sure that it has been in the business for a while. The technicians should have extensive training in refrigerant and air balancing, and they should also know how to test and balance installations for optimal energy efficiency and comfort. Many top contractors are even certified through the North America Technician Excellence, which ensures that technicians’ experience and education are recent, as mentioned in Edinburg Air Conditioning.

If you know the type of brand that you would like, ask about the technicians’ experience with those brands. Every air conditioner and manufacturer is unique, so a technician who knows the ins and outs of your ideal brand will be able to optimize the installation. 

Technicians should also make safety a priority. Some members of the household could die of carbon monoxide poisoning if a technician doesn’t maintain or repair the ventilation or exhaust system correctly. The best technicians understand this potential risk, and they take great measures to ensure that it will never happen. 

Home Evaluation 

A reputable contractor will conduct a thorough home evaluation to determine the right air conditioner for your unique needs. 

The technicians will consider many factors before giving you an estimate and installing the unit. These such factors include the R-value of installation, the square footage of many rooms, the quality of the duct system, and other important considerations. 

A professional contractor knows that the size of the new air conditioner will not be based solely on square footage. The contractor should use a set of calculations that take into account the ductwork, cooling loads, and equipment size. 

Once the size of the new air conditioner is determined, you should receive a written estimate from the contractor. If a contractor tries to give you a verbal estimate, it may be an inexperienced business. A written estimate protects you in the case of a dispute. 

Energy-Efficient Offerings

If you are like most customers, you would like the highest level of efficient equipment that you can comfortably afford. 

Make sure to ask the contractor if it offers air conditioners that feature Energy Star ratings. A unit with Energy Star ratings means that it has been tested according to the standards of the government’s program. 

The technicians should be installing the cooling system based on the Energy Star Verified HVAC Installation guide. 

References & Referrals

During your search for a reputable contractor near you, it’s a good idea to ask for references and referrals. For the best results, ask for at least three references from the contractor and then reach out to your social network to obtain a few referrals. 

These are some questions that you can ask the references. 

  • Did the contractor perform clean installations?
  • Was the homeowner’s property respected during the service?
  • How close did the contractor get to completing the job on time and within budget?
  • Did the technicians check the air conditioner to ensure maximum efficiency?

When seeking high-quality referrals, consider asking a wide variety of people for assistance, including your coworkers, family, friends, and neighbors. 

Along with obtaining references and referrals, name recognition is another great indicator of a contractor’s experience. Selecting a contractor in your local area known as the go-to company for HVAC services could be a great way to complete your search as well. 

Most local companies rely heavily on maintaining a solid reputation, so a nearby contractor can probably be trusted if it has been consistently providing top-notch HVAC services to highly satisfied customers. 

One great way to narrow your search down a bit further is to run several contractors through the Better Business Bureau. The purpose of this important step is to determine if any complaints are registered with potential contractors. 

The internet can also be used to see if the contractors have any ratings or complaints on reputable websites. Just make sure that you are cautious of negative and positive reviews that do not provide specific details. 

Choosing The Best Local Contractor

The best way to select the best local air conditioning contractor is to perform extensive research. 

Although it may be tempting to choose the most affordable contractor, you’ll want to select one that checks off all of the requirements on your list. 

The final decision should be based on your research and how you feel about the contractor. 

Remember to choose a reputable contractor in your area because you’ll want one close to where you live when there is an HVAC emergency. When your system dies in the middle of summer, you will want the unit repaired or replaced immediately.